Andy’s Top 5 Effects Pedals of 2017 | Reverb Tone Report

As the year’s end quickly approaches, our trusty “Pedal Whisperer” reflects on his favorite releases from 2017.

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Buy the Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe:


Michael M says:

You should review a pedal that has a guitar pick effect.

crush537 says:

I recently bought an analog delay and it was not the Belle Epoch cause it’s digital. I still hate myself and I’ll probably never get over it.

Len Bias III says:

I bet Andy would dominate and Eharmony just like he dominates pedal demo videos

Paul Blanchet says:

Andy, you mentioned treble bleed circuits in another recent video. What value of treble bleed cap do you usually put in your guitars? Thanks!

Glistening Kabana says:

Great selections Andy!

Samfia Drangus says:

Wow! JHS didn’t pay their way onto this list with one of their clones? 

Jin J says:

Whatever Andy recommends my instant reaction is to go get it.

King Meatball says:

Wow Andy great vid! Lookin cute by the way.

Benjamin Rusnak says:

Would it be possible to see a review of M.D. Effects High Tide Chorus Reverb and Delay Pedal? I’m very interested in the pedal but would love to see and objective review. Thank you.

JCBigCat says:

You mean Ted Mosby’s favourite pedals!

Matt Gilbert says:

Hooray for the D & M!

Mark Doney-Mccloud says:

What we need now is some crafty Chinese to pull a Japanese trick from the 60’s – basically get those smart pedals that cost more than most can afford and churn them out like sausages so most can. that’s the biggest problem i see for most guitarist building pedal boards, the cost! If you’re going to be spending £190.00 ($200) on power supply and then £250.00+ ($300) on each pedal for a hobby then it gets out of reach for most guys. I managed to build a great sounding pedal board and so far spent £130! that is good enough, I can buy a few more …spend another £100, but it’s not really needed I got what I need pretty much. So what I’m saying is less high end stuff Andy and think about the guy with kids, mortgage etc …low wages!

Mike Hudson says:

What’s the intro song?

Joel Alexander Keane says:

Love your work. Love your playing. Your technique is truly inspiring dude. Congratulations on your success.

remi delmas says:

what’s the intro song ?

Connor Marshall says:

We need someone besides Andy to do this…

Ernest Fuentes says:

Andy on TPS would be great. I liked his work on the Tremotron.

Edad Martin says:

You can tell Andy digs that belle epoch

limerot says:

What is that pedal/tremoloeffect right at the beginning, anybody knows?

Len Bias III says:

Do you think Andy goes into Guitar Center and asks for his price?

Nathan Sousa says:

These 5 would make a solid pedalboard!

Terror Van says:

Damn, what does the Empress Echosystem gotta do to get some year end recognition?

S. J. Rich says:

At NAMM this year, it seemed the PlusPedal from GameChanger Audio was the break out star of the 2017 show. Not even an honorable mention here?

Telerado says:

The Belle Epoch sounds fantastic but I just couldn’t handle the added white noise. I understand the whole faithful recreation thing but if they lowered the noise floor I’d buy it again immediately. Too bad.

Tung Tobak says:

Please bring back the Tone Report “magazine” I used to get in the mail every week.

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