Traveler Ultra-Light Electric Guitar – Gear Review (AND MODS!)

I decided that I had so much fun with the last gear review, and piece of gear that I bought, that I decided to do another one. In this video I give my thoughts and opinions of the Traveler Ultra Light Electric. I also did some fun modifications to it which was also a first for me! How did it turn out? Watch and find out for yourself!


Dugi Devet says:

i think it will sound better in Podfarm 2 program.
Is just me or original pickup sounds better ?
I think that if you put the most expensive pickup in her , you will still suck in playing xD
Dude get some practice….

Eran Montiel says:

How does it compare to the acoustic in terms of unplugged sound?

Christophe Petchanatz says:

guy you can remove the metal thing under

Алексей Прокопенко says:

Need two classic-type humbuckers version, and carbon light.

Cantarini Lina says:

This guitar sounds exactly as expected: as a tomatoes can.

George Chatzopoulos says:

Nice vid ! Thank you !! sub back pls #820

Peter Hoffman says:

tuning is important

J. Francisco Arroba says:

what’s the purpose of the metal thing you attach to it? says:

Does anyone know what song he is playing around 7:00 it sounds nice and I’d like to learn

douglas jardine says:

after listening to many of these travel guitars i would say go with the spirit or g3t im telling you im telling you

sorrento ingraham says:

sorry: so did upgrading the tuners help with the tuning madness?

John Blackstock says:

I purchased one, and a pocket amp, take it to work, and get to work early so I can have a little play before I start. I love it.

Howard Cunniffe says:

I use to have a guitar similar to what your playing.When it came to strumming the guitar,you don’t have a full arm movement which makes you skip strings by flipping the wrist. It has a good sound but nothing I would buy. Now you mentioned when bending strings it makes the guitar go out of tune? My Fernandes Nomad Deluxe did the same thing. Got a Tele and sold the Nomad on Craigs List.

robb stark says:

So this is the Seymour Duncan Hot Rails Strat bridge pickup you stuck in?

ICULookin says:

I like your enthusiasm! Fun guitar for its size.

IVb22 says:

2:42 Master of puppets?

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