Laguna LE50 Electric Guitar

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In this video Guitar World’s gear editor Paul Riario demonstrates the features of the Laguna LE50 electric guitar.


Richmond Reanzares says:


NocturneKing says:

I bought one of these guitars recently for 87 bucks (i had a discount) and considering the price 99.99 this little guy is damn good,granted it doesn’t have the best electronics but it is suitable for a beginner or someone who wants a short scale guitar especially once the strings are replaced with better ones.

Jeremy Ibu says:

i had this guitar and it bad so i tuck and sold it to my dad went back to guitar center and got a used dean for 120$ sound why better then this thing

PoetryEmotion94 says:

i can imagine Adam D from Killswitch engage playing this.


Always can count in Laguna to fix a problem that isn’t a problem and thus dies not need to be fixed

Jeremy Paxo says:

OMG there’s gonna be a Mrs Fromguitarworld!!!

AlvaroAEM says:

looks like a schecter for kids

garrett lemons says:

idk dude. I played it the other day at GC and I didn’t even realize it was 3/4 or only 99 bucks. I really actually kind of liked it.

Richmond Reanzares says:


Thy Andychrist says:

I have this guitar, and I love it. The short-scale of it make it a lot easier for me to play, compared to the standard scale of a Stratocaster, and the sound of it with max overdrive sounds amazing.

garrett lemons says:


Richmond Reanzares says:


indgiu says:

guitar sounds awesome but how much is the guitar and how much is the amp?

nenad srnka says:

whats the name of the song that this guy played i cant rememeber it but i know i heard it somewhere

Richmond Reanzares says:


Lord Goarmagon says:

That sounds much better than the laguna le322 I have here… Ah well I’m putting some dimarzios in it soon enough.

japonaliya says:

Oh, you need to play thru an original Dunlop Cry Baby WAH as well to get the tone right..and it MUST be the old one without the battery door. It works as a tone boost, and with the pedal rocker all the way forward, you get an attack that is like a Marshall stack.
So, LAGUNA LE50, VOX MINI3 play thru old CRYBABY WAH, amp set @ UK80 Gain/Vol./Tone 10 0’clock, COMP full/SPRING full or knob set in the notch between Spring and Room.

Lee Blackburn says:

Hi Paul from Guitar World,
You’re a very, very good guitar player. Perhaps if you wore different shirts, combed you hair a different way, and didnt’t use comments like “either I got bigger or the guitar got smaller.” You would seem less like a fucking queer.
Sincerely, your friend,

MachineGun 831 says:

Can anyone please let me know what amp he is using????

andres vanegas says:

cool guitar, looks like a schecter omen

Axel0994 says:

A la L50, se le puede poner una palanca de tremolo?

Richmond Reanzares says:


Kingsize says:

@lgcmetallica and “schector” sounds like rip off of Schecter

ed0985587 says:

i used to own this guitar…same color. it played really well…however it has horrible sustain. if you want something with good sustain go with something made from harder wood. this guitar is so light because they use a really soft wood….can’t remember which off hand.

Richmond Reanzares says:


Richmond Reanzares says:


troubleoverkill says:

@lgcmetallica whats a schector? i think its called schecter

japonaliya says:

If you like slinky strings that come with the guitar, sounds great, but .10’s will go out of tune a bit. HOWEVER, I play thru a Mini3 and it sounds EXACTLY like Rick Derringer on White Trash LIVE tobacco Road LP For less than $100. it is awesome, MUCH better sound than Dean, or Ibanez in the 3/4 scale size. No frills, just a great sound and easy to play. If I put a locking nut on it it would be perfect. Settings: UK80, Gain, Tone, Vol. @ 10 o’clock. COMP Full, SPRING, Full…for sm. room.

Richmond Reanzares says:


Ha Jesse says:

would this be a good choice for a beginner?

Rob Parenton says:

This Guitar is great can play all chords. Great when the little finger is small.



Adrian Main Qcon says:

@AnonKnowsHow FAGGOT

Richmond Reanzares says:

laguna guitar february 25, 2013 ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Axel0994 says:

At L50, you can put the tremolo bar?

Gittami says:

I got it for 99$

Cesar Perez says:

this guitar is just for kids?

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