PRS Custom 24 30th Anniversary Edition Electric Guitar Review

PRS Custom 24 30th Anniversary Edition Electric Guitar Review

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I’m liking it man fucking A

Cheddar Kung Pao says:

Nice guitar. The Custom 24 is a classic guitar design at this point, I think. You should ask Sky Music to order a left handed McCarty 594 so you can check one out. I think you’d really like it. The neck is even a little chunkier still and the pickups are a bit lower output.

Al says:

Buy an SE put some Seymour Duncan’s in it, upgrade the electronics and you have an awesome looking and sounding guitar. You DON’T have to spend 3k and wonder was it really worth it.

Sander says:

Hahaha, what are the odds! I picked one of those up just two hours ago in Yellow. Of course mine is build the right way and not in reverse 😉 It’s a nice companion to my Custom 22 with the Dragon II pickups. The 85/15’s have a more open sound. Just watch out with PRS guitars, they seem to quickly multiply, I went from 0 to 2 in just as many weeks… Blame it on Christmas! ‘Tis the season for GAS!

Les Loranzan says:

Great sounding guitar.

intheblues says:

So this guitar was borrowed long before I had a chance to test the PRS SE (or before they were available in Australia). This video went up a day early by accident but either way I hope you like it. The guitar was in tune but it had a few intonation issues from what I could tell. I let the store know so they can fix it up. I hope you like the video. 🙂

Tone Driver SS says:

Absolutely stunning guitar … in every way !

John Osborne says:

Kinda want a 5 way switch like that in my SE

hawg427 says:

I got one of these when they came out but I got the 10-Top. Great playing guitar 🙂

ArielsSmartyPants says:

I’m with you, too much bling and really not for me. No hate but I’ve always felt there’s too much guitar behind the bridge and uncomfortable whenever I’ve tried them and I’ve never liked the birds.

Berta Griese says:

Middle position with 2 hummers makes no sense whatsoever – could have been a nice Strat sound instead –> chance missed, PRS

DrumWild says:

My PRS is just like this, except from the year before and it’s an “Artist Package,” so it’s even more blinged-out, with the maple fret board and other things. These guitars are expensive. Mine is still listed in Wild West Guitars for some reason.

It is said that these guitars do not hold up in value, so buying one is not an investment. However, the day that I bought mine, I discretely got phone numbers from three different people who asked me to call them first if I ever decide to sell it. One of those was the guitar store manager.

Fred Nielsen says:

Awesome guitar.

Simon Dixon says:

Ooh that’s a lovely guitar Shane! Since playing the Zakk Myers for a couple of weeks, I definitely want a US model again one day. Never should have sold those two McCarty’s! Doh!

Kristen Schroeder says:

I love this guitar but it’s in that category of being too beautiful and too expensive. I’d worry about putting a nick in it or something. My guitars get banged around so I need rugged good looks. 😀

Juan Garcia says:

Beautiful guitar. Great tone. Humbucker on SE much warmer compared to this one.

Guitar ocd says:

For $8,000 the case better not squeak

sadiejones33 says:

Amazing guitar – but I just can’t see spending that much. My Zach Myers SE is amazing and it was well under $1000 (USA)

Nick B says:

Gorgeous, tasty and immaculate. But enough about your playing 😀 that guitar ain’t’ bad either. LOVE that headstock and neck binding. The single coil tones are great, and the humbuckers are lovely and warm.
I think it’s time I booked a holiday to Australia. For the scenery and relaxing time I’ll have, naturally (oh and to visit Sky Music 😉 ) My wife will love it!

Jonathan Anthony says:

I’ve always regarded PRS guitars as a kind of “hybrid”. Les Paul, Strat, and Tele tones are all there. Not a 100% match, but dang close! I think that’s maybe why so many people don’t bond with them at first. They are more of a Jack of all trades, master of none kind of thing. I love mine to death and would be completely happy with it if I had to only play 1 guitar for the rest of my life.

Nick B says:

If anyone is look for Sky Music, the URL is (forgot the .au, there Shane 🙂 )

tullnfloyd says:

Sweet guitar Shane! Sounds great and everything but totally out of my price range!! But one could wish…

Guitar ocd says:

Does anybody think Paul Reed Smith will do a relic

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