The Cheapest Guitar You Can Buy! – Demo / Review

Demo and review of the unbelievably inexpensive Ammoon strat. Buy this guitar on Ebay, brand new for less than $50!

Here’s the follow-up video to this one, after I’ve installed some new pickups:


Christopher Gonzalez says:

I love you videos! except your intro it too long. they are awesome but to long.

SixStringLove Guy says:

I read the comments below and thought I was going to puke. So many “I bought a $100 guitar and it’s better than my $3000 Les Paul” or some variation of that theme. Bullshit. I don’t believe a word of it, cause it ain’t the truth. That is like saying “I got new tires on my Fiesta and now it handles better than my Corvette” Yeah, right. So many losers, so many losers.

SvenTviking says:

Lets be honest, guitarist spend thousands on instruments built with less skill than a lot of household furniture and electronics from the middle of the last century!
There are no wizened luthiers at Gibson and Fender, carefully hand carving instruments with tools handed down from father to son. There are a load of huge CNC machines churning out identical bodies and necks to tolerances too tight for mere men to make. Then, semi skilled bods assemble them. Even the custom shop guitars are just altered by a few number changes on the CNC machine to say, shave down the neck. And does it really cost thousands to put in a coil tap? It does if you buy a Jimmy Page no2 instead of a standard ‘59 reissue.

Kenneth Hodsdon says:

well worth watching this…thanks bro

Jody Leroy says:

I have a Groove Factory gfx bass. Was wondering if you knew anything about that company. I can’t find anything.

John Pick says:

Killer Review Thanks !

Mike Hunt says:

Dude, you’ve got to start a Type-O tribute band. You’d get more ass than a toilet seat at Fenway!

Justin van Zuilekom says:

The intro sounded so Trivium, I love it!

RavenMadd9 says:

thanks Max

Ronald Mcneely says:

sounded really good as good as a 200 squier

Rick Ryker says:

hi, i’m a guitar snob, NOT REALLY hahahaha hey that is cool the price so low and plays right up there with the good ones…..the up there guitars got too expensive and the workers got lazy and produced alot of crap,,, so some people qit worken for them and lowed the price and became famous,, but they still had great skills,,, and that went with them….the cheap guitars are well made and compete with the expensive, one day i went in to git store and said let me play a squire strat and a 1500 dollar strat,,, turn around and tell me which sounds better… well the squire won….. SORRY I TALKED TOO MUCH, IM DRINKING STRONG COFFE,,,, YOU PLAY GITAR VERY WELL,,, THUMBS UP…………

TheHirade says:

Buzz? Out of tune?

awroungsuffered says:

To bad the price went up now that everyone wants one

James McCutcheon says:

when I got my 1st guitar age 14 it was a Sears and Roebuck SILVERTONE bad action but I managed to play it. 54 dollars. The guitar just demonstrated is a 100 x better and is the same price wtf????

Paul B says:

Very impressive, so long as you don’t care how the manufacturer achieved that absurdly low price. In effect, it’s a finished guitar for the price of a kit.

Apart from that, this was a very fair review. Replacing the pickups is an obvious move, since these seem not just low output but noisy as well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much upgrading to bring you into the realms of more expensive guitars that would have the upgraded components as standard. I would be dubious about tuning stability on any cheap guitar, but on one with a ‘traditional’ trem and the cheapest of tuners …

The Budget Aquarist says:

Want to get more subscribers? Shorten your intro down…the 45-second intro along with a YouTube commercial was numbing. Love the review though

Zachary brown says:

Cool accept the 60 cycle hum..definitely not a stage gigging guitar…..nor studio

Irfan sujoy says:

Didnt know connor kenway played guitar

Just J says:

Low output pickups are actually better for using gain channel or distortion pedals…

The low output pickup will not overpower the gain compression and thus actually be able to be cranked even louder.

High output pickups tend to clip gain structure in amps quicker and also the case when using distortion pedals….have to find the sweet spot where as low output can be cranked all the way with little to no clipping…

Not justifying the pickups in this guitar but I prefer low output over high output pickups in certain guitars because of the lack of clipping when I use a distortion pedal.

Wade says:

Does this guy remind anyone of a young Marilyn Manson before he went apeshit with the publicity and makeup?

Dewayne White says:

I hear no fret buzz positive already

Jake Tanis says:

Id order one if they were in stock at that price.

Darr Whyask says:

As a tone wood, basswood is very underrated. I’d replace the electronics with the Dave Murray pickup/pickguard combo – very versatile.

Josef Williams says:

Danzig is that you?

tim taylor says:

i got a tele off ebay for 49$ and thought it would need a lot of mods but it was almost perfect out the box.  I will put a bone nut on it but it was intonated perfect.

Neil Neazer says:

Another company (may be the same company) called Davidson is the same. Paid about $59. The 1 downside was a slight ring on fretboard in 1 or 2 places but all on all not a bad guitar for the price. The guitar is light though it looks heavier. Still not bad.

Charles Wagner says:

That ground hum is brutal. Those pickups need to be replaced.

Hozer Vee Dubb_twosixx says:

Your intro is NOT necessary , like seriously UN fucking necessary !

Juan Lennon says:

Oh man, so much hum noise

3642130 says:

The hardware will always tell. My experience is cheaper guitars seem to fall apart. Back in the day you could still get incredible instruments at the pawn shop, for decent prices.

Rock 'n Fuckin Roll says:

forget if it’s good or bad… how the hell do you build a guitar for that cheap and still make a profit? my switchcraft toggle switch is 30 bucks lol..

Robert Merriwether says:

I want one

Kelo gii says:

I wouldn’t just start buying junk like that , I got a basement full of unplayable, unusable junk.

Never Mind says:

I bought an Ammoon looper pedal and it works great. They also sell those diy guitar kits. It’s nice they sell cheap stuff.


It made sense. It sounded alot like an old Fender Stratocaster. As for me, I can’t do anything without a Humbucker, but that’s a really great price. If I did not have anything… I would buy that.

Vixen Vendetta says:

First time here, great review!! =)

Mark Arandjus says:

3:03 Did anyone else suddenly hear a black man with a really deep voice say ‘awww baybeh’ or should I be worried?

niptodstan says:

There aren’t many rubbish guitars about now. You can buy used Gio’s or eastern made guitars. I’ve bought ones to do up and there’s been nothing to do. A great learner guitar is a Lag Jet. Lag make great acoustics (Richie Kotzen uses one) and nice high end electrics. Have a look.

John James McCartney says:

hi from England. the build quality is better than the gibson ES339 I bought. brand new it was a disgrace.

Jeff Beck says:

How do they make it much less ship it too for that price? I think there’s more land on the flat earth. It would not make sense for there not to be. Check out Aaron Dover channel.

Musiclogic says:

Well done

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