Jackson King V JS32 Electric Guitar Review

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The Jackson JS Series King V JS32 Guitar in Black with White Bevels is one of those models that must be experienced to be believed. Not only does it have the looks, but is plays effortlessly well, and sounds like a beast. If you like your music on the extreme side and want a guitar that best represents you, then the King V JS32 will do you proud.


Jared Hind says:

He looks so uncomfortable sat there with that pointy as hell axe hahah

{Motorchrist } says:

Guitar is awesome but pickups on it are shit. Put EMGs.

Bruce De Leon says:

Another incredible demo on a great guitar
Thanks DAWSON!

john lush says:

What is the sick riff at 2:32?

AnotherMaggot says:

I love this guitar!!!!

Pocket Man says:

Binding on jackson is just the best

Anup Mohandas says:

Thank you very much sir.Just one question if you have any idea. Do you think it would sound good to play doom, if used with the right effects?Thank you.

Tommy Gunn says:

I would actually rather have one of the traditional Vs. Instead of the king v.

Anup Mohandas says:

hi.is there any way we can find out if it is from Japan/U.S.A. or the Chinese, Korea make?

Jayommaise says:

where is this from ?? 2:34

Axel flores says:

Can you do a review of the same but white?

Calvin Bento says:

Another Randy Rhoads guitar?Pls reply….

higgimwgun says:

What is the riff at 2:34? Badass!

Metalman says:

Have you got a review on the Jackson Kelly KEXQ ? I’m saving for that. But I might buy this JS32V to shred and then I’ll save my $$$ again for the Kelly… The V looks like a pain to shred from the 20th fret though? Like a an acoustic.. Is it? Also the tone kinda sux. (maybe it’s your amp settings?) Gonna need some EMG’s in it.. And a better Floyd Rose. Ive seen a torture test on this guitar and the floyd seems a bit crap?. BUT! For a cheap axe it’s still amazing.

Robert Delapeña says:

thumbs up

kreign josh says:

great guitar brought it perfect for slipknot! anyway mick uses Jackson too:D

Erik Ceman says:

I thought I would never see Tom with a sharp metal flying v, very entertaining 😀

João Reis says:

Se possível poderia fazer o review da guitarra ltd m10 ?


Awesome play! and a great guitar

Fnord Fnordington says:

the corners on this guitar are so sharp im surprised the british gvnt hasnt banned them yet for “health and safety reasons”

Tommy N says:

Is the guitar balanced while standing with strap (I mean no neck dive)? And is the trem stay in tune well after doing a little dive bomb?

Sam Cave says:

Came in and asked about this in their Chester store the other day, so glad this vid was made!!

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