Squier Standard Stratocaster Gold Series Electric Guitar Review

This is a Squier Standard Stratocaster Gold Series Electric Guitar. The Squier Standard Strat is a really great instrument considering the price. It really makes me wonder why people buy strat copies when these are around.

Check it out online at http://www.skymusic.com.au or at the link below if you live outside of Australia.

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origami hearts says:

you should demo the collectable squier SQ strats.. I got a black one with the maple fretboard.. they’re equal to (if not better than) american strats

Duke Nukem says:

That sounds cheap on the video.

saddlebag says:

Kinda silly to spend a lot of money on guitars these days. I know I feel foolish! That one looks and sounds dandy.

Robert Thomas says:

no mention of the more modern 2pin style bridge with saddles, I might be wrong but I don’t think you get that kind of upgrade on a Mexican.

HUTCHfromBA says:

It’s never the wand, it’s the magician. Blues On….

Ryo Watanabe says:

shane man! oh how i love you keep being objective on things you review man! i mean from your reviews i learn that cheap doesn’t mean it’s bad. I just bought a nux overdrive based on your review and boy oh boy.., i’m really surprised with what i get for the price!! Thx a ton man! keep doing your great job!! cheers from indonesia!

Jesse Boucher says:

Great guitar for the money. I am selling mine but I love the neck finish on the Squier Standard great look and great sound for not much moolah.

Juan Garcia says:

Nice classic strat tone. Like the color.

Garrett Rodgers says:

I often see these second hand for a really low price. It’s probably one of the things I’d recommend for a total beginner.

solar clapson says:

The “Classic Vibe” series has the gold logo as well. I own the Jazz Bass, and 50s Tele. Both great instruments, regardless of price. I have been playing Fenders since ’82, and own MIAs, MIJs and MIMs, so I know the difference.

Snooze00 says:

I still havent gotten a us made. ive got squire gold a classic vibe and a mexican. I guess i should complete the collection with a US made one but damn money if you know what i mean.

Peter Schmidt says:

They’re a good price for what they are. Some of those strat clones do have interesting pickups in them. First guitar I owned was a Ranger strat copy (still have it in various states). Because I didn’t know any better at the time, I thought I needed to upgrade the pickups. After doing so I realised the ones that were in there were more my style (they were a thicker wider pickup a bit like a tele) and I much preferred them over a vintage set. They also had an interesting construction having a metal base plate and shielding around the coil – you don’t even get that on an Fender. So cheap is not necessarily bad.

jamesmarkjackson1979 says:

Are these a discontinued model? Bridge looks different to the current Squire standard the saddles are solid rather than pressed steel.

Havefunplayguitar says:

That would have been a nice first guitar. I remember my first guitar, it was a HiLo. Kinda wish I still had it. I hate to admit it. I really like cheap guitars. I can afford them.

J-Rod26 says:

Classic Vibe 60’s strat or Standard Series?

luckyno888 says:

Why no lefty “In the Blues” logo?

mark dakel says:

Looks great, classic Strat tone, very good option if you want a new guitar and it won’t break the bank

terrybear says:

I had 1 of the early one in a like cherryburst kinda color … kinda regret that I traded it away now knowing what I do about modding/upgrading. I also must say that its also 1 of the necks I think about going after to replace the 1 on my mim strat body I got now.

Nick B says:

How much more Strat could you possible want? That thing just does it all. People are just spoiled these days. BTW love LITTLE WING 4:38 – nice job, mate!

pete hixson says:

Gold lettering for Squier doesn’t actually mean anything, I have a couple of the cheaper affinity series and they both have gold lettering whereas my Vintage Modified Tele has black lettering even though it’s the better quality guitar

dsfadsfgafgf says:

It sounds great.

Phil Dale says:

I’ve been playing one of these for the past 2 years and would not get rid off it, its amazing. Great review Shane..

Jimmy Cederborg says:

Awesome man, I totally dig all your videos, might be a silly question but How could I get one of those In the Blues t-shirts?

Kevin Wilkins says:

I just got a used one shipped to my door for $85. I made a bone nut for it, changed the pickguard, and put grover locking tuners on it for a grand total of $170. I also rewired it with pots etc I had laying around. It sounds and plays great. The pups apparently were changed, but I have no I idea what they are.

Chris Carreno says:

Nice Shane!!
Great content. Great playing!!
Sounds good. That tremolo works great once you get everything lubricated. The radius is great too.
I have an older one in trans red with no poly finish. It’s got a red headstock too. I changed the string trees and put locking tuners cause one of the originals fell apart. Cheap upgrades. I set it up like the Italian guy ,Fedua, on YouTube. Played many songs on it . I really like the neck. Super versatile. It was such a deal.
Praise the Lord!!! 130$.

Adrian Coker says:

I had the earlier version of this guitar with the V-style trem. I played a lot of shows with it. I should have kept it! Remarkably good guitar for $250 US.

I loved the nod to my #NoLa homeboy Leo Nocentelli with that Cissy Strut riff!!

jeckson correia says:

Muito bom

Nick B says:

Could that neck be a soft V?

caleshtcincredibles says:

this a great looking and sounding guitar , proper set up and slap some locking tuners on it ,you are gig ready! these Squires take mod upgrades very well ……I would not hesitate at buying this guitar …..thanks Shane

Havefunplayguitar says:

My most expensive instrument is a MIM Fender Mustang Bass.

Patrick Fitzgerald says:

At the current on-sale price of $205 here in the US, it’s an undeniably good value, but used Mexican standards in excellent condition are readily available for around $350, and have better overall quality in my experience.

Ray Ross says:

I got one new for a real good price & it has a great neck for my hands and it plays & sounds terrific.
Thanks Shane for all your great vids.

Kevys Rc & Music says:

sick axe man

Andy says:

I’ve got a black logo series from ‘96, my first ever electric. Can’t bring myself to get rid of it even though I now own an Elite Strat. They’re claimed to be basically Mexican and American body and neck with cheap electronics shoved into them. You mention that the Gold series is better, how do you reckon?

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