This is the Best Value Guitar I have reviewed! – Demo / Review

As guitars go, I think this is the best bang for your buck that I’ve found! Seriously, I’m legitimately impressed with this guitar, how good it plays, what you get for the price, the sound… everything.

It’s a Wolf Guitars WLP 750 Les Paul style guitar. Sells for $449 which includes a top-shelf SKB hardcase and free shipping.

Link Here:

For the demo, I’m playing through a Blackstar ID Core. Link Here:

My Backing Tracks:

Rubric: -5 points for Danzig references. -5 points for not reading the description. -5 points for not watching far enough into the video to answer your own question. -5 points for misquoting me in your comment. 20 points possible. Everyone starts with an A!


Alan Keller says:

Liked and Subscribed! Very well done video. I am curious to your pedal(s) and amp, with the settings?
I really enjoyed the sound and tone (and technique) in your playing.

SkyP1e says:

I’m not a guitarist but I love your guitar porn videos. I’ve been watching your videos when YT recommends them to me and I finally just subscribed. Probably should have done so a long time ago. Keep up the amazing work on showcasing instruments and making them so interesting.

Mr Tom says:

Nice guitar… they do look like Grover rotomatic tuners.

Mike Baker says:

I need to know which guitar you think would be best for a beginner. Grote Les Paul, or this Wolf 750.

borntoprep says:

i am still looking for that same guitar but i can not find it,,,,,,where and who is selling it?

Chuck Posey says:

Well, ya hooked me on this one! I decided to order one just due to this vid. However, there isn’t one to be found like the one you have. DRAT!! I will keep an eye out though. Incidently, I think any guitar might sound pretty good through your processing rig. If you get a chance, I (and probably many others) would love to know what devices you are running through. Thx, great vid!

Bill Ray says:

I like the music you play in these clips and I like your style of playing.

Cbf1A says:

Hi Great review, Can you get this shipped to the UK for free, or is there a UK supplier?

Rich Firyn says:

I would much rather have 5 or 6 killer guitars with cases at this price point than spend Gibson Guitar money for that many guitars. But i did buy a 2018 Gibson Explorer with Flame Mahogany that is just ridiculous. Oh and a 2018 Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Amos 1958 Korina Flying V too 🙂

beku beku says:

Usa guitars vs other country guitars(not Japan). Allmost all old guitars that are made out of USA have cracks behind where neck is conectet with the body. I never found a USA guitar to have this problem. How can you explain this?

Shaun Cifelli says:

Nice axe , the inlays reminiscent of my ELECTRA MPC les paul …ahem. I’m going back a bit lol ….my question iz i didn’t hear anything about a Maple top? I, heard the Mahogany body …, so Map top? Great review i want one

frontseat1 says:

Everybody wants more bang for their buck these days.There many good guitar builders out there we don’t know about.This is one of them.Once the news is out they will start getting business and prices will go up as their name and reputation get around.I’m looking to buying one.Thanx for the tip.What is your take on Hard Luck Kings Guitars ?

jesus christ says:

Says you make any guitar sound wicked an heavenly

Lonnie Christopher says:

…..I’m gonna’ try and get one….

organic bob says:

By the way Max you are one great guitarist, love your playing could listen and watch you play for hours. Keep up the good work!

Shawn Shirtridge says:

That is one of the most beautiful les Paul style guitars I’ve seen. I love this thing!

Hal Roy says:

This guy could put strings on a turd and make it sound good

Purple Haze says:

Personally, I believe that if you want to own a Les Paul…get a damn Les Paul and not some wolf or whatever copy. Don’t get me wrong, today some of the best guitars in the world quality wise are coming out of Korea and Indonesia: Is a Les Paul worth the price? No. Is the quality of a Les Paul on par with the price? No. But it’s a name that carries so much clout that there’s no substitute.

Jonathan Lewis says:

Wow sounds great
And also looks buetyful as well great tones as well

reffoelcnu alouncelal says:

There is a two month waiting list for these . And it’s all because of your review I’m sure . . Gibson have really dropped the ball they must be freaking out looking at these guitars

Thomas Insall says:

Just ordered a blue one on preorder…picking guitar back up after 6 years away-so excited!

Jim Reid says:

Sounds an looks like my LTD i love it

Jim Carter says:

I’d go for that straight away. I have 2 off brand “LP’s” and I think they are every bit as good as the low/middle end Pauls.

Peter Janak Jr says:

It makes little sense to spend even a few thousand on a guitar. Quality hardware might run you close to $700(guess). But buy that hardware and put in a Les Paul style kit that’s precision built and you’ve git a cheaper guitar that sounds just as good. Part of me wants a Gibson Les Paul because hell, it’s a Gibson Les Paul. They are beautiful. Both in sound and sight. But I know I can get exactly both of those things if I buy from a Les Paul style manufacturer and pay cheaper price. Your guitar does look beautiful for sure.

Brett Criss says:

A good player can make a crap guitar sound good. You do well to make all the guitars you review sound awesome.

John Hamilton says:

Max, An excellent review. I was lucky enough to find one, absolutely “MINT’ from a gentleman as fussy as I am. I fell in love with it aesthetically – the most beautiful Les Paul style guitar I have ever seen. It has quickly become my favorite guitar. Thanks so much for your fine reviews. By the way, I too would like to see you review some Harley Benton Models – I’ve been very impressed thus far!

Edilberto Lopez says:

sometimes its the player not the instrument and gadgets. its like theres no bad microphone for a good singer with a good voice

Roman Thru says:

Bought one of these a while back. Got it in blue burst. To my eyes it is absolutely stunning! Everything Max says here is spot on. I love mine.

Heugh Jassman says:

Do you have any opinion about Grassroots guitars?

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