The $99 Telecaster! – Demo / Review

Let’s checkout the $99 Cozart Telecaster! You can find this guitar on Ebay, complete with a gig bag, strap, and cable. The guitar is totally stock for this review! Even the original strings!

Price has gone up a little since I did this review, but still a good deal! Ebay Link:

Amp used: Blackstar ID Core 10. Built in effects. Link Here:×5-watt-2×3-Stereo-Combo%2F173039559408

Rubric: -5 points for Danzig references. -5 points for not reading the description. -5 points for not watching far enough into the video to answer your own question. -5 points for misquoting me in your comment. 20 points possible. Everyone starts with an A!


Dana Everhart says:

It only took three days and 400.00 to make it playable! LOL and still will not stay in tune and fret buzz everywhere

John Smith says:

Better off spending 100 bucks more and getting a classic vib tele.

skidrow skider says:

love tele

John A says:

Telecaster for me

dixee6 says:

Aww gee thanks Max! Now you got me looking for cheap Tele’s lol

Greg Camden says:

i love teles they are so cool to me if i could afford one man id be so happy lol, but this makes my day,!!!

Mr Tom says:

Hey Max, a question for you.. just wondering if you ever took the controls and bridge out to see if the manufacturer put any sort of copper or aluminum shielding in the control and bridge cavity? Worth a shot looking in there.. it may reduced or eliminated the hum. Amazon has plenty copper shielding tape. – Tom

iodinesoul says:

Would be cool to put in a single size humbucker in the bridge that’s coil splitting of course.

Jonny Beck says:

That’s not hum, that’s buzz…
Are the base plate, knobs and control plate metal or plastic?
Thanx for the review and…

G says:

Got a like new Squier Affinity Telecasters in Competition Orange for $129 from Guitar Center.

Martin DEAN says:


jeremy brogdon says:

hell for that price you could afford to put a new good pick up on it and make it a perfect replica

Danny H says:

I want one of Those Guitars.

DJB says:

You have a very radio/TV friendly voice, authoritative, yet warm. And the way you set it up, organize the video is awesome. I appreciate it, because I am always looking for cheap GOOD guitars. Just a hobby. I am 50 and a long-time player and I tend to give them away eventually to kids at church or who I meet in the clinic that really want to play, but we’re in a low income area andf they can’t buy. When I was young we were dirt poor, but I had that desire, just couldn’t afford anything good.

Steve Myers says:

i have a strat and had a tele – 65 blond. I love the strat sound and feel but……….i really cannot play them because of the control knob right where I put my palm to mute strings/sounds – it just doesn’t work for me – i will have to move the pots/knobs lower to accomodat my own style of playing – NP on the gibsons or tele designs…….sad.

michael allen says:

I just bought one of these off Amazon. It was $104.
I too was impressed….but for the two screws missing to hold down the guard!!. LOL.
But it plays well; NO fret buzz, stays in tune (tuners are poor though) and more comfy when seated than my Epi L.P.s… and MOST IMPORTANTLY SOUNDS GREAT.

The neck is a modified “V” as expected. The fretboard was narrower than my Epi Les Paul.

Mine was made my HUNTINGTON and has a maple neck.

I really like it.

Fat Sugar Salt says:

sounded ok when u metal zoned her up BUT THAT GUITAR ISNT WORTH 30 BUCKS I own 5 teles Not a single tone resembled a telecaster! awful

ThatOrangeDerp says:

0:41 Pretty much ready to plug in and play. I mean, it’s not like you need an amp or anything.

Markos Manydogs says:

Hey Max! Yeah it’s me the everbothersome Manydogs again.Just a quick question about this here Telecaster copy. I’ve got me a Cozart 12 string,so I kinda know the company role but I was thinkin could one cancel out some if not all of that P.U. hum by waxing the P.Us? I dunno just a thought. As usual yo’all found like the best deal on another quite decent instrument! Thanks again bro for your valuable and interesting input into the human collective! BLESSINGS!!! Markos Manydogs

Gib Williamson says:

So Guitar Max—- Where would i buy one of these Teles in “Auckland New Zealand” ??????,,, Gib

chaz Gurrero says:

Telecacaster. That’s my next guitar.I bought a new heratige.

Quinten Verniers says:

Strats are the logic answer, but I like the look of tele’s waaaay more, never played one though. I never really loved the look of strats until I got one for free and held one for a longer period of time, They do look really nice!

Shaun Matthews says:

I’ve always preferred Teles, I love the shape and with a bit of distortion, there’s a certain nastiness that comes out!

I also have one I loaded with a mini ‘59 and another I routed for a JB at the bridge and a Floyd Rose like Mick Mars’ Dr.Feelgood era black Tele.

You can never have too many Teles, in my opinion!

Matt Peters says:

I’m a big fan of the sound, Telecasters really are great guitars… Too bad they are ugly and lame as fuck looking! I don’t know what kind of “style” you think you have owning one of these, it’s definitely one of the uglier guitars. Still super fucking kick ass though.

Michael De La Cruz says:

Mic Thompson used to like tele.

My Fingerboard says:

Very nice guitar with good price. Thanks for sharing this.


Basswood body?

Go buy squier bullet tele , 150dollar new

Ray Amukwaya says:

Lol this dude shows me that it isn’t about having an expensive guitar…Good amp maybe?Subscribed

Craven Greene says:

My profile pic says it all. ’97 “A” serial number CIJ ’72 Thinline re-ish… The Strat resides in a dusty case.

Gary Singleton says:

I like the Stratocaster body style because of the smoother edges. Sound-wise I prefer the Strat, too. I have one Lake Placid Blue Tele with a Maple Neck with a Maple Fingerboard. It cost me 150 dollars about 20 years ago.

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