Telecaster vs Stratocaster – Which Guitar Do You like More? Marty’s Thursday Gear

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Hey guys Marty Schwartz here with MartyMusic again! Hope you have been enjoying the daily freshly made content. I’m definitely enjoying myself here with my own platform that’s for sure! Anyway, the guitar shootouts have been so fun that I have now made the next obvious video: The Strat vs Tele. Really though? They are both great guitars so you can’t go wrong with either but I made my best effort to compare and contrast them for you. Remember every Thursday is a gear video at MartyMusic so let me know in the comments what you would like to see next?



Robot Fobot says:

Aha. My teacher has a strat, and I got a tele.

ahmet ayaz says:

What is the difference between rosewood tele and rosewood strat ??

HillbillyWerewolf says:

Tele all the way. Also, both guitars are available with either a maple or rosewood fretboard.

Apple Juice says:

Telecaster looks like A guitar built out by a homeless man made form scratch

Leo Messi says:

Dude. What’s the name of that amp, I like it.

Roddy Moore says:

Love them both, but strats were always available with maple necks… as far as I have read. Thanks for your videos.

m hr says:

What a great video! Thank you. I have both of these Fender guitars and a Gibson ES-339 and I can never decide which one I like the best. Perhaps the Telecaster wins. You pose a very tough question. Great comments also.

Bryan Escobedo says:

What is he playing at 1:15

Canaan West says:

i love you mahty schwuts

FBI says:

Just get a PRS

J em60 Mphy says:

Wish I could play like Marty

Knautschke says:

I am actually not playing guitar. But sorry, i don’t hear that much difference between this guitars, and pickups. Especially with distortion fx’s. Little bit of wodoo like it is on the synthesizer world (like the battle virtual vs hardware).

Collin says:

Man….its hard to beat that tele

Mr T says:

I just wish I knew how to play guitar………

Arian Caesar says:

Telecaster wins i think…

Marty Music says:

Thanks for watching! Also fyi, you get a free Multi-Hour long digital course based on your skill when you sign my newsletter at

gheddi says:

I love me some cheeseburgers

Metal Strummer 2004 says:

I like the out of phase position on a strat!!!

Henrik Korshavn says:

Hi Marty, First i want to thank you for your great videos. It is really rare to find people so dedicated to the music so they make free guitar lessons. Thumbs up for that.
I’m new at guitars so my queation might be realized before or might be a wild one or crazy one but here i go…
I read people talking about one mike on the strat is best and another mike on the tele is best so… why not put the good mike from the tele tele onto the strat? or is that not possible?

SuperCullen004 says:

What strat is that?

MattGames Matt says:

Marty reminds me of gta v, micheal’s son

Lemmy Klimister says:

Im only here cuz i want Telecaster but i already had Stratocaster

King of the Anals and the Fist Men says:

I _so_ want a Tele.

Mr. Glabalabadubeestu The Mexican Cyclops says:

It is worth mentioning that Telecasters are easier to work on in terms of upgrading specs

Ethan Van Der Meulen says:

Always the strat

Trevor Graham Welch says:

The neck on Tele’s are like a piece of timber , Stratocaster has all fine refinements and many tones very diverse. Tele’s Sound Tinny. ⭐️

Raoof H says:

Left hand or Right hand!

Robert Rose Jr. says:

Are both these guitars custom shop, American or mexi?

William Seling says:

Man that bridge on the Tele just does not sound stock at all…..I own the same guitar, just a made in USA Standard Tele…..could be his amp…..but I play through a 65 Princeton reverb reissue…..should be about the same….both small 10-15 watt amps….his is much brightr.

MrAlexjames94 says:

What’s the song at 2:13? Please somebody help. Its killing me

3star2nr says:

I prefer the tone of the Tele, and the simplicity of it. I disagree with u on the tone

its very versatile tone wise. A Tele can sound like a strat, Tele or les Paul… It easily cuts through the mix.

If u had to only buy one guitar a Tele would be a fantastic choice.

Strats however have a very very specific tone. No matter what style of music people can tell its a strat.

A Tele can fool u…

It’s not a pretty guitar but as a pure weapon of mass tonestruction u can’t beat it.

Its a badass guitar

Bray014 says:

I’m a tele man all the way. Just The signature sound of each pickup and especially when you combine them is so amazing. The simplicity of the design and the versatility of the tele is amazing. It fits in every genre and is extremely recognizable. I play a lot of blues rock so the tele is my axe of choice. But that’s not to say that the strat isnt an amazing instrument. They both are such amazing and iconic instruments. Good video man

Alex Murphy says:

Stratocaster every day all day.

Joseph Zaferis says:

Option A: Buy Strat
Option B: Buy Tele
Option C: Buy Strat & Tele and lose life partner


Marty is this one of your trick questions? Obviously YOU MUST HAVE BOTH OR YOUR LIFE IS MEANINGLESS.

wasi gupito budiarto says:

most vocalists choose telecaster
most lead guitarists choose strat

shredx81 says:

Tele, Strat & LP have the most distinct characters of all the guitars available today imo. Interestingly too is that all were designed from first principles with a specific aim in their creation. I think that’s defined their sound almost. They were built organically & with purpose.
There are a lot of great guitars out there, but I rarely find one outside this holy trinity that has it’s own unique & distinctive sound/character.
There are some incredibly well made guitars out there made of contemporary materials & construction methods but they often don’t bring anything new to the table tonally or are particularly dynamic.
You can really thrash & play these 3 classic guitars.

Normand Bibeau says:

I find the telecaster much better looking and so much cooler sounding… just my two cents… 😉

Chris Piatt says:

I got so frustrated trying to make up my mind between the two, that I just resorted to killing transients.

dan rayman says:

I have a custom Tele with a five way switch and a few other options it’s definitely my go to guitar

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