PRS 30th Anniversary Custom 24 electric guitar review demo

Reviewed in Guitarist issue 391
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Tom Perry says:

I bought the s2 model of this guitar a couple of days ago and I couldn’t be happier.

soulrebelno1 says:

The neck and headstock are purfled not bound. Purfling is a narrow decorative inlaid edge first used on violins. It’s mainly used on acoustic instruments, the main examples being around the sound hole or on the edge of the body. Binding is a narrow outer strip of material usually found on the edge of a neck or on the body of an instrument.

Luca Tonoli says:

which colour is this? honey or faded vintage yellow?

sid snot says:

A last good demos of good guitars

daipaulig says:

It looks and sounds absolutely beautiful!

simon french says:

Great playing Mr Taylor

Lee Maiden says:

I will be ordering this tomorrow. It has everything I need from an electric guitar.
I look forward to having it in my hands.
My other electric guitars will be mad at me haha, as I know they won’t get picked up much anymore.

Daniel López says:

I care a shit about the guitar. I buy your playing!

Alex Vennos says:

What genre is that demo that he played? It is subtle but I love it!

staplek says:

Sold all my prs guitars in the late 90s. Though I don’t consider myself drawn to their aesthetic, they have so many design features I want in a guitar. I wish they toned down the flamboyance a bit, specifically the bird inlays and super heavy flame tops

bumdunker1 says:

Just ordered my 30th anniversary special in jade!

deafenition1 says:

never been a huge fan but this guitar and video have got me rethinking …

blcouch says:

Beautiful guitar and great song. Sounds like something that I’d like on my IPhone.

Fathom Original says:

where do you find such a solo!!

Stan Dominguez says:

Very nice tones!

Byron Branch says:

anyone know what that lick is that he plays?

guamskyy says:

Very tasteful playing and great review! Can’t wait to receive my faded whale blue 30th CU24!

Alex C says:

That sounds stunning. I bet that very expensive amp has something to do with that though

bakachaka says:

sweet sounding guitar and amp,those tones are so rich and full it forces you to remember why you love the guitar in the 1st place.I’m looking at prs se custom 24 30th anniversary it’s the 1st se issued with a quilted maple top and the 30th birds…I’ve been at this for a week straight going back and forth between the se and the s2 and decided on the se in either vintage sunburst or chestnut.the reasoning is I can’t afford $4,000. I can afford 800 or even 1500 but the facts are the se is a more versatile guitar with better features. The colors on the s2 are boring and limited for one but the tremolo and p/u’s are virtually the exact same.the s2 is made in America with Korean parts.but has locking tuners. the se is made in korea with korean parts with no locking tuners. 700 cheaper.

Munchie says:


simon french says:

Tasty jam homie!

Nando Hernandez says:

which is the price of this guitar?

A.R. Photography says:

tune that guitar

Vincent Walcek says:

First minute of this guy talking is a waste of time.

David Leong says:

That amp sounds HEAVENLY!!!!

YakMan NC says:

Is this model made is USA or Korea?

Jordan Mauriello says:

Fantastic playing, amazing tone. Great vid guys, truly enjoyed it.

PiggySmallz24 says:

Really tasteful playing!

Rune André says:

Best review i’ve seen so far of this guitar.
I really like how it sounds, and the track is really nice 🙂

Charlie Herrera says:

This almost made me cry

Marco Stefanini says:

Went to GuitarCenter in NYC, tried this guitar. Amazing. The day after I had to go there again and the day after again and again….couldn’t stop playing that guitar, best instruments I have ever put my hands on.

Orfeo says:

Ídolo! Quiero una!! 🙂

CupOfSalt says:

But what kind of amp

Rogue Jellybean says:

What genre of music is that he is playing at the end?

Steve Reynolds says:

that tone!!

simon french says:

Tasty jam homie

Stern Groves says:

Beautiful guitar! So expensive though 🙁

Andrew Elias says:

I love your lead style. It has such a feel good vibe. Like late 80’s Japanese overworld theme music.

Alex C says:

I need one

Rick Salt says:

ahhhhh , so feel good
nice playing .

Naved Alam says:

Best guitar reviews on YouTube. And my my, what lovely tones, what tasty fret work.

Terry Stacy says:

Quality review. I want one….

David Luther says:

Could you be so kind as to tell me what was in your signal chain? The tone on the lead work was absolutely the best I’ve ever heard! Please list all effects, if any, that you used on the recording. Thanks.

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