35 Great Guitar Effects Pedals

Here’s a list of 35 awesome pedals I’ve tried in the last 12 months. I’ve included effects such as Overdrive, Distortion, Volume/Treble Boost, Delay, Wah Pedals, Fuzz, Octave, Phaser, Reverb, Tremolo, and more.

Let me know what you think of the pedals in the list and if you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I’ll get back to you in the comment section below.

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Joseph Watkins says:

Nice. Thanks for sharing; Jesus Christ Bless

Alex Benjack says:

do you have an EVH effect pedal

Braulio Guerrero says:

man, what OD do U like the most, vintage Overdrive or Green Legend by joyo?

fueradeljuego says:

Xotic RC booster FTW!

Dennis Sutton says:

Nice demo. First time I have been able to discern the sound through all the pedals. Good job playing for each pedal.

Roman Luna says:

bookmark. 3:02

Shonny Music says:

4:17 LOL! I see your point! That sustain!

Rizky Hadi Felani says:

so dude i am wondering what differs a guitar effect pedal with a bass effect pedal ?
thank you

Zack Bullock says:

Thanks for being another lefty out there

Shapaw says:

Does anyone know the name of the song he starts playing at 1:55? Please tell he wasn’t just improvising, i love this riff. Thanks!

PokéPulls by ShinyMegaGengar9001 says:

i once heard someone describe a pedal that turns the signal on and off in succession, so it would disrupt the signal in a pattern. Anyone know the name of the type of pedal that would do that?

kevin malone says:

Very short demo of the best od pedal out there the Zendrive

Ayoub Benahnia says:


joelg125 says:

You couldn’t add a list for reference?

Jianghao Youtube says:

What was the sound effect that occu red in the intro of the video. Wah wah??

Gerardo Aguilar says:

como encuentro rrever enpres

KCrimson says:

What’s Morning Glory?

ESO Strap says:

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing..:)

Cozy Starfish says:

What song is thay

Wadsmitter says:

Can you do another one without 70% of all the pedals being distortion pedals? I would like to hear some experimental stuff…. Great channel!

Fender Strat Gibson Les Paul says:

Fuzz Moo is insane!!. The sustain is incredible!!

Instinct Bros Gaming says:

Where’s Killswitch? (An effect used most notably in Buckethead songs)

Does anyone have a good username for me? ?? says:

He’s motivational to me because I’m left handed to

Yaseer Ahmad says:

hi…I want to buy pedal
,and I want your advice
About the quality
Can you give me the name please

thank you my dear

W4RD1N8ER says:

the rock box boiling point and the mxr 78 were my two faves out of all of them

Ray Hoodoo says:

How about turning the pedals off first so we can hear the difference?

ArtAlienTV - MARS ZOO says:

All shite – or is it the player?

Cosmic Charlie says:

I have a pile of pedals but the only one I recognize is the Phase 90.

BOLIN007 says:

I want to hear the noise guitar pedals.

1.123 says:

why would you present pedals with a telecaster, the most minimalistic and worst guitar ever? stupid. use humbuckers at least

Michael Mendillo says:

liked the tape machine & octave pedals !!!! thanx for your time !!! 🙂

Horst Jedlika says:

Dude what’s your recording setup? Thnx

Trace Nolen says:

Any places to get cheap pedals?

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