Taylor T5z Guitar Range Review – Time to challenge those preconceptions!

So when Taylor made the original T5 it was a hybrid guitar designed for the acoustic player that wanted a little bit of electric thrown in. The T5z flips that on its head, and Taylor have now created a hybrid guitar designed for electric players that want a bit of acoustic.

We can’t praise these guitars highly enough – you should really go check them out here – http://blog.andertons.co.uk/miscellaneous/taylor-t5z-hybrid-electric-acoustic-guitar-announced

Other gear used in this video is a Marshall JVM205C combo, with a TC Spark Boost pedal (Robs set up), & a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Combo & a Blackstar LT Drive Pedal (Lee’s set up). We also used a Decibel 11 ABY Split Personality pedal so that Rob can use the AER Compact 60 Acoustic Amp too.

So what do you think?? Is this something you’d like to add to your guitar collection??


Chappers & the Captain

PS – I know you’re going to ask about the Orange T Type guitar hanging up behind me – its a guitar that one of the guitar techs at Andertons made – its very cool, but not for sale!


duy anh do lang says:

what is jumbo fret?

Noah Bullard says:

Had no idea Rob is a Coheed and Cambria fan.

Edward Velazco says:

I heard that Coheed and Cambria, Chappers. You can’t hide it from me!

Gaurav Madhav says:

Is that an inflatable doll @ 9:06

Lecker Pfannkuchen says:

I love these taylors!!! even the Crafter sa models are great … just try it out! even with overdrive ultra snappy and fat if you dial the bass in … ultra flexible too, check out miyavi!!

Candycanedp99 says:

Thumbs up if you like the idea, but I think you guys should do a rig setup and the theme is if the rig was your only rig you could use for the rest of your life, what would you chose? Like 1 guitar, 1 amp, 1 pedal etc.

Aiden James says:

thank you for doing a T5Z review with distortion.

Bach for Electric Guitar says:

Damn, I kinda want that feedback in my life.

Lucas Amoriim says:

16:07 ohhh that’s lovely.

Mega MountainMan says:

Stacked humbucker? Does that cut down on the noise of the hollow body for higher gain?

joseph overmyer says:

Please no more Rob

Justin Morse says:

Getting mine on Monday!!! Cant wait! Great review guys, this is such a great guitar!

FutureXXD says:

the blue ones is so pretty buttttttt i just bought a new guitar lol!!

Elias Mathus says:

You guys should totally review strandbergs

No Way says:

I would love to see this guitar split to an electric and acoustic amp, and the person playing listening to the electric through headphones. I’d love to hear the “shredding” played through the acoustic side of the guitar with the person playing hearing electric. Would just be interesting.

Worlds Most Mediocre Guitarist says:

My friend has got one of these. Beautiful guitar. Natural finish. Got it from his grandfather who has a studio with lots of guitars.

MB215 says:


ipcmlr says:

time for a Taylor T3 review?

Sea Food says:

man that guy has the groove

Lingerffxi says:

One of your better demos. I played one of them and they play great.

Andy Todd says:

Please do demos on standard tuning. Eb give us the wrong impression.

Stephen Adams says:

I always said that the British built the amps and the US made the guitars put that together and you get rock n roll.

David Cox says:

This guitar looks so good in black

JustJack 79 says:

My favorite part…install an EMG and cover it in stickers! LOL

Ethan Fletcher says:


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