Maton BB 1200 JH Josh Homme Signature Electric Guitar Review

This is my review of the Maton BB 1200 JH Josh Homme Signature Electric Guitar. Maton guitars are made in Australia and this might be the best of their electric guitars that I’ve personally tried up until now.

Thanks to Sky Music for the loaner:

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Luka S says:

bc rich also used to do such reversed knob positions. for them logic was that first knob closest to you is meant for bridge pickup which in rock / metal music is being used the most. for example on mockingbird you would have first the bridge volume, 3 way toggle, neck volume then tone pot.

Peyote Pete says:

Nice axe! Sounds great!

Rick Hill says:

Great Job Shane! Nice guitar. Sounds really good as well as your playing!! Maton Specs say it’s a 12″ Radius Neck but if you’re feeling a difference at the Butt end I would think it’s probably a Compound Radius Neck. Maton doesn’t say so but that’s my guess. Keep up the Good Work Shane I look forward to your Vids all the time!

Terry's GG&G says:

Great looking guitar !! Kinda looks like there own spin on the LTD Xotic’s. Sounds great too !! 🙂

shfnderrock says:

Great intro jam, probably the best I’ve heard from you shane

Todd Flowers says:

Is Maton making electrics again ? Last time I checked they were only producing acoustics.Nice looking model nice review !:-) Compound radius on the neck maybe?

Wade Wilson says:

Wow another step forward in video making and your playing isn’t slipping either.

Jop Flop says:

It looks amazing!

Jesse Boucher says:

Shane are Maton sold outside Oz?

intheblues says:

For those looking for the Kemper video it will be back up soon. I needed to fix some stuff. Here’s something cool! (New Backing Track too)

Bill Kakoulidis says:

The LTD E series has that same scheme with the volume pots controlling the opposite pickup and it kind of makes sense for leads, at least to me

Dan Brian says:

nice review man cool to see an Aussie made guitar…interesting smoke effects will you be taking your shirt off and filming in front of a giant fan on a rooftop soon? 😉

Ray Amukwaya says:

Was waiting for Shane to break into some QOTSA.. XD

Ray Amukwaya says:

How’s the feedback, when increasing the gain?

Henric Oscarsson says:

I absolutely love my Maton BB 1200 JH. It kicks my 1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom’s butt both tone and playwise.

Chuck Dickens says:

Centre Block or full hollow body?

John Digby says:

Sweet guitar to look at.

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