– Cruiser by Crafter 1/2, 3/4 sized electric guitar review.

An in depth review of a smaller guitar made by Cruiser by Crafter suitable for children or adults wanting an inexpensive and portable instrument with which to start learning. The guitar is often described as a half sized instrument but is technically three-quarter sized. Watch the video to learn why. The opening is recorded using Garage Band by plugging the guitar into an Ipad 4 using an apogee jam 96k audio interface. Please like and subscribe and have a fantastic day.


Coppulor says:

extremely enlightening and helpful. Thank you!

Lujain's in the emo phandom XD says:

So I’m 150 cm tall which size do I get XD ??

Dam Downunder says:

Hi Pete, I am struggling with my son’s 1/2 size intonation, it s far too sharp under 5th fret. Would a ticker gauge (11-50?) (currently 9-42) improves the situation ? Thank you

shuckarelli says:

great video it helped me a lot with building my guitars! i build cigar box guitars and some of the boxes i use are on the small size and 25 1/2 scales sometimes didnt look correct or quite fit and i bought one of these and the scale was throwing me off as far as tuning and fret spacing  mine is a 22 1/2 scale ,now i have a better understanding on some new designs i plan on using so thanks for the video Pete!!

Arnis Blūmentāls says:

Can you play metal on it ?

biblical giants says:

I like these guitars because they’re just small. It’s cool. But what string gauge do you recommend for these? I would normally use 9s on my regular size guitar. From what I hear 11s are good for these though right?? Awesome video! Good upload!

Donna says:

You look to be about 10″8″ tall with that guitar. Sitting down!

495whitehuls says:

Can you plug a USB cable into it to connect to the computer? Cx

Caio de Oliveira says:

kkkkkkk good guitar man ashshahshs.

Zam Zamri says:

where’s can i buy it please tell me

Philippe Durel says:

7 years ago I built a 22.5″ scale electric Strat for my son (who was 8 at that time).
Although he was always tall for his age, I think that 22.5″ scale is just perfect for a child between 7->8 and 11->12 years old.
Here’s a photo of him with that guitar I built (and which still sounds and plays like a “dream”, although he doesn’t play it anymore … he’s 15 years old and 6ft 1 now) :

alex tworkowski says:

Do you have any idea why it goes out of tune so easily?

Ross Papas says:

that’s a very informative video. Where could I buy a guitar like this for my son? We live in the UK. Thanks

Hybridthan says:

You suck, my guitar cant do this XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD because YOlo OMFG

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