Yamaha REVSTAR Guitars – Full Range Review!

For more info on Yamaha RevStar Guitars go here – https://blog.andertons.co.uk/guitars/yamaha-launch-new-revstar-guitar-line

December 2015 sees the most significant electric guitar release from Yamaha in years! We run through the entire RevStar range in this video.

Rob is using a Marshall JCM800 & Lee is playing a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe & using a Fulltone Plimsoul distortion pedal.


Rob & Lee

Greetings I’m Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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Sahvoz says:

10:17 That green on Chappers guitar is sooo sexy

Andrew Ballard says:

liked for calling out whales 😀 (I have a yamaha guitar!)

Pro 4X says:

That sound at 1245 sounded sooooo mean! Such a naughty, hotrod sound!

Christian Eggers says:

also (since I’m in love with this line and can’t stop reading about them but I can’t decide which one I should buy) I think the reason Rob preferred the feel of the cheapest one is because the rs320 and rs420 have slightly thinner necks than the other guitars in the line

mont murillo says:

Revstar or the pacifica series?

Didymostruespeak says:

This guitar showed up on my Facebook today and now I’m watching chappers play the black one with the soap style pickups on my Marshall jcm 800 very educational to see if I really wanted this guitar Orr not

Douglas Legnola says:

Krull, greatest movie ever…..lol

Obidibidou says:

What a pair of Muppets!!!

Jeff Curran says:

Rob got me at “something about the feel”. I snagged the RS320. I’ll post back here after I get it.

Stirling Studios says:

21:21 CringeFest

Spoons and Guitars says:

That scream

vidiac2012 says:

9:27 The first time I heard the Captain play a pinch harmonic.

John James McCartney says:

I bought the grey one with the bigsby. I call it the grey lady. and she’s a keeper. lovely build quality, lovely sound, plays great. if I could keep only three out of my twenty odd guitars, one of them would be the yamaha.

Christian Eggers says:

the sound of Rob’s horns at 11:29 exploded my ear drums, pretty sure it was worth it

sultansempire says:

what do you recommend between 620 or 820 models? any big sonic difference or in quality? or is just a different more expensive paint. i rather get the one that cost less if only difference is the finish

Sly Dood says:

Krull fan here.

The Spaniel Inquisition says:

Try one – Revstar are more Gibson than Gibson these days. If Gibbo made these they’d be 2 grand and win guitar of the year

mark ward says:

still using my rgx612s.bubinga fretboard made like military specs.my best super strat by far.ive got rg ibanez jackson soloist and concept.the yamaha is built really well.just had a fret job done and the tech said took him hours as frets are so hard strong stainless.bet these rev guitars are built to last

sozaralibob says:

Whats the riff at 6:20?

Mike McKeen says:

On the 502T, push down on the tailpiece with your palm. It’s spring-loaded and does a tremolo-type thingy. Pretty cool actually.

Backspin66 says:

Little to much egg nog there 😉 makes me smile, as usual. Great vid and guitars.

Daniel McConnell says:

And they really do drink tea ☕️ lol… great review , really like the price point of these Asian beauties

Thanks guys

pistol goo says:

Miguel got chappers yamaha back

Intermezzo says:

Please keep killing Wales!
(the capital W implies I’m talking about the place in England not the animals)

Ádám Szigeti says:

Best playing from the Captain so far!

SEXY CHEESEBURGER name is for the LOLs says:

These are so underrated, need a big musician to try one out
Better than a Gibson, in between a les Paul and SG but better in tuning and sound
Nice and barky because thinner body, but more clearer, and fat, juicy, and just good flavour,
lots of midrange but still balanced like crazy.
So good especially cheaper than a Gibson

Edi Gabrieli says:

There is one idiot too many in this video.

Cletus Kasady says:

Little did Rob know…
He would get that yellow Yamaha back.

Andy Rea says:

I had no idea I was in the market for a RevStar until today! They sound fantastic and many of the reviews I have been reading from all the models are full of a lot of happy folks!

Shoman Blues says:

wow, that’s the weirdest you two have sounded in I don’t know when… did you not tune up or what… Something weird about this set.

Zach Cerasani says:


Let’s be real, The million dollar question is:

How close to a poor mans 59 les Paul are these ?

Lol any insight? Cheers

Emre Emre says:

Lovely… hated those knobs though…

AhhSwells says:

..and the push switch will, unlike the indicator switches on an Audi, get used.

Axel's DDO Channel says:

My bass is a yamaha, and I’ve been super impressed with it’s quality. My starter guitar was a squire affinity tele – and that thing keeps having problems. Looking into a yamaha guitar for sure for my next one when I upgrade.

Boozoo Chavis says:

Yamaha makes such nice kit, too bad they are so poorly available in the states!! Love the P90 style pickups so it is about time and I hope they are giving the slackers a run for their money! Yeah for us players!!

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