A New Pedal from the Djod Father of Djent… The Precision Drive

For more info on the Horizon Devices Precision Drive go here – https://www.andertons.co.uk/p/PRECISIONDRIVE/overdrive-pedals/horizon-devices-precision-drive-overdrive-gate-pedal

For more info on the Hughes Kettner amp we used go here – https://www.andertons.co.uk/p/TM40H/guitar-amp-heads/hughes-kettner-tubemeister-deluxe-40
For more info on Chapman Guitars go here – https://www.andertons.co.uk/bc/173-1001/chapman-guitars/guitars


Rob & Lee

Greetings I’m Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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SlammyJammies says:

For those saying the gain stage on this pedal sounds like ass, these two aren’t neccesarily using it for it’s intended purpose.
With a typical overdrive or distortion pedal (take the Golden Plexi or MXR 5150 for example) the goal would be to distort the signal before it ever hits the amp, so if the amp you’re using doesn’t have the ability to pour on a fuck-ton of distortion, the job is done for it essentially.
With this pedal, it’s sort of designed to be used in front of an already high-gain amp so it can shape the distortion rather than create and amplify it. I’m not sure what model of amp Misha uses on the Axe, but this thing can turn Rectifiers into completely different sounding amps. Tone up, gain almost all the way up, roll back the prescence and gain on the amp, and it’s an otherworldly sound.

Cheers from U.S

wanik4 says:

Dime would not approve.

Under Line says:

Mouth for War at 7:40

Jim Sjoblom says:

just my opinion, but I thought it sounded better off.

Lakeland Records says:

TBH I really didn’t hear much of a difference, maybe even the uncolored signal sounded a little better. Or maybe my ears are shite.

Helge Popanz says:

those guys are great, but they obviously have no idea what to play with this sound. just listen to ola demos…

Tomulator says:

Would you/could you use this pedal in the LOOP of your amp? Would there be any benefit to doing so??

heroellis N says:

How does Rory get the Captain’s mug to disappear?

Gareth Dawkins says:

Really honestly couldn’t hear a huge difference in the range of of attack knob.

viperman300 says:

I bought the pedal back in March and finally received it this summer. In the initial testing stages I was livid thinking that the pedal didn’t give me enough gain until I realized it was to be put in front of an already full gain tone. That’s when I discovered it’s true talent and I haven’t plugged into a single amp since without having the precision drive in front. I love the ability it has to mildly drive a clean tone also. The saturation it gives to an already fantastic tube amp is just perfection and you can tell Misha put quite a lot of work into this pedal. Well done and great review!

squid saqib says:

that pedal is nasty.In a good way

JT First says:

I’m not Jewish I’m a djentile

Flix says:

lee holding a v looks really weird

Street Drummer says:

Who’s the dude when the cup blows up?

ICKY427 says:

lol i did sort of the same thing when i started playing and had no idea what i was doing. i took a metal-zone, turned the gain all the way down, and used it only to tighten the overdrive i already had, not to add any gain. it was great at getting rid of all the muddieness of the fender hot rod deluxe i tried to play metal on. made the low chugs sound much nicer. i didnt do it for long though because i figured it was the wrong way of going about getting a good metal tone, but lo and behold, i was ahead of the curve!

Jack Rollinson Music says:

Precision Drive or Maxon 808?

spacemonkey says:

the skinny guy doesn’t approve “djent”. I guess it’s because he is unable to play blues licks with that pedal lol

Eric Wilhelm says:

How’d these guys make it sound so bad? This a great pedal! Bad demo!

Higher Perspective Photography says:

13:29 zshhhht

Trey Vincent says:

Djenting on a 6 string, 0/10 boo not djent

Roy Buis says:

I hate to be rude, but that guitar tone is absolutely horrid. both with the pedal on and off.
love your videos nevertheless.

simon pierce says:

Yeah i get similar tones from dragging sandpaper across my cock. Kind of annoyed that they copied it.

liaz strumbetter says:

i love how the guitar sounds with that pedal – total push…..no need for OD just gain carl !!!!!!!

Marween Santos says:

why is the cup always disappearing?

Tracey Shaw says:

It arrived and worth the wait

Dylan Taylor says:

As much as I love Chapman guitars, can i just point out how ridiculously idiotic the jack placement on the v is?

Ryan Whynot says:

I hear pantera

Ebenezer Scrooge says:

what an ugly V guitar

William Anderson says:

why does it always seem like there is a secondary overdrive or distortion effect in every review of this pedal that I watch. For once i would like to hear what it sounds like JUST over a completely uninterrupted signal. they turn the pedal up and there is already a high amount of gain introduced to the original channel… Can somebody enlighten me?

SatoriZei says:

better with juggernaut mics !

shinglam szeto says:

4:10 catalyst?

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