Maestro electric Guitar by Gibson

This is Jim Doney from the music submarine music store playing the Maestro guitar by Gibson. For an inexpensive guitar, these guitars are made really well, and they sound great.


Midan says:

Kansas… He played Kansas… I love you

Midan says:

great show

Squazzoo68 says:

Good starter guitar. Under $100. Doesnt stay in tune for shit. Pickup is ok if not a little noisy. Got mine used for $10 and when I restrung it the bridge snapped off at the bolts. buddy fixed it. Played out w/it as a second guitar. did ok. Not worth the price of upgrades if you wanna replace the pickups and the tuners with decent ones. Cheap, but ok and not badly made. good for a beginner

Jack eikens says:

I have the same guitar

Viktor Sten says:

First: Skip that little joke called “amp”,that little toy was the worst “amp” I ever heard! If you are a beginner, replace it with a Fender Mustang instead. It will sound much better. The guitar itself is OK, by my opinion.

Granted Nathan says:

They must of paid him A LOT of money to advertise this guitar. Because who dafuq would want this piece of junk?

Astrie says:

Amp sucks, cause when i got this it was fine but 2 weeks later it broke. I’d rather get a fender squire strat, instead of this joke. Also the fret dividers are sharp, it peeled my skin.

attilathehun0 says:

there is no difference between the epi lp jr.and maestro except the shape of headstock. Shitty tuners cheap metal for the lp wrap around bridge. Go get a $300 Gibson melody maker

Loswolves ofoxnard says:

The maestro by Gibson company make good guitars, it doesn’t matter if its cheap or not, you can make the guitar better yourself, yes it costs money to do so and yes the pickups, tuners, and strings suck so might as well buy better of those. my friend has that guitar but his is way better, he added elixir strings, installed two Gibson humbucker pickups and put Grover’s on that guitar and it plays great

lightning kachowski says:

Just bought one earlier today in cherry sunburst for $50. Great little guitar so far!

Official Fangirl #11906 says:

I don’t even play the guitar but I do know that the amp is horrible! So if you get this make sure to buy your on amp.

Lone says:

Does anyone recommend a Les Paul Special for a beginner guitar?

crimsonkidsofficial says:

I honestly really like the sound.

Gtm says:

fine guitar but TOO MUCH SUSTAIN and more heavy metal sounding

Thisisnot Myrealname says:

I’ve had the red version of this guitar for 7 years, and I blew out the shitty amp it came with by playing bass through it because I didn’t care. The amp itself still outputs noise, mostly muddy awfulness, with some sharp, ugly treble. now it’s metal.

geovanie flores says:

no one especially other guitarists are gonna take you seriously with that guitar. its basically a toy

Isaque E G Silva says:

I think this is one piece maple neck, and alder or maple body…
not so bad as one migh think…

fattygroudon says:

for a beginner i guess it would be fine ’cause you simply don’t realise what a terrible guitar it is… but i’ve been playing for a nice 11 years, and i’ve had this guitar for a little over six months, (because i can’t afford anything better) and i must say it’s terrible. you basically have to go to your local music shop and get the best electric guitar strings they have every couple of months for it to sound… decent at best.
but hey, it’s cheap, and if you have a better amplifier somewhere (because that little thing is a joke), i suggest you buy it, if you don’t have a lot of options.
just never make the mistake of buying a williams guitar 😛

Noah's Music Showcase says:

Not good at all. Get an epi instead. The maestro’s tailpiece studs like to snap off after a short period of time. And it sounds horrible compared to all the other so called “Gibson branded” guitars

A.V says:

I got this piece of shit for 250$, going to kill myself

Dawid Isop says:

Gitarren är bra men försterkaren låter hemskt

PRAT3RTOT 39 says:

My maestro sounds nothing like that.. Do you think it’s the amp I have?

nevereber1 says:

I have that same one. lol. cool blue indeed.

Master Rick says:

Amp is so bad. That cheap guitar is ok, I have one of those. But that amp is so bad I had to say it twice

Oscar Vides says:

Exelent Guitar !, How much is the cost?

jadalikespizza says:

I have the exact same guitar

Mike Casias says:

I found one of these guitars at a rummage sale for 40$ in near mint condition… it was covered in gunk, but once I got it home and cleaned it up- changed the strings I was quite impressed for a forty dollar guitar. The tuning machines definitely suck so I will be changing those for sure!

ramon tarrago says:

this guitar is not so good to begin with, but for a startup guitar it is great. I have one of these as my first ever electric guitar and to start and sort of experiment it was great but as one advances so is a better guitar. for the price of it, instead get a jackson JS 11 or 12 , since the only difference between both models is the 22 and 24 fretboard.

Sam Lalevee says:

Got the whole set for 40 bucks at a yardsale

Blue Rock says:

Ha hahahaha. Thanks for the review.

Luis Carmine says:

first song south park 

guitarist 22 says:

the only thing that sounds its the amp and not the guitar

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