The Danelectro ’64 Electric Guitar Review

This is the Danelectro ’64 Electric Guitar. This new ’64 electric is loaded with a dual lipstick humbucker pickup in the bridge and a single coil P90 in the neck. You can split coil the bridge pickup! I did miss this in the video. I will follow it up at a later date. You can check them out at or on Amazon (USA) –

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Iggytommy says:

I dunno why Danelectro have to knock off Mosrites given Danelectro’s own vintage models.

Jimmy Wijaya says:

Is that rosewood?

John Sorgini says:

I really hate to be the stickler here, but that definitely looks like a three tone sunburst

Chord TheSeeker says:

Great review, but the pickups sound thin and tinny to me, especially with the clean tone.

Ben Hackett says:

Great demo, the P90 & lipstick humbucker configuration works really well tonally.
Just aesthetics, but the offset neck kind of bothers me.
I really can’t see that having it angled like that gives a tonal improvement that overrides the expected symmetry.

nicholas peter gagg says:

I am trying to think of the new wave band that use these Mosrite style guitars was it Television, ? or Richard Hell and the voidoids anyway sounds very lively and ringing a good review mate

Celtic Fury says:

That is one seriously sexy beast! Looking forward to part two, really wanna see how the bridge p’up sounds in split coil mode…might just have to get myself one of these!

Daz Jay Gee says:

Nice guitar. Not sure if those zero frets wear down quicker than the rest? I have a Cobra with a zero fret and it has worn faster.
Really enjoyed your playing on this one man. 🙂

Guitar ocd says:

The fact that it’s Korean sells it for me also the back looks like 3 tone sunburst. Could be the lights

Dave Byron says:

Really sounds good, & retro look is cool. I bet this price point great as well. Again, Thanks Shane, & great playing!!!

Blaine Ludeman says:

i love that little lick you keep playing! check it @ 6:32 is that hybrid or just fingerpicking?

Mark Bornais says:

Came for the review, stayed for the playing. Great job Shane.

Lowtech14 says:

Neck pickup aced it during slow blues clean section..

Richard Cunningham says:

The pickups sound nice. Are they ceramic or alnico?

outlawrickenbacker says:

cheap(er) guitars are kickin’ butt right now!  I like this one a lot, nice review.  never had a guitar with a zero fret, and not really sure of the purpose or benefit….. I’ve always like danelectro stuff, even their cheap pedals.

3 Card Monty says:

Shane – that guitar is the best of both worlds. That axe kicks butt! I love P90’s for the Blues.

Mister Knight Owl says:

zero frets are sweet. makes the tone of your open strings the same as all the others… its a neat idea indeed.

DMSProduktions says:

Good range of sounds there. That ‘humbucker’, has a real mid HUMP to it!

stirange says:


endurohuntfish says:

what Is the price in Australia for these

sounds of lurv says:

Could’ve sworn you already reviewed this guitar? Not complaining mind you, do more if you want. Does the zero fret help the bottom F barre chord play any easier? Supposedly an advantage

Andy Jay says:

Man I really want one of the new Danelectro guitars, but I want to get a PRS first

Tracy C says:

A poor man’s Mosrite.

JH Scofield says:

I grew up remembering this brand as a budget guitar. As nice as these new ones are, at $800 US, that buys a LOT of guitar nowadays. A Mexi Strat leaves almost enough change from that $800 to throw in a Katana amp as well! Still, that Dano is lovely & sounds nice.

moyle Eppelstun says:

Very, very Nice! loved the middle position she sang !!!

Rick Hill says:

Nice job Shane!! I think the Guitar sounds Great! Did you get any 60cycle hum from the P-90? Keep up the Good Work Sir!!

Yojan Patrick Calderon Quiza says:

❤ Great Guitar ❤

Sam says:


Todd Flowers says:

Thanks Shane ,now I have another Danelectro to buy !

dcs2402 says:

I would love one, but try to get one of these in Australia. I have approached all the Australian distribution sources as listed on Danelectro site, and none can confirm they will even get them. Can’t even get one from overseas as Danelectro forbid international sales as part of their conditions. Please someone tell me how to actually get one. In the awesome candy red as on their website.

mark dakel says:

How do Think it compares to the MIM fenders you have

Paul Sensale says:

Can’t seem to find left handed models of this anywhere. Was this custom made? Would love to own one.

Gaetano lo Surdo says:

wow! it’s Amazing! 🙂

Terry's GG&G says:

nice !! 🙂

Jason Mercieca says:

Sky Music need to stock this man!

Iggytommy says:

you omitted the coil split function on the bridge pickup

Alberto García says:

The volume and tone knobs looks a little bit plastic at first sight, do are they?

Arnold Deal III says:

Isn’t there a coil tap on that humbucker?

Boxcar Stewart says:

Looks and sounds marvelous! Well done, Shane. I just bought another guitar, but this Dano may be next.

stirange says:

I cannot find the model here anywhere. They have them with the bigsby, but not the strat style wilkinson term. Is this specific configuration not yet distributed?

i am frayer says:

sorry if you said it in the video but whats the amp. cheers from merimbula!

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