Yamaha Pacifica 112 – The Ultimate Beginners Guitar Demo

Ray looks at the Yamaha Pacifica, a guitar well known for great tone and outstanding playability. Once they’re gone, they’re gone…


Fabrice Pantera says:

name of the first song plzzzz

bull dozer says:

string buzzes.. when recording a sound of the el guitar, just record the guitar speaker and not the unplugged sound

Drew Shelly says:

Just bought one of these for 30 quid , and modified it quite a lot , Kluson machine heads  and Tokai electrics , not sure what happened to my Tokai…but the neck is amazing on it…what wood are the bodies made of ?…great playing btw 🙂

Trent Boots says:

great guitars!!!

Tina Jillings says:

Many thanks!

G.F. Snow says:

I love my Yamaha guitars!  I have the 521 & 921 bought them both in 1991 and had them professional fret leveled by Bob Warner in Oklahoma City.  They came with Dimarzio pickups and the necks and super low action are insane.  They play as good if not better than most any top brand I have played.  I tried others and always go back to my Yamaha’s.

Tommy Ray says:

And finally I bought it.

Gerry Javier says:

In my opinion. This is the greatest way to review and present an electric guitar.

Panji Ryanda says:


Knallsack 123456 says:

Ive got the same for 210€ its 100% worth it! Highest quality and sounds better than fender! Also looks better

Prashanth Ved says:

Is the floating tremelo an issue for beginners? That is the only thing which is stopping me from buying this guitar.

Josh Hill says:

What is he playing???

Brice Miquel says:

What is this Song please ??

Matthew Scar says:

my very very first guitar 🙂

Kayla Jeffery says:

I learnt to play with a Yamaha eg112c. Great guitar for beginners

Kevin Bradshaw says:

It’s a shame that so many beginners are given painfully bad pieces of junk when they could get a nice yamaha for the same price.

Tina Jillings says:

What’s a good amp for the Yamaha Pacifica for a beginner for under 100 pounds?

Best of House Music TV says:

that strings haha it seems like they are very thin

Martin Anthonyo says:

This is no different than a Squier Strat, but the price. Squier Strats cost around 250$-400$, but it has the same sound as a 200$ Pacifica. A bullet Strat, which is worse than a standard Strat or a Pacifica may priced at 150$-250$. I reccomend a pacifica if you need an amp with the guitar, means you’re really just starting out, but if you just wanted something else different, then a Squier Strat may be for you.

Drew Shelly says:

These might be classed as beginners guitars, but I’ve been playing for over 20 years and this is an ace guitar…and refuses to go out of tune…and the body…dare I say it , is way more comfortable than a Strat…

Mark Fahey says:

Amazing value. I stopped buying the two big brands a long time ago and have a Yamaha on my rader for the future.

VoxMax1200 says:

I have one from 2001 in same color. Great guitar..

eugene edward Lumanlan says:

erg121 or this one???? please. thanks!

Noah Angel says:

This or ibanez sa60

4th Chairman says:

I have a Chord electric, not that keen (granted I haven’t really pushed it to its limits yet, and it needs repairing), but I seriously think I may get a Pacifica. The price is fucking great! If I manage to stick to my plan of busking over the summer, I can probably save up enough cash to get this by the end of the year, maybe with parental help 🙂
I think I’m talented enough to earn enough cash XD

Cesar Andres says:

Cual es la ecualisacion que usa

Alex Devlin says:

when there gone there……gone?

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