Yamaha Pacifica 311H Electric Guitar Unboxing and Review

Check out this review video of the Yamaha Pacifica 311H electric guitar. Learn all about it including the price, the sound and my personal review. Hope you enjoy this lesson!

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Thanks for checking out this review video on the Yamaha Pacifica 311H electric guitar. I hope you enjoyed it!

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Blog post here: http://www.yourguitarsage.com/yamaha-pacifica-311h-electric-guitar-unboxing-and-review/


Christine says:

Oh wow…..that is a beautiful guitar, i just left your live session to come here….yes yes yes. I hope I win that baby…..thanks Erich.

Beverlin says:

It’s Christmas day !!!
it is necessary to have fun, that’s clear.

Purple Haze says:

The NUT on that guitar is NOT a plastic nut, it’s not just any nut, that guitar comes with Grover Locking Tuners and a TUSQ XL Nut made of graphite. One of the best nuts on the market.

Prajwal Patil says:

u have so many collection of guitar amazing, does u have guitar shop or whats your occupation

Marios Tsilo says:

hey nice review! do you prefer this guitar or les paul from epiphone?

Debangshu Paul says:

I love your videoes, but I’ve a question. Is yamaha pac 012 good for a beginner? I’m a beginn. xD

adam aaquil says:

nashville XD

potatosheeplee says:

Omg that is my future wife

styx85 says:

A minor correction: that’s a coil split, not a coil tap. If it were a tap you’d still have a humbucker, just one with fewer windings on each coil.

Prajwal Patil says:

does electric guitar can be operated withou any speaker amplifer or it is same as like acoustic guitar

Todd Blinks says:

Does anybody know if the volume knob is out-of-the-way or if it is placed like a strats?

Antton says:

I have PAC611HFM. I like the guitar, but the stock pickups are not the best for jazz. Im gonna switch them to some other ones.

Sergio Jiménez says:

I came here for the soapbar, but it was humbucker all along

seravenerdi says:

I would definitely pay premium $$ to be in his class. Being a beginner, with tens of thousands of reviews, feedback, youtube videos, in store demo’s…my cerebral super computer has ultimately decided the 311H is The Best Beginner Guitar based on the following variables:
– Quality
– Price
– Playability
– Reliability
– Future Acceptance
– Possible Hot Rod’ing

playit00 says:

I have a RGX 121fp Yamaha that I got for a gift over 20 years ago and it still sounds awesome!! Nice guitar you have!!! Cheers!!

DereMemo says:

Ugly guitar 🙂

Amirul Sideq says:

I like this guitar but if I want 24 freetboard this guitar can transform to 24 freetboard

ImaginaryEvil says:

What’s the neck like on this guitar? Chunky or slim?

jeremy w says:

Whyd he act like he had just in boxed it then he said he played it before he put the camera on it. he lied to us lol

Mad Dek says:

We know it’s you Ben Affleck. Stop pretending to be Erich Andreas.

edward reyes says:

Bro i do love your guitar’s, but you play ahem…

LionHeart De says:

I’ve never gone through any guitar lesson before. Can I go straight to solo guitar lesson?

Akarsh Velkuti says:

would you recommend a electric guitar for a reasonable price?

Billy B says:

awesome review………. I like the soap bar pick up sound on this guitar……. altho I am looking at a re-issue Les Paul with P90’s………. but some one needing that 50’s 60’s sound from a P90.. this guitar would do quite well…. Sassy the cat and I say …… don’t trust the man m/………..

Caleb Weston says:

That thing is freaking beautiful

Amine says:

Hi ! Is there a difference between the 311h and the 112v ? I don’t know which one to take

Robb VanTour says:

And I don’t know if the neck is shaped different or smaller but it is the only neck I can comfortably do Hendrix wrap around thumb chords on.

Luke McShane says:

Is that the Frank Zappa signature guitar on the middle-right? If not it looks very similar!

 Nice video as well, if I were to ever get another strat-esque guitar it would be the 611h, nice looking guitar, I prefer the style over the 311h I think.

Johnny Cola says:


Steve F says:

Nice. I got a used mint 112V and I love it. It was very similar to my Squier deluxe strat hot rails, but feel it might just edge it out in the hardware and the coil tap was a big plus. Necks felt very similar. I’d love the 611 if I ever find a bargain one.

Linas J. says:

This is one awesome guitar. I personally have a Pacifica 212, but it’s quite strange that they cost pretty similar, with 212, I assume, being a lower class guitar in the Pacifica series.

debunker300 says:

Not bad.  I think you could do a lot worse for $350.

Flowthrough says:

I have 2 Pacifica, and the tones is great on it. This one sounds ok. But the guitar is also kinda ugly lookin with that pick guard color and ugly neck pickup.

MeLexdy says:

I was really torn between this and the sterling ax 3 sub. I got the ax and Im very curious about the Yam.. 

Visually I like it, the sound is nice but I need to try it around and I heard only good things about the playability.

Jadi Peperzak says:

should i get a pacifica or a squier affinity , if i get the affininty for 238 uros , i get a guitar bag and amp with it … i kinda like those things , and if i buy the fender amp that comes with it on its own , it would cost 55 euros , woth the pacifica i would get nothing with it …

Endezeichen Grimm says:

That style of hardtail is pretty solid for intonation.

Zach Moman says:

Would you recommend this for a beginner?

networkingthefuture says:

That is not how those locking tuners work. They are Roto-Matics…you put the string through, pull tight, then turn the tuner as if you are raising the pitch and the locking mechanism clamps down.

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