LES PAUL vs STRATOCASTER – Which Guitar is Right for You?

Which one of these iconic instruments is right for your playing style? Check out this comparison to find out!
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Guitar Comparisons:

Guitar Tutorials:

1. SRV Mash up – Mary had a little lamb and Scuttle Buttin
2. Kutless – The Feeling
3. Darrell Braun

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Rev Wolf says:

Ibanez is better.

Krok O'dil says:


Seba92000 says:

5:44 mm that’s nice note

John Adams says:

Thanks for this comparison. I never realized how much better the Stratocaster sounds over the Les Paul.

allout1026 says:

You’re Dad is the man for doing that trade. changed your whole life i bet

Anil Beria says:

les paul sounds better!!

Damali De Mills says:

I prefer the rawness and balls of the Les Paul, however, I must admit that the Fender definitely has more ability for “expression” than the Les Paul. The Squire sounded horrid and the Epiphone sounded great only if you plan on rocking and pounding your way through songs with low end riffs. Somebody said it below. You probably really need 3 of these guitars to capture what your looking for. I just don’t understand the appeal of the Squire anymore.

BrotherBoresIsBest says:

I’ll be honest, I didn’t hear a gigantic difference. I’d say it is more about the amp than anything, and of course pedals. I don’t think most listeners of music really know the difference either.

The .Grimesfactor says:

I like them both, but some riffs sound better with the strat and some sound better with the les Paul

Xander Alex says:

Strats seem much brighter to me

gracie481 says:

Really liked hearing all the side by sides. It was easy to hear the budget guitars as “less” than their big boy brethren. Which is not to say they are bad at all, just when the Squier or Epi kicked in after the original you could hear the loss of what defines each. Love my American Strat and my Epi LP, but it was really interesting to me.

Peter Mead says:

simple, put a humbucker in the bridge of the strat. The best of both worlds 🙂

Arturo Aguila says:

which model is the stratocaster showed in minute 1.41, the blue one? Thanks

Super bmx 06 infinity says:


KCrimson says:

Neck position riffs sounds like Scuttle Buttin’ by SRV. I prefer the Strats ;P

AchillesWrath1 says:

Telestrat for me

Ayden Campbell says:

Bruh your amazing

Dan Kerr says:

The volume knob location on a strat can be an issue for some because it’s easy to bump into with your picking hand.  To me it seems like it’s in the worst possible location.  I removed mine and now just have one tone knob.  The middle pickup is also in my way because thats right where I pick, so I’ve lowered it all the way down.  I find myself picking up the Tele anyway.

Olawale Olaleye says:

it helped me. thanks man

Full Music says:

I’m 12 and I like light guitars witch one should I get?

神死 says:

Dude you carry those guitar so lightly

Andrew Mitchell says:

Les paul cause of my boi jimmy p

Nick Fincher says:

A limited edition fender strat made in USA and a 2016 bourbon burst les Paul made in USA

Jean Steven Damatan says:

This video is great. I’m glad I subscribed to this channel last year. I’ve learned so much. Thank you!

BREGGREN Papadoo says:


Divine Minds says:

Les paul

Ismar Russano says:

Great video !! Cruel decision …..but I like Les Paul !!!

Leon Trotsky says:

“And a ton of other players” *Shows Les Paul himself*

Psychokill 469 says:

Stratocaster for we is the best choice

Rim Shot says:

All depends on what type of music you play. I love both Guitars.

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