5 Zakk Wylde Pedals Reviewed – Wah, Overdrives, Chorus, and Phaser!

Today in Plague Scythe Studios, I discuss my nearly complete collection of Zakk Wylde signature MXR and Dunlop pedals!

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Dave Lanciani says:

Does anyone know what settings Zakk actually uses on his Overdrives? Whenever you see “Rig Rundown” videos, he always has the knobs removed, so you can’t see how he has them set. He always boasts that he turns ALL his knobs up to full, but I don’t think that is the actual truth.

Cleon Clink6 says:

Oh my god! Finally a review on these pedals that I wanted. Played how I wanted them to be heard and good information on how they sound. Thank you!

Comrade Ivan says:

Great review! This stuff is really crushing! Zakk is the best! And I have the rotovibe)) this pedal have a very specific sound, but it can sound really amazing, so sad that you didn’t find it for this review T_T

Leon Todd says:

The SD-1 is a monster pedal, the Wylde drive sounds like a more refined version of that circuit.

Rob Gaggero says:

Awesome Review! Thank you! Own the Overdrive and Wah,..Chorus Next!

Austin Agney says:

I own the rotovibe, wylde overdrive, chorus and phaser. All great pedals in my opinion. Built solid and sound great.

blue dog says:

You talk to fucking much shut the fuck up and play

MetalEmission says:

Awesome video man, I can’t find the Black Label Chorus anywhere. Awesome sounding pedal.

Fernando Larrosa says:

I just bought the Wylde overdrive, the old one, thanks dude, saludos de Uruguay!

Josh Mitchneck says:

Zakk is pretty much the epitome of “I love his tone, even if I wouldn’t do it that way”.

MrHermango says:

“Creamy” he said “creamy’, that’s right up there with ‘warmth’, as a nonsense adjective to described guitar tone…

Esteban Gutierrez says:

Awesome review man! Love that Overdrive!

clutch 3672 says:

Check guitar center and reverb for the rotovibe. I got the jd4s used killer pedal

Mo Khan says:

Great video man, I have the same dfx amp. What were the settings because I can’t seem to make it work with some overdrive pedals?

Greg Hall says:

Nice review of your Zakk pedals…I have the later o.d.pedal and chorus..regular crybaby and some others in my chain and loop..I think these pedals are awesome and kick some metal ass..Rock on everyone.

Kevin Moeder says:

Great video!  Would you be interested in buying a ZW-44 Custom Shop pedal?

Tallica 81 says:

Hey mate, I found a Wylde rotovibe on Amazon. Bought it about 6 months ago.

H and C says:

I’ve had both zakk overdrives I think the difference is the old one has a switch that is hard to get at that toggles between the zw version and the mxr gt overdrive…..also he made the knobs smaller cuz his big boots would move the dials,so he had them made for himself with fixed settings which would be a pain due to the fact that tube amps sound different from day to day and venue to venue and no ability to tweak the settings. And keep the Zakk phase as it was a limited run!

metaljazman says:

Great review dude.

joe paul says:

The mg Marshall sounds good…..my mg15 FINALLY took a crap….think i might get a 50 watt….for bedroom levels…hard to beat for price…..my 6505/mesa gets me in trouble at times….

Icaro Arthur says:

Great job!

Parker Ohio says:

Great video. Very informative and to the point.

Van Wylde says:

Cheerz & Beerz from Oz……………….S.D.M.F

Your Mom Has The Big Gay says:

I have a boss Katana and for the the built in chorus isn’t getting the right sound, but I can’t find a black label chorus anywhere in the Uk, has it been discontinued and if so is there anywhere I could acquire one?
Or could I have some Katana chorus settings that sound like Zakk, it’s probably me being horrible at the EQ and shit

zanmato86 says:

Very thick sound with the overdrives. I like it.

Yoshiki G says:

That wah and overdrive are the ones to buy. 😛

Waylon Arcand says:

Hey thx for the rundown im just learning . U explained the gear easy for a rookie

Scott Thomas says:

Very solid review my man. Very honest and informative

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