The Cheapest Guitar On Amazon!

I bought the cheapest guitar I could find on Amazon! Lets see how it stacks up!

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Cal Sade says:

hmm I dont know I loved his guitar playing….5 things are my opinion with the video….First thing the musician and playing styles make nearly any instrument…2 restring the guitar to what you want….i use elixir polyweb 9-42, upgrade the nut and change the intonation screws in the back if they are up for it, string height from the board and toy with that a little, and maybe upgrade the pick ups to something that screams a litte better otherwise sounds just fine with me sounds great. I have been told forget about the guitar. Its ALL THE AMP!!!

TouringGnat says:

I got an acoustic guitar for £40 on Amazon

Frogmella Slob says:

You could play that distorted rock stuff on a guitar made out of an old fence post, it would sound the same. It’s ludicrous to criticize a $75 dollar guitar in any way.

Stephen Longfellow says:

Awesome video, man! Looooooove the ETID shirt! m/

Thomas Brown says:

5:45 I personally WOULD expect a lot for $75. The fact that that’s cheap for an electric guitar really puts me off getting one.

Markjohn Fabian says:

That tune part. He said close. Hahahaha.

Venus_Link says:

2:21 ya mean teen spirit 😀

Southsideman says:

= they sound the same as expensive guitars


Fluff, I’d get one but the 95 cents is a deal breaker.

Toasty says:

It’s NUT cut very well.

steven muller says:

thats fucking expensive…..

Ton says:

Sounded amazing in that amp tho

Rodfather72 says:

1/2 mile high action, and back of neck feels like a chopstick. Sounds perfect to smash at the end of a gig! Thanks man.

Carlos Ek says:

Now the cheapest guitar on eBay

Harley Young says:

I set fire to my esp ltd ex doing a video with my old group. Breathed fire of it and lit up the head stock. Oops. Glad that never made it to film

あゆみ says:


Joe Schmoe says:

Just goes to prove with good playing and enough DSP, a $75 guitar can easily hold its own. If you played that track for someone and didn’t tell them, no way they would guess.

vincent floritto says:

Can I have it? No seriously!

Ashley Morrison says:

Better than mine tbh

joseph barrera says:

Not the cheapest

Brandon Quinn says:

quote of the day: “but this is for science”

Chuck says:

Ok, this is a question open to whomever wishes to answer it. Before I ask the question, I know that there will be many diverse opinions, all of them all welcomed and greatly appreciated.

I am a complete beginner when it comes to guitars. I do have some experience when it comes to musical instruments (pianos and clarinets [don’t ask, it was an embarrassing era in my life]).
My question is, as a beginner, what guitars, amps, and kit would you, an experienced guitarist, recommend that I purchase? I would like to limit my budget to, ideally, $500 to $1000 (although that can be varied by a few dollars for the sake of a quality product). Also, which should I invest in more, a quality guitar or a quality amp? It is my understanding that both are equally important to producing the sound that I want. (For reference, I am an old metalhead, i.e. Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath/Ozzy, GNR, etc)

Once again, to whomever answers, thank you very much for your time and recommendations.

rmrib5 says:

It is beautiful

EisMann says:

I bought this…

Rajeev Rao says:

what song is this?

Toniest Two says:

The cheapest 8 string guitar on Amazon

Barry Mezey says:

I love my 1999 bc rich bronze series i paid 199$ for at guitar center or my squire strat from 1998 by Fender as my best cheapest guitars. I would never buy this junk.

Jimbo says:

5:50 Meeeaaaah

KING Mata says:


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