Video Review – Ibanez RG920QM Electric Guitar PG’s Jordan Wagner walks us through his latest review of the Ibanez RG920QM Electric Guitar, which was a web exclusive review featured in August 2011 and can be read online here –

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MarshallAmp Man says:

clumsy shredding… should be embarrassed dude

jump25ontoast says:

I thought so, gotta love DImebag. R.I.P Darrell :’)

jump25ontoast says:

what song at 00:42? For some reason I think floods by Pantera?

Ullash Podder says:

@7:20 very sloppy man 🙁

StarFury2 says:

Bad sound, the beard is messing with the strings

michael herrick says:

Very nice

mxkt77 says:

Are you sure you want to keep this guy in Premier Guitar?? There are a bunch of kids in YouTube that would make this a lot better

Simon Robb says:

Ibanez RG927QM Annus Horribilis – Original 7 string Metal/Progressive track) Engl powerball

I have made a track using this guitar. Stock pickups. It features cleans, lead tone and rhythm. Everyone seems to be complacent about the stock pickups. Have a listen to my track and then decide!

Mr. Sanden says:

The player with the beard at the end, totally faild at shredding. LOL

Israel D says:

it sounds cheap because of the pick ups, that’s the problem with Ibanez guitars, you need to put some good P/U’s there

Ifaz Abrar Reza says:

Awww, he tried sweep picking. 🙂 Well, he tried.

acousticresonance1 says:

his playing isnt the point its a guitar demonstration people

TheTranslator100 says:

It’s every bit a joy, if not more, than when I first got it. However, after truss rod adjustments, it actually plays slightly better than my RG1570. Since then, I also got a 6505+ that really brings out those high-gain tones.

Nathan Marra says:

He can’t play well. Direct input sounds like crap. And the guitar is out of tune.
Well done!

cmzangetsu1993 says:

Pantera on an Ibanez? Blasphemy!! KIDDING it sounds pretty decent.

TalonTSI95 says:

should either of these guys be reviewing or demoing guitars?  I love my premium RG but this video just makes it sound like garbage. 

Mateo Bakija says:

Great guitar, shitty review, doesn’t do any justice to this guitar…

Brazil&US says:

I LOVE that solo!!!! It’s from `Floods` by Pantera right?  One of, if not the best solo ever!

Purple Banana says:

No, it’s in tune. I think the reason why it sounds bad to you is because he’s playing chords in distortion, which for some odd reason sound out of tune because the string resonate sort of “fight with each other.”

Also the gain isn’t very “sharp” and it sounds more like an 80s rock tone. I like it, but you’re probably more use to sizzling high distortion tones like you hear in music like thrash metal or death metal.

rythmosrythmos says:

it doesn’t sound good

Abigail says:

too much bass… ahhh 

margin .annihilator says:

Duuuuude you cant even play floods solo

Wyatt Kurtgis says:

How much is this guitar?

Rich Weaver says:

Please tell me these two hopeless players didn’t get payed for this shit! Truly horrible demo… unless you’re trying to sabotage Ibanez of course in which case…job done!!

CurleyHobo says:

7:11 to 7:20 Makes me wanna kill myself

Gabriele says:

great music from years ago

ItsLiamYT says:

What dah heck? Why is CaptainSparklez doin’ a guitar review?

nova495 says:

Well, to all you guys who are saying find a better player: This guy is just showing the versatility of the instrument. He’s not gonna be like every guy who demos an Ibanez with a high gain amps setting. Metal may not be this guys thing, but atleast he’s doing something different.

Andrés Llaque says:

i would appreciate if someone could tell me this is not how the guitar truly sounds, the sound on this video was awful as hell, it sounded like my 1st guitar, ibanez gio150, please answer my question. i wanted to buy the guitar tomorrow but now im doubtful about it..

Mellow Slayer says:

he played mouth for war completely wrong

Rick Kala says:

It’s more the tone than the playing….the tone is terrible

Dario Venturi Filho says:

Poor guy!

Tommy oneil says:

I didn’t know Leonardo DiCaprio played guitar .

SolomonSevens says:

Wow why did they get such fail guitarists to do this video?…

MrBrutaldeath95 says:

that was the worst rendition of floods ive ever heard

keithsa41 says:

the sound quality is fucken horrid.. too much bass, turn bass down adjust your eq settings, more treble.. sounds like mud.

Ztpa Rokhum says:

Try rg970

nootnoot says:

is it still quite a joy and easy to play the premium one?

metal4bld says:

mmmk shooting for guitar demos isnt the right time to try to learn to sweep

Reginald Von Goldbergstein says:

The pickups are dogshit that disgrace DiMarzio’s name, but overall the guitar is fantastic. Switched the pups on mine for a Steve’s Special and Air Norton and then a pair of Duncan 59s. Great sound. Also the tremolo is extremely stable. The ZPS system and recent revival of the lo pro edge puts Ibanez back on the spot for the greatest stability of floating trems. Only thing that compare are the FR Pro and Gotoh Floyd.

Devin Kolins says:

This made me want to kill myself.

xlocknloll says:

the guitar is out of tune..

JgHaverty says:

guitars out of tune or intonation …. hurts my ears 🙁

Nolan Agamata says:

you’re right my friend. 😉

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