Squier Bullet Strat HSS demo/review – Beginner electric Guitar

This is my review of the beginner/entry level Squier Bullet Strat HSS with tremolo.

This would be a pretty good choice for someone that wants to learn guitar, but doesn’t want to spend too much.

All tones are achieved by playing directly into my Vox AC15.

Correction: in the video I mention the Bullet Strat is a level up from the affinity series, when it appears to actually be a price point lower.



Seba Zabala says:

your words and playing say:happiness
but your face says: i’m dead inside

into the paranoid says:

FWIW, I am sure the Bullet is the lowest model, then the Affinity a slight step up. Did you buy it at Best Buy? From them all guitars have fret ends sticking out, usually remedied with a few days in a proper humidified room. I just picked up a Bullet tele from them and already the fret ends are better. Wait for sales at best buy, this tele was $117!

Agufish says:

Definitely an OK guitar in stock form, but yours is holding a lot better tune than mine ever did! Good video dude.

TheRicksay says:

Is it okay to change the strings? I’m left handed.

Noé Avila99 says:

is it good for playing metal?

rose in the vase says:

great review! I play drums but I always wanted to learn guitar so I bought this guitar a year ago and I really like it! I think I’m learning fast and I really want to upgrade to something more expensive next summer, for example I’m thinking about the Fender Jazzmaster Classic Player which is like 900 Euros here in Europe. So what is your advice? I really can’t decide if it’s worth to spend sooo much money for a second electric guitar.


can i get that and use it as an everyday guitar ? im still a begginer though

Ken Hinzman says:

Squire’s typically had sharp frets, if memory serves.

stepvan Joe says:

whats the difference between them in your opinion?

Ken Hall says:

actually squier lines in order goes like this:
SE, bullet, affinity, standard, deluxe, vintage modified then classic vibe

ruby kaufman says:

I have the Sea Foam Green, frets are surprisingly smooth to the touch and it stays in tune, plays well too. They must have been having a good day when mine was made. Not at all sorry i bought it and the funny thing is i bought it to practice setup and fret filing on and it didn’t really need it, played well right out of the box go figure, i was expecting a nightmare at that price point. Amazing for $149.99 from Musicians Friend, with some mods it could be really decent of course it did need better strings.

Chris Pielacha says:

affinity is better than bullet.bullet is entry level . after affinity is deluxe then classic vibe. Just saying. bullet is at the bottom of the squier totem pole lol

Chris Henderson says:

bullet, then affinity.

Chris Horton says:

Made in Indonesia means it was made at the Cort factory. Should be a decent instrument.

DainixHD says:

Bullet is the cheapest and then is affinity series. I haved bullet strat, now i have affinity and affinity is way better 🙂

chaitanya joshi says:

what a shitty review

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