Xaviere XV-570 Electric Guitar Review

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Moon Child says:

Great Video brother! I just got a slick SL60, but going for this one next!

MR Ho says:

Have you tried any of their acoustic guitars? I’m looking for an acoustic electric guitar – typically, we will be using it in our youth group probably as a single instrument – we sometimes have a cajon or a keyboard so wasn’t thinking of getting an electric. Do you have any recommendations of a “budget” acoustic electric?

Zach Woodall says:

What song was that on the intro that you played?

Bob Porri says:

You make me want another.

Brian Wilder says:

Are you guys using a cabinet simulation setup with the Mesa CabClone? I’ve been considering getting one to use in a live worship setting with my favorite amp and have seen mixed reviews. The census is if you dont have a 3rd party cabinet simulator like the two notes torpedo that results may not be desirable. Appreciate any feedback you can provide.

Maafa 1619 says:

The pickups fit in a mini-humbucker route, stupid. There is a plastic adapter to fit them in a P90 route.

Armando Ramon says:

Nice guitar bro God bless you

Shawn Washburn says:

Can you do a tutorial for sinking deep by hillsong young and free. I want to learn this so bad. Pleased please please do it

Bobby Meeks says:

Glad you posted this. Been playing for 30+ years, and my thin line Xaviere with Dream 180s. It’s is my favorite guitar next to my 79 Strat (which I no longer have). I play it at church almost every weekend. I see so many people spending money they don’t have on guitars that they don’t really need just because everyone else has one in the big name churches.

These are great guitars… And their pickups are great. Thanks again…

Jay Dobbins says:

It sounds excellent.

Maafa 1619 says:

Every time I hear one of these assholes say “worship”, I want to punch him in the face.

Carl Gundel says:

Thanks for the review.  Those guitars don’t actually have a block running down the center.  They only have a block under the bridge.  They also have a long tenon neck joint.  These are not traditional hollow body construction.  Instead they rout out the body to make it hollow, and then they glue on a carved top.

izaakski says:

What song are you playing at the beginning?

Daniel Nadar says:

Thanks 4 the review…
As i was really looking 4 a gud les paul type guitar in budget.. I selected Cort CR Custom, i think i got another choise in my shortlist.. Thanks 4 giving an option… Really helped.. God bless u and ur work bro.

Jeremiah Thompson says:

Can you make more Xaviere guitar reviews? If you do can you do the Xv-845

Mark Davion says:

Hey, Uhm… Could you put strumming patterns in your previous videos? For some people such as I, it’s hard to learn the song we hear without the strumming pattern.

Worship Covers says:

First veiwer

Enoch Yoon says:

Do you think you’re going to show off any of the acoustics from the site? These look pretty nice btw, keep up the good work!

NZ MLN says:

Have you reviewed a hollowbody Gretsch in a worship setting before? I’m in love with the walnut stain G5422TG but I’m really worried about feedback. Thanks.

Kevin Jonathan says:


DMSProduktions says:

Good review dude, but I think the quality has slipped in some of these. They can be a bit hit n miss.
This 1 sounds the business anyway.
These 550/60/70 models all use the same bodies, & do NOT contain a solid centre block.
They only have a supporting block under the bridge to reinforce it.

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