Monoprice California Classic Electric Guitar Review

An overview and review of the Monoprice California Classic B-Stock Electric Guitar. This is product number 620102. This is a double-cutaway guitar with a tremelo. It is made of basswood with a maple bolt-on neck. It is a full-size guitar that measures 648mm and it 7.2lbs. See the monoprice website for more information about this guitar. This is an independent review of the guitar and I have no affilitaiton whatsoever with Monoprice or any similiar company. This is simply an opinion and nothing more.


Theee Chosen One says:

This guitar or the more expensive Route 66 model for begnners with the Rocksmith playstation software? What are the differences in these two models other than the $30 more for the R66 on sale this week? The Claifornia has a bit higher user review rating than the other guitar, but both seem to be very highly rated?….

White Obama says:

I just bought this guitar for my new band was it a good buy considering I’m 14

Chris Hawkins says:

Ii own four two les paul style one strat and one tele and will be buying the gold top les paul and that red strat before price the goes up.

John Brady says:

What size frets are on it, what radius is the fretboard and width of the nut. I really would like to pick one of these up. Nice review.

Hayden DiSisto says:

I’ve had one since Christmas 2015 and I love it, sounds great, with the monoprice mini amp. I’m new to guitar and It’s super easy to play with… Not sure if there is a difference to how different guitars play 😀

Ashim Shrestha says:

How is this guitar running?

Chris Hawkins says:

mine compare to any strat or tele i have wist i knew about monoprice be i shelded out he big bucks on a name

Bradford H Turnow says:

Hi Randy. Great to hear and I could not agree more. I still love playing mine. Keep enjoying it! All the best.

Pratiik Mehta says:

is this not an Ibanez Guitar?

cycopl says:

I’ve played for about 20 years but I’m considering picking up a monoprice guitar. Just to see. The price is negligible and even if it’s horrible I’m only out a bill. All that aside, it’s awesome that monoprice got into the pro audio industry. Industry is full of deceptive prices and promises, and monoprice has always delivered relatively superior product for a very competitive price.

Bradford H Turnow says:

Hi Jerry. Great to hear your review. Thanks for posting it. I agree on the frets. Smooth and no burrs at all. I am still loving mine and it plays great. I agree too how well is stays in tune. It is a fun guitar to play and easy to play. Once I get rid of a few more guitars, I am going to try the Gibson style Monoprice guitar. Thanks again and keep us posted. All the best. Brad

Angel Martinez says:


Jacob Brown says:

gotta say I just bought a monoprice route 66 les Paul style and I only spent 91.93 on it’s crazy I’m dying waiting for it to come in monday

Bradford H Turnow says:

Hello and thanks for the comment. The only thing I did was change the strings to .09 through .46. but that is just personal playing preference. Other than that, it is completely stock. I still stays in tune and plays well. At this price point, I did not want to go crazy with upgrades. Before you know it, you have spent so much you should have just bought a more expensive guitar. I could see changing the pickups if you wanted something hotter, but honestly it sounds good as is. I play through a Line 6 Spider IV 75 and mic it and it sounds good to me and fits my needs. I admit this was bought on a whim and was pleasantly surprised. I was not expecting much at this price point but very happy. Owning many guitars over the decades, I have spent hundreds and even thousands just to be disappointed. I am not sure how someone can go wrong with this guitar. I have played many other guitars at the $100-$150 price point and this by far is my favorite. I feel it is the best built.

Bradford H Turnow says:

Hi Theee Chosen One. I have seen the prices vary on both of these guitars and both have gone on sale at different times. As for the reason for the price difference, I don’t know. I can only guess costs of certain materials are more expensive on the Route 66. Also, the neck is different and maybe that plays a factor as well. If I find out more, I will post the information. All the best and be well. Rock on!

Oj Watts says:

Hmmm. Don’t really know what to think of it. For the price it is a good buy. but it does sound cheap if im honest. There ain’t no balls in the pickups but saying that I’m not a fan of the Line 6 amp range either. sorry to me negative.

jorge242 says:

My son got this for $85 delivered next day from Monoprice. It needed to be setup and the jack came loose already but overall he is very happy with the guitar.

JustEvan says:

I personally think it’s a highly underrated guitar. Much better than a squirt bullet strat. This guitar was my first! Still play it.

cameraz99 says:

Why don’t you show the damn headstock?

Bradford H Turnow says:

Hi Jacob. Great news. Please post a review after you get it and share your thoughts! I would love to hear them. Be well.

Abdel Zapata says:

Did you set it up after you received it? I have a fret buzz on the E string but you cant hear it through the amp

Bradford H Turnow says:

Wow. Monoprice just announced a deal on these! I have never seen these this cheap. $59.99 with free shipping!!!! An amazing deal. Not sure how long this will last!!!

George Owen says:

Great review. Is this a full 1-3/4″ thick body? or is not one of the thinner ones commonly used on the cheaper copies? Thanks

Randy Greene says:

I bought this guitar for rocksmith. My first and only electric (I’ve been playing an acoustic for 2 years). I’m super happy with it, I haven’t had anyone able to convince me of reasons to buy a more expensive guitar. 2nd and 4th position for pickups gets rid of weird feedback noise that I seem to get on 1,2,3.. On this review you used a lot of “not bad” and “pretty good.. For the price” – not even considering the price, I really feel this is a good guitar! It’s all I’ve played on electric, but damn you’re getting more than you pay for.

bill blogs says:

why am I watching this?

Theee Chosen One says:

Bradford, Have you made any alterations to improve its performance? Can you recommend any? Thanks!

Andy Thomas says:

i think this is a great guitar. something about these monoprice guitars has a really good sound. i’ve got both the california classic, and the retrovision, and am very pleased with the tone of both. i even like the tremelo on the ‘cc’. they definitely don’t have wizard necks, but they both have some good resonance. my cc was $75.. tough to get a better guitar for that price. i wish monoprice would make a fender-jaguar-type next.

Bentonmaru says:

Awesome look into the monoprice california classic! I enjoyed to review and picked up a monoprice retro vision guitar. I’m happy I picked it up.

My Next Guitar says:

Very cool. Jamming this on my new guitar. What do you think? My Next Guitar

UnoDelDIM says:

These are not twangy at all.  not compared to Fender standard or even Squire strats.  but they are quiet and that’s good for distortion.   It reminds me a lot of the cheap Ibanez line… I think it was Gio.  The Ibanez Gio Strats sounded exactly like these and they used to sell for around $120.  donno if they still make em.  I just got an email today from monoprice and these are going for 99 bucks new.  lol.  its a great beginner guitar because it is very playable and with a little crunch it can achieve acceptable tone quality. but those pickups do not deliver “quack” or “twang” or whatever it is that describes the tone strat shoppers are usually looking for.  just saying.

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