Affordable Guitar Pedals: MXR Carbon Copy Delay Demo

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Hey guys, Marty here from MartyMusic, here’s my new demo on the Carbon Copy Delay, a very affordable and useful tone tool! I hope you find it interesting. Thank again and see you soon!



ESP/Mike says:

another cool vid…I myself like that 80’s type sound…stadium ,…..thanks for call of your help over the years….you have really paved the way
for so many guitarists…..over the years you can ALWAYS count on Marty….Thank You!!!!!!!

Braden Hicks says:

Broken window serenade by whiskey Meyers please

James Quarello says:

Bought one not long ago. Love it.

MrJourney2anywhere says:

So random… I just bought this today!

Mariano Ulibarri says:

Thank you so much marty! you are great!

Thomas Wells says:

Your the BEST!

Trimercus Zelbondon says:

Sometimes I get so bored with the guitar. Then I’ll watch Marty play, and he makes it look so fun that I instantly want to play again. Works every time.

ESP/Mike says:

thanks again….that IS THE FIRST video where I did’t hear all those repeats…great for U2 fans…..I just want that long trail sound WITHOUT repeats…..
sounded really good Marty…..

Marty Music says:

Thanks so much for supporting MartyMusic, also FREE courses right at

Christopher Burnett says:

i could see buying a pedal from someone on, but probably not a guitar. I just don’t that much faith in people. lol


It’s pretty cold sounding. I tried one in 2010 and didn’t like it so I bought a used Boss DM-3 instead which I can’t live without!

Fred Nielsen says:

Nice video Marty! I have a carbon copy and really like it. I also had the boss dm2 wazza the flashback version 1 and the vapor trail. All those delays have their strong points and they’re all really good. The one thing I liked about the carbon copy was it never got in the way just like this video the delay never gets in the way probably because it’s a darker delay. I think with delay pedals just pick a few are all a bit different. I picked the Belle epoque and the carbon copy…… For now anyway

Niko Kaliterna says:

it is not that affordable… 200 bucks aint no money…

Matthew Kreider says:

I own the mxr carbon copy and i absolutely love it

Brayden329 says:

Man, people must love the sound of this delay. I’m considering buying my first delay pedal. Digital seems to have so many more options than analogue but this pedal gets a lot of love and attention.

Dan Byers says:

Can you teach us like anything by XXXtentacion?

Robert Carson says:

If only that king of tone was affordable lol

MR B says:

does anyone else have bad feedback issues when turning Regen past 50%??

Oscar do says:

Can you make video about still loving you by scorpions?

Makmanaman says:

Could you do a review of a “wa- wa” pedal?

Antonio Fioore says:

You should do a Ventura Highway by America lesson

northof50now says:

Love the CarbonCopy. It was my first “decent” pedal. I got a kick out of the fact that the settings you settled on are very similar to my own. Just make is sound like you’re playing in a bigger room. Mine is on all the time. Thanks Marty.

Pelo Lindo says:

Why did you add reverb when we are trying to understand the delay effect? You’ve complicated the issue.

shane kingsbury says:

Not to spoil the reason for this video but what guitar is that? The finish is beautiful!

Kyle Daniel says:

We want a head reveal

constantine412 says:

That is hands down the most useful video I’ve found concerning practical use of this pedal for lead guitar tone. Exactly what I was looking for!

Nicholas Parry says:

I can’t quite make out what make that guitar is :/. Who makes it?

Lightrow says:

Please do Stay Away by Nirvana

Lincoln Karen says:

love that lick at 10:37 whooo!!

Thomas Wells says:

May you do a guitar lesson on Ventura Highway – America

Lukas says:

Whats the guitar model?

Shivansh Sharma says:

Please do Flobots handlebars

Julian Staniewski says:


Lj Gaines says:

Really really enjoy your videos Marty thanks catch you later brother

splashfizz says:

good demo! Well, I’m sold on the Carbon Copy. gotta get one.

Lj Gaines says:

Hey there Marty always enjoy your videos I play over age vintage classic 50 Peavey app with other pedals but also I have the carbon copy I got it set pretty good it is starting point on your Reverb I got the Hall of Fame how do you set the Reverb to match your the carbon copy thanks brother keep on with the videos and I’ll keep on watching

matt roberts says:

Please to a guitar lesson on the pixies where is my mind.

Aaro Pisilä says:

please do lesson for sailing to philadelphia

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