6 Best Distortion Pedals You Need In Your Rig, Right Now!

Dagan shows us his 6 best distortion pedals, including some classics and some brand new pedals you really need to hear.

Distortion pedals used in this video:

1:18 – MXR M104 Distortion Plus: http://bit.ly/2GhqJX9

5:09 – Landlord FX Whiskey Chaser Distortion Pedal: http://bit.ly/Whiskeychaser

8:16 – Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal: http://bit.ly/2GeeDOM

12:16 – Fender Pugilist Distortion Pedal: http://bit.ly/2warc8I

15:42 – Blackstar LT Metal Distortion Pedal: http://bit.ly/2Ggylt8

20:00 – Boss MT-2W Metal Zone Waza Craft Pedal: http://bit.ly/2GikDGh

In this video we see get to hear Dagan put 6 of the best distortion pedals to the test. These pedals range from lush, smooth crunch to all out bone shaking, riff worthy goodness!

These distortion pedals are, in our opinion, some of the best distortion pedals ever made and dare we say it ; of ALL time! All of which are readily available at all PMT stores and at PMT online.

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marlon harvey says:

The Pugilist is pedal of choice you have more control an mix ability an full sounds with the blend

Matthew Smith says:

Given you are one of the few UK stockists, why didn’t you use a Dean? Nice and pointy!

Akmal Haider says:

Can you give the review of Cort X100 guitar. There are not review of that guitar on YouTube in English and also other youtubers are not kind enough to make it!!

titanandrews says:

Great video! Newbie question: Does distortion equal higher volume? i.e. can the distortion pedal create the distortion effect without increasing the volume? I have a Boss katana 50 amp. Thanks.

pizzamon 79 says:

I used to have a Boss Metal Zone I ran it through my 1965 blackface Fender Champ amp. it sounded killer.

NitroMaximus says:

Boss Ds2 with its turbo distortion is awesome also

Matthew Smith says:

I actually like the Fender pugilist! didn’t even know they made pedals.

Karim Nader says:

Which one of these do you recommend for enter sandman or any metallica song with the wah pedal

Nikhil Khandagale says:

Boss metal zone mt-2w is not available in India I guess…!!! Cause when i was searching online it had this pedal boss metal zone mt 2..!!! If I buy boss metal zone mt 2, will I get the exact tone of mt 2w..????

MaxxWave Media says:

Damnn.. That waza metalzone sound bombbbbb….

James Hajjar says:

The Marshall guv nor is a great pedal too!!

Ray Helton says:

The dsl40c takes pedals extremely well and that gets over looked a lot!

Beermaker2000 says:

Props for playing Shock Me! But ease up on the Adderall before the next video, ok? … jk

Chris Davies says:

That Epiphone looks nicer than an actual Gibson.

Video Studio Productions says:

Do you recommend the Boss Distortion DS-1 or the MXR Distortion +

Miami Heat says:

His gestures are similar to Jack Sparrow lol.

blackwerwolf says:

Metal Zone – Best!

Ryan Castles says:

LMAO… I keep seeing the Metal Zone pedal in videos, without even searching for it. The funny part being, I have had this pedal since 1992. It is a challenge to use properly, but if you find the settings you like, (not that easy), it is fun to jam out with. I was 17 when I got it, so… no judging. 😉

jfvictoria 21 says:

Anyone know what neck pickup that is? Planning on a P90 (or HSP90) install for mine.

chris d'angelo says:

Help out pls, I’m trying to get a George Lynch type tone, which pedal should i get?

Brian Montalbano says:

27 minutes for 6 pedals?? This video is about 24 minutes longer than it needs to be.

Jake says:

That blackstar seems like my cup of coffee.

Lou Aguado says:

I’ve always preferred tube distortion from my amp over pedals. Too much fizz on distortion pedals, overdrive pedals are better for a boost on amp distortion.
You should have done them into the effects return to bypass the preamp. Most distortions sound better that way.

Blasko xx says:

Not very good at guitar, but thats not stopping him! Livin the dream he is!

Rick Hill says:

Great Demo Dagan!! I’ve been a Touring/Studio/Local Guitarist for 53yrs and at 65 I’m still cook in’. I had one of the Original MXR + Pedals and they still cook man!! Wish I still had it!!! Great job man keep up the Good Work! Cheers brother!

Brandon Carson says:

Didn’t expect a Brompton cocktail riff

Carlo De la Vera says:

The BOSS Metal Core is better than the metal zone

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