Manson MA-1 EVO & MA-2 EVO electric guitar review demo

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Darran Charles from Godsticks ( demos Z.Vex Fuzz Factory and Fernandes Sustainer-equipped Manson electrics. Bass performed by Dan Nelson.

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aquiptor says:

so this guitar has fuzz factory and fernandes 401. am i rigtht ?

LukaANDkrusty says:

Finally a decent demo of this guitars!!!!

A bowl of Miso soup says:

how is the action? it seems really low!

Lyxander Rojas says:

what was the guy playing on the guitar? I would love to learn it



Lars Sibachir says:

Plug in baby !

bloodyfrets says:


Stuart Kenney says:

Darren is Back!!!!!! Yes!!!!

Luke O Music says:

If I could get both. That would be just great 🙂

Matt Honnor says:

anyone know how the size of one of these compares to a standard tele?

Someone Else says:

Awesome! I love Manson guitars and the song! 😀 lml 


They really didnt get the rights to the actual Muse songs? The tracks they were playing behind the guitarist were like, off brand Muse songs. Gross.

giovanni witjamulia says:

i thought he is ritchie kotzen before i click the video

Jon Limer says:

Love these guitars, the Hugh Manson is a top bloke too, well worth a trip to the shop in Exeter.

KingMonkey says:


discofudge says:

(Heavy breathing)

AgEyal says:

man he is a sick guitarist!!!

Edgar Beja says:


sandip tamang says:

wow…..its really nice

Shoes says:

Holy shit… I’m not really a fan of built-in effects but that fuzz sounds amazing.

Mélisande Montulet says:

Oh god. I want it*-* *0*

bradbrad@planbrad says:

Great Demo……ROCK ON


how do they get away with calling it EVO

Patee Sarasin says:

Wow that sounds fantastic!

LittleBigMusic says:

This is definitely the best demo I’ve seen so far

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