UNBIASED GEAR REVIEW – Chapman ML3 Modern Guitar

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DISCLAIMER – all views contained herein are mine and mine alone. My comments merely reflect my own, individual experience with this gear. They do not necessarily reflect what your personal experience may be as a potential customer of the brand I am reviewing.

Chapman ML3 Modern Guitar
– Mahogany Body
– Maple Neck
– Ebony Fretboard
– 24 nickel frets
– Chapman Sonorous Zero pickups
– Chapman bridge
– Chapman Tuners
– Comes with Gig Bag

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Brock Landers says:

Insouciant, yet refined…

Jason Christopher Uy says:

first time seeing your videos… its really ubiased… im not a metal guy but i love your review

Paul Ecoli says:

These are Korean fucking made guitars. I didn’t expect them to be even this good if I’m honest. Meow, I’m sure the CAP10 and BEA signature models are better crafted, and also, I hear there’s a UK model out now. I’ve never been a big fan of reverse headstocks, so there’s one thing that puts me off them straight away. I actually thought the tone was surprisingly good. You said one thing I was thinking throughout the whole video: A $400 guitar is a perfect modding platform. A fretboard isn’t heard to clean up, pickups, pots and hardware are easy to swap out, and BAM! You’ve got a nice guitar. People do this to Squiers, Mexis and Epis all the time and didn’t have to spent 4 figures to have a damned nice guitar.

John MacDonald says:

thank you for the review, very well done!!!

TherealGeorgeSt-Pierre says:

Fuck chapman guitar look i made it neck through ( more wood means more possible warping) and i moved the volume switch and selector switch up a inch …… good for you imma get a good schecter or strat with that money

cody carter says:

Saw John 5 shirt……..left video.

TheDoug2103 says:

ok so we know how your amp sounds…

S Shake says:

Not trying to be A cunt but I’m dying at the faces you made while playing.

Randy Burnett says:

Did U say $400.00 ? My price thing says $1200.00 I buy it at 4 no way at 12

Stewart Gerhart says:

Cheap stuff. Save up the sheckels and get an American tele or strat.

bobisadrummer says:

Honestly, for $400, I wouldn’t expect ANY kind of fretwork.

rohadt Anyad says:

you want the humbuckers to sound like vintage single coils. and you are disappointed.

gogajira2 says:

You keep bringing up “for the price point” but really $400 dollars isn’t cheap

fenderman says:

That’s right Steven, What do you want out of a $400 guitar?

Benjamin Haworth says:

Is it me, or is the bottom cutaway shaped differently than most Tele style guitars on the market today?

bofuscrapshaw says:

Your reviews are awesome thanks so much

Em B says:

Finally. Honesty in a review! Thank man.

Janner Lubis says:


amgamg99 says:

So who are you? Somebody in the industry or just another guy running his mouth about gear? I don’t own a Chapman but who can tell anything playing through a ton of dirt.  I especially love not hearing a spec of difference between pickup selection as you grind away. From what you demonstrate I cant tell anything.

Loki Hammer says:

Nice playing and nice review. Subscribed!

Craig Parse says:

Thanks! As you mentioned, this is their ‘budget’ model and the pickups & tuners seem to be underwhelming. Chapman had said that (originally) these were designed to be upgraded. I’m sure with some upgrades ($100+/-), this will be a workhorse.
Keep up the great reviews!

narus x says:

Arnie you get in the way of yourself. Usual hubris. Much of your criticism is simply your preference. For example “the neck has a typical c shape”. I suppose that means you do not like typical c-shape necks and therefore cannot be acceptable? Laughable.

Robert Whyte says:

I’ve got be honest, I love guitars, I love good guitar playing – sadly, I can’t kick a guitar down stairs. On the other hand, I’m a really good car polisher and I have a tip for getting rid of the compound around the frets- Eagle One wax as you dry on a microfiber cloth should take that off with no problem. Spray a little bit on the cloth and wipe, should end the problem without damaging the finish or leaving a bad residue.

Tone Fingerz says:

they cant make cheaper guitars perfect or people wudnt buy more expensive ones

Ray Day33 says:

Sounds like Jake E. Lee some

Tone Fingerz says:

i want a mahogany tele with a maple cap

speedriff says:

When I was at NAMM in January I tried a Stout called The Patsy by, as I recall, Barley Forge Brewery in Costa Mesa. Man that was some good stuff. Would love to hear what u think of it. I live in GA and my friend and I were both envious of the beer selections everywhere in CA. Of course we can’t get it here. Ugh. If you haven’t already, check it out. Cheers!

miller fat says:

At 56 seconds it looks like someone is throwing dog treats at you, and you are able to catch every single one! Nice job. My wife says I stare into space when I play, but, that is because I am no good at guitar. If I ever get as good as you, I think I will have my children throw Goldfish in my general direction and see what happens.

jst jst says:

Yep it’s not 1984 yet, 400=400
400 not = 700 or 1000,

simply3141592654 says:

Go with Reverend or Godin or G&L – better value.

Conway Courier says:

Perfect shirt for this review.

Linkeschamlippe 69 says:

that´s a pretty good review
go see if they did better with the pro range 😀

Carmen Rago says:

Great review. Great playing

MrHermango says:

A graphite nut, is a nice upgrade? Wow graphite nuts have been standard equipment for decades now.

MetalHead says:

Great review…..like a lot of comments here, good to see a review on every little detail on these guitars…

Fektthis says:

the riff city website says ebony fingerboard. I’m not holding it so I’ll take your word for it but for the life of me, I’d swear that’s a Pau Ferro fretboard. It looks nothing like ebony and exactly like Pau Ferro

James Ortiz says:

Good video.

James Ortiz says:

I knew to hold off buying one of these.

MMCGuitar says:

A shame that they put no-name Chapman pickups in all their guitars, other than the Cap-10. I’d have to add $200-$300 to the price for some decent pickups, which makes them no longer a good value.

Jstall7543 says:

Good review, I was wondering if these guitars were as good as the YouTube club hype.

Carmen Rago says:

The beer was like the guitar. Meh.

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