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This is a review for the Line 6 Variax Electric Guitar. Erich Andreas, YourGuitarSage, goes into great detail of this awesome guitar. For more reviews and guitar lessons visit

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hanghang71 says:

i dont understand how the first few frets are tuned normal then after the 5th say it could be dadgad without the tuners having to auto loosen the strings,very strange but cool.How much do these guitars go for second hand,i never hrard of them before

Billy McGuire says:

Nice guitar, Erich! It really kicks ass.

And you have a Kramer? What kind? I have a Kramer Focus 3000 =P

Fishpks says:

glad I’m not the only who has chipped the outer edge of my guitar. Haha!

James Kowalkowski says:

Just got a 700 in minty condition off ebay for $450 – I had a 500 years back but always wanted the 700 – even better than the JTV’s IMHO. Thanks for the video! Sub’d too!

Lexi Papasodaro says:

What’s the song at 2:07???

Eamonn Judge says:

what is the acompniang software?

StupidEarthlings says:

He looks like Liam Spencer…


YourGuitarSage says:

Hey kids!! Check out my free online course at:

alam3gx says:

how much is this guitar and where can i buy it

Beverlin says:

You don’t don’t know that song ? Listen to the radio

Parksart says:

There are six little piezo pickups right on the bridge. They get fed into the little computer in the guitar.

Roman Bodzian says:

AC/DC – Hells Bells

teknic44 says:

whats the song at 2:07

Manmit Rao says:

Can someone please tell me what the song at 2:07 is.

Brendan Harty says:

Would you recommend it for playing stuff like megadeth or pantera?

mongoose979 says:

Is that Uke back there in “time-out” ?!?

YourGuitarSage says:

You might want to check them out on Craigslist, ebay or just go online. You never know what you might fin 🙂 Please, follow me on FB & Twitter and check the link for: The Unstoppable Guitar System on the Main Page! FREE!
Let me know what you think.
e 🙂

alam3gx says:

Paradise by coldplay hey check out SARGchante he is a awesome singer

ImDialec says:

To all the people wondering what he was playing @ 2:07 I believe it was paradise by coldplay.

1.618 ᏒᎪᏆᎥᎾ says:

“I think I’d be lost without this guitar”……… 4 years later “I am giving this guitar away for free!!!” lol!! You are funny man, cool as hell too!

Da ve says:

what’s the 2:07 song?

Dave Elliston says:

Great review Erich. I have 27 guitars and i totally agree, the Variax is my favorite as well. I have the 700 like yours as well as the noticeably cheaper 600. Pair it with one of Line 6’s Pod units and you can get amazing variations of guitar sounds at the turn of a dial.

Brian h says:

whats the first song that u played?

winterlandboy says:

Hey Eric.. interesting video on the Line 6.I love it speaking as a guitarist and gadget freak.It;s a great gadget ,and I agree with all you;pve said in the plus column.Personally I;d like to see them produce a nicer looking guitar.Something that looks a bit more vintage and that has charachter.As much as I like the sounds on the Line 6,and they are pretty spot on, the look personally leaves me cold.I find it a bit characterless. Still. it’s an awesome and practical thing to have.

Mr.JayBirdz says:

whats that song called at 1:50?

Phil Barrows says:

Ross U bonehead, the guitar name and model is in the video title… DUH

Hey! It's Me! says:

U should’ve miked that amp and turned it louder, we even hear the acoustic string sound

BazNard says:

Great review

Dian Pratiwi says:

i have a requez
can u make a lesson for firehouse such as when i look into your eyes or i leave my life for you,please

cheeseitzz says:

Damn that guitar is expensive

juan martinez says:

whats the song at 2:32?

CHARrrrrrrrr says:

Such a massive rig setup but all a can hear is u playing away like its not even plugged in

James Krys says:

The sitar kills me.

Mr.JayBirdz says:

You just turned this into one of my favorite electric guitar too. :)P.S. Your AWSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

dennis j says:

you never mentioned the pick up system and the fact that you cant see them has me intrigued

ross ogrady says:

What a fantastic guitar what is it ?

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