The Cheapest METAL Guitar You Can Buy! ($70) – Demo / Review

An insanely cheap guitar that’s ready to rock! For less than $70 you can pick up the Glarry “Burning Fire” guitar! Humbuckers, 24 frets, and metal styling…the best part is…. it doesn’t suck!

Ebay Link Here (updated):

Backing Tracks (with free dowloads) Available Here:

I’m using the Blackstar ID Core 10 amp for this review. Ebay Link Here:×5-watt-2×3-Stereo-Combo-%2F401531948552

Rubric: -5 points for Danzig references. -5 points for not reading the description. -5 points for not watching far enough into the video to answer your own question. -5 points for misquoting me in your comment. 20 points possible. Everyone starts with an A!


Renaissance Man says:

Wow that is a great bargain metal guitar! Been looking for a cheap one to take with me besides the crappy Ibanez Mikro I have. This looks and sounds way better for half the cost.

INGSOC says:

Is that a peavey rotor exp on your wall…. That guitar is my true love!!

titan300x says:

he is metal rocker, a body builder and a shampoo commercial model.

Supercyber Cow says:

The shape is ESP F series

Lord Zero says:

……but does it djent?

Leon Syn says:

What kind of pick ups would fit this guitar I’m a noob at this kind of stuff

Lil Pump says:

I bit the bullet and bought one of these a couple of weeks ago. I got it for 67 including shipping in the blue color, only one they had in stock. This is my honest to God review; The guitar itself is very lightweight which is a plus. It came with relatively low action but I still set it up to my preferences. The neck feels very cheap and dry. The frets are advertised as jumbo but feel more like MJ and the ends are sharp and irregular. The pick ups are cheap but not as terrible as i expected. The tuning machines are trash and need to be replaced if you want to play in tune for more than a few minutes. The input jack felt pretty loose but that’s standard on low cost guitars. My biggest complaint would have to be the fretboard. It was as dry as the Sahara and required some major TLC just to get it looking and feeling decent. For 68 dollars, I guess you could do worse. But you’re certainly not getting a “steal” either. The guitar does what it’s supposed to do (barely) without any bells, whistles, or quality components to get in the way. If you are an absolute stone cold beginner and just want something to get your feet wet for a month of two, this guitar might be okay. For anyone else, save your money and invest in something better for a few dollars more.

Alen Vamberger says:

Reminds me of the bc rich warlock, and that intro do!

Mahaz Abdullah says:

ebay link not working -_-

Nacho Libre says:

Out of stock lol

Deva Duke says:

Can u review the cort x1 guitar, i’m planning to buy one, but there is no enough info on that guitar

dany simard says:

Do you think it can Djent haha

Green Meanie says:

That looks and sounds decent for $70.00 damn.

Natej Loi says:

Does the tuner stay in tune?

edgeVerse says:

I ordered one. They are in stock. Unsure if black still is. I can check, would you recommend I restring it?

Luca Zirkzee says:

The body is just Like an esp Ltd f-10, only The back is different

Hans Von Witzland says:

Damn I wish I had that guitar when I started out, not some shitty fender strat style knock off

Jeff Pettit says:

Going to share your videos, lots of young players that could use decent gear for affordable prices.

Robert Boyland says:

What amp you playing

Mr.Lasagna says:

Your arms holy shit, you could rip the neck off that guitar god damn.

danbgt says:

Great video and great information. As usual.

Sleepwalkyr says:

Bro you made them sell out of the guitar. They should have given you an affiliate code so you can get rich quick.


Wow! whoever made that guitar did not get a fair trade,

Daniel baudelio says:

I wouldn’t mind hearing this gituar on a death metal setting on a pedal

ScumBag says:

Woah man it’s weird not seeing 4 strings on that

Hawklynn says:

just ordered a sunburst one cant wait ty ty ty ty for review

KJV Truther says:

Hi Guitar Max- I’m wanting to build a cheap 1978 EVH replica. I have the single humbucker pickguard and a veh pickup from Guitar Fetish.  Do you know if the Glarry  burning fire st model strat style guitar is SOLID base wood body or a synthetic body ? Thank YOU……

Nikguin04 says:

Whats the first riff, any tabs out there?

sean kinnane says:

great vid …but Im inclined to think its more the amp

SeriousName says:

I clicked on this video just because I’m curious what his natural hair color is. lol

kamaboko1 says:

Amazing. I’d love to know what the profit margin is on a guitar like this.

Dr. Awkward says:

Mark Wahlberg & Danzig had a baby & it was this guy. I know, i know, -30 points. But seriously, i ordered a white one because of this video, we’ll see how it goes.


You should check out

Joe Mama says:

Is Glen Danzig your father?? Do you write anything in the description? Do you have a system of grading comments?
Would you change anything about this guitar?

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