Top Four Qualities I Look For In Electric Guitar Strings

Top Four Qualities I Look For In Electric Guitar Strings

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Greetings I’m Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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Mike Laubach says:

Great string review Rob ! I have definitely noticed a inconsistency in the string gauge thickness of my personal favorite strings the “Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky” I like these particular strings because the thicker strings give you the bass tone of 10 gauge strings like “Regular Slinky” and the playability of 9 gauge strings on the high end like “Super Slinky”. But recently I’ve noticed the G and high E strings have been thicker than normally are ? Aswell as some other inconsistencies in more than one set. That bummed me out a bit ! The Hybrids just have a great sound quality, tone and playability. I guess I’ll just have to buy another set and hope for the best ! Glad someone else noticed this ! Thanks Rob and Rock on !!

tdunster2011 says:

D’Addario EXL for Electric and Dean Markley Signature Vintage Bronze for the acoustics. The only strings I don’t like are the Elixer Nanoweb acoustic strings – longevity is awesome but the feel [too slippery] and tone [dead] do nothing for me. If however I was someone that sweated a lot I’d recommend them because of their durability.

Edward Sell says:

who cares if Chappers is sponsored, your not sheep, try a few brands and stick with what you like. The guys got to make a living.

Whammy Bars says:

i want a chapman guitar but im just a student.m. i cant afford to buy one because im oaying my tuition fees. 🙁

Jacob Baranowski says:

how about a hollow body or a semi hollow body Chatman gitar

BestTits says:


Rab Townsend says:

I’m a big fan of the Ernie Ball M-Steel slinkies. They felt kinda sandpapery at first, but then I got used to the grip, and now I miss it when I play different strings.

The_Swoletatiat says:

Ernie ball skinny top heavy bottom cobalt.

Noah Laughery says:

Rob, that beard looks awesome! Makes you look 1 million times cooler.

Jamison Ryun says:

Have you ever checked out DR Black Beauties Rob??? I love them… the got a black coating on them that is very durable and has a great feel… their tone is warm and bright with just a hit of darkness… and I don’t know how many companies do but DR are all hand wound and that gives them a lil something I think… if you haven’t give them a try and please tell me what you think =) LOVE all your videos and just hope you keep doing what your doing!!!

Steve Crittall says:

For that money they’d need to be able to blow me before and after each gig.
Ludicrously overpriced nonsense.

JAZZ says:

Either your new setup is beautifully lit or you’ve completely mastered the chroma key. Either way looks dope.

JAZZ says:

Oooooph dat new string sound tho

Man Bear Pig says:

What’s up with the weird porno music in the background Chappers haha

Njam Wade says:

Elixir all the way! Never mentioned coated strings.

virtue696 says:

Ive always been interested in Chapman Guitars, but this 2017 range has 100% made it a must have.

feelsbadman says:

Oh Rob uses GHS Fast Fret too!

Davin Liming says:

I would buy Paradigms if I could afford them..
Looks like I’ll be using regular slinkies for another few years..

Aaron Robey says:

I like to have different types and gauges on my different basses according to purpose, I have a more traditional fretless with medium flatwounds, a more modern fretless with light rounds and a big ol’ five string with thick thick THICC daddario roundwounds on!

CyberReLoad says:

GHS Boomers ftw…

Michael Warren says:

Have you tried playing acoustic yet?

Alastair Cauchie says:


gary harrer says:

Demo the new ml2 pro

Blake Corkill says:

I feel like Rob is such a GREAT person to get information from. Nothing is forced. Everything seem like an honest opinion and is sold as an opinion and nothing more. This is the epitome of integrity. I love hearing this dude speak. Not to mention HES FUNNY AND CAREFREE!!! YES. oh..and good information on strings as well 😉

virtue696 says:

looks like someone got a health coach and stylist.. Rob Hollywood!!

Shirosen says:

And I thought NYXL’s were expensive O_o

Ben Mintz says:

i have suuuuuuper corrosive sweat and i have to play coated strings otherwise they’ll rust after an hour or so of play

bottleneck1100 says:

one of those things to look for.. clearly isn’t PRICE! (being sponsored). You can get three packets of Daddario XL110’s for the price of one packet of Ernie Ball Paradigm.

Simon Rourke says:

Rumour has it that if you say ‘Slowly, slowly…’ on the comments section of this video Rob will reply with ‘Catchee MonkeyLord..’

Der Impfer says:

You showed 10s to 52s Strings in your video.
I this really what you are playing?

martijn700 says:

I’m using Curt Mangan 10-46 coated on my riviera. In the past I always used ernie balls but I really like these coated strings. I have fairly sweaty hands so they’re gonna stay better I think.

Janne Oksanen says:

These strings cost almost 4x as much as the strings I’ve been using for the past 20+ years. I’m having a hard time believing these strings are 4x as good. For as long as I can remember the string manufacturers have been coming up with “new and improved” guitar strings, but none of them really had any staying power. More than anything it would appear to me that they’re not really trying to solve a problem that exists, but they’re really just trying to sucker guitar players into paying more for their strings.

gripperen says:

Yousician is the best way to learn and master the guitar.

MarquisProdz says:

I don’t screw with ernie ball anymore lol. broke 2 new sets while putting them on my strat. 10 gauge. that’s ugh.
strictly D’Addario

Roy Buis says:

I always played Ernie Ball oe D’addario, because well, i didn’t know any better. Then a few years ago someone handed me a pack of Elixir Nanoweb’s and i Never played another brand again. Those strings are amazing, they feel slick, stay in tune well, have great note clarity, and they last for months.

northof50now says:

I look for durability of tone.  I’ve used the D’Addario strings in the past.  They sound great for a day, then get dull- based on my playing.  Conversely, the ErnieBall strings don’t sound quite as good out of the box, but keep a consistent tone for a couple of weeks.  Just put on a set of Elixir NanoCoated strings.  First time using coated.  What are your thoughts on coated strings?  Thanks.

Nathaniel Lawler says:

11’s flatwound d’adario on my guitar

Fitzleking says:

What kind of strings do you use for acoustic?

Daniel G Frost says:

boo paradigm

ryshenton says:

I looked him up on the internet because I was curious about his kind and I was horrified. There was a picture ofhim smoking a fake doobie; my children are terrified of him. STAY AWSA!!111fim

FearTheGremlin says:

I used to play Rotosounds, which sound fantastic but I had issues with them breaking at the saddles. Switched to DR, issue is gone.

Larry Burwell says:

ive played Gibson les pauls for 40 years, give me a les paul standard with ghs boomer gbxl 9s anyday. 400 buck guitar like that with what ever strings no match. your a great guitar player for sure and make anything sound great though

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