Mitchell MD400 Guitar Unboxing/Demo (with Original Song) – Artificial Fear

HOLY BALLS! I WON A BRAND NEW GUITAR! I would like to give a huge thank you to Mitchell Guitars for sending me this beast of a guitar to try out. In this video, I’m unboxing the Mitchell MD400 guitar, giving you my first impressions of it, then playing a demo for you. This is the best guitar I’ve ever played! You guys have to try this thing out!
Mitchell Guitars:
Timber Tone Luxury Guitar Picks:

Picks: Timber Tone Plectrums
Headphones: Razer Kraken and Razer Black Shark
Guitars: B.C. Rich Warlock (Bronze Series), Ibanez RGD320, Ibanez RG7321
Acoustic Guitar: Walden Acoustic/Electric, Ibanez Acoustic
Bass Guitar: Ibanez Soundgear
Drums: 1. Toontrack Superior Drummer, Cinesamples Drums of War
Microphone: Audio Technica AT2020
Guitar Software: Guitar Rig 4, EZMix 2
Guitar Hardware: Digitech RP355
Audio Software: Logic Pro 9
Video Software: Final Cut Pro X
Video Camera: Samsung Galaxy s7


TKF Productions says:

dude that guitar looks and sounds beastly. I have to say i loved the cheesy zelda treasure box opening song with it, suits you and the guitar well

Wolf Marshall says:

All of this was filmed with the Samsung Galaxy s7?

Jordan Rivas says:

Check out my unboxing on this same guitar but in Natural finish in my channel!!

Don Warrior says:

agreed..great axe! worth the cash for sure

Joseph Lentz says:

So its only good for making noise on?

Sub My Nub Mikey's-Tube says:


Evgeny Crow says:

Nice, nice, nice. Awaiting new masterpieces : )

Johnny Anderson says:


ToxicxEternity says:

Looks / sounds sick dude!! Congrats

Sovereign Sentience says:

that is a sexy looking and sounding guitar . her body shape and carve are very similar to my fixed bridge Horizon.

excellent original work and tones . I hope they let you keep her , she is pulling at my heart strings 🙂 .

Keevanski says:

What a beautiful guitar! And that original song is stunning. Keep up the good work!

Tyrone Stien JacksonBerg says:

Whoever can play the fastest , without any soul or feel wins!!!

bluwng says:

Holy cow! Super guitar and nice jam.

jody briggs says:

Looks and sounds awesome.

Joe Sawle says:

Holy shit! get that song uploaded so I can buy it!

Zachary Blatt says:

whats the difference between the ms and the md

Thorin Bullen says:

Damn that green is amazing.

Lizgony says:

beautiful guitar man, that sound is SICK

littleredguitars2 says:

congrats dude!

Virtus says:

It speaks!

Luke Sparkman says:

OH SHIT!!!! Where can I get a copy of this original song!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I am at my desk listening for the first time and seriously want just start a moshpit with my computer, screens, desk, and all these papers!!!!! IT’S ON!!!!

metalfreekz13 says:

Those pickups are super nice for stock pickups

Dach m/ Metal Smash Montages says:

Sounds amazing! Can’t wait for more tracks on that baby!!

Luke Sparkman says:

I want to get on the Eidolon Express!!!!!!

Filipe Ferreira Lazarevic - LightningBW says:

Oh Christ that sounded beautiful! Looks amazing too! Can’t wait to hear so more!

Flachkraecker says:

WoW what a Sound impressive Guitar

Kaptain Kid says:

I have 25 or so guitars. So why did I buy a Mitchell? . . . Hell, I’d never even heard of Mitchell, and made in China, no way Jose! . . . . But surprise, suprese, I bought a Mitchell MD400 at Guitar Center, on impulse, after playing it for about a half hour, plugged in to a great Fender amp. The quality of workmanship, fit and finish of the Mitchell matches or exceeds $4,000+ top name Custom Shop guitars. The tone is great. It is light weight and the neck is superbly fast. Can’t say enough good things about it. Get one; you won’t regret it.

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