PRS 509 Electric Guitar | Review

Nick Jennison takes a look at one of the most versatile guitars in the PRS lineup, the 509. Harnessing the power of 5 pickups to deliver 9 uniquely musical tones, the 509 uses its innovative switching system to give players an array of humbucking, single-coil, and blended tones.

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Bradley Stroup says:

Nice licks as always Nick

Paul Sweeney says:

My Epi LP has far, far more tonal possibilities.
Two SD triple-shots surrounding P-rail pups, phase reversal, parrallel/series switching and a rotary switch to get the best out of the P-rails.
That only cost me £250 all done.
You do the maths. 4x4x2x2x6 = 394?
Or you could spend thousands to get nine tones.

Mihai Florea says:

“Take Paul’s word for it”
Bullshit! Don’t believe things without good reason, that’s how the endless myths in the guitar world keep spreading.

Justin Orprecio says:

came here to see Nick Jennison’s playing, not disappointed LOL

impressive instrument too

BAMozzy says:

It really is a versatile guitar and I do like mine. I don’t play it as much as my 594 or Custom 24 but its more versatile than both of those…

Jim Manariotis says:


Robert Ruiz says:

Hahahahah i enjoy changing strings, its a therapeutic process to me.

darkestfugue says:

nice guitar, great playing, i love versatile machines like this but id probably save a fortune and buy an ibanez az, certainly not as pretty but just as good

HeavyDutyTraining says:


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