Is the Hagstrom Super Viking Electric Guitar Good?

Hagstrom Super Viking Electric Guitar Review

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shoominati23 says:

I’ve found a brand out of China Called ‘Wolf’ they have some absolutely mouthwatering finishes, without infringing any copyrights and you can just tell that they are quality guitars. I mean just look at some of the LP style guitars on here : (particularly the first few!)
I mean they have this model on the site, but I found it in this varnished multi colour timber scheme and fell in love, will be my tax return guitar 😉

rhykko77 says:

unless you mentioned it or I missed it , or unless you recorded this unusually or the amp was set unusually , in clean mode the neck pickup at least, sounded very clean, more Gretschy than Gibsonish ………is that how you (Shayne) experienced it ?

uglyoldncranky says:

The one I have has coil splitting from the factory.

Terry's GG&G says:

WOW that sounds stunning in the opening shane !! and she’s a beauty !! 🙂

Jack Dry says:


357bullfrog says:

this is off the subject sort of but Shane have you read the fender warranty for Australia???? lucky pup you should. all we old americans get is a 30 day manufactures defrct warranty.

armandom28 says:

Looks like if you’re only using the Marshall now we can kiss the pristine cleans away………

Edgar Arias says:

The G.A.S. oh the G.A.S…!!!

jumbosilverette says:

very gretsch-like in appointments; i dig it

Clint says:

I used to own one of these for a while. I find it has a kind of gnarly sound to it when distorted — in a good way — kind of like how SGs sound a bit gnarly compared to Les Pauls.

Quiksilver says:

What’s the difference between this and the ‘regular’ viking? I’ve been always intrigued by these guitars – The Swede/Super Swede kinda looks like an Eastman SB.

Peter Hutchings says:

Shane which do you prefer? The Hagstrom SV or the Tokai ES?

codgerburley1 says:

Sounds nice, good 335 alternative. A former band member had one of these, only complaint was the tail piece started to rust almost immediately, like after the first three set gig in July that we played. They did replace the part for him. Good customer service.

Sid Bonkers says:

Sounds great but I would worry about its resale value too much to buy one new.

johnny 2shoes says:

Stunningly beautiful cheap Chinese product.

Will MagicMan says:

Sounds great Shane! … I always wanted a Hagstrom Swede . remember them?! … The lead guitarist in ‘Hot Chocolate’ used one … they were a Les Paul style guitar, and apparently were brilliant! If you wanna hear one … google Hot Chocolate – Every 1’s a winner 1978…Peace bro.

Rick Hill says:

Nice job Shane! It sounds a lot like my Epi Sharaton II. I think the Viking Series has a 14 or 15″ Radius where the Epi has a 12″. Being that my fingers are thin and short (I’m 5’4″) the Epi has a little better Neck feel to me than the Hagstrom but the guitar sounds Great. And sounds good through your DSL-40CR. Thanks man!!

Remo Carluccio says:

the importance of a Tele always behind you (=

Daz Jay Gee says:

Nice guitar and nice playing.
That slow blues at 6:01 I really dug. 🙂

Quentin James says:

That a King of the Hill or Family Guy poster ??

GasNBullets says:

Yes!!! Love my hagstrom

Jim Griffin says:

Looks alot like the guild starfire…sounds great shane…are they filertron or dearmond pichips?..either way you prove your tone an sound is in ur ears an fingers…i have a 58 barnie kessel hagstrom with single cool toaster pickups same harp style string trapeze similar to this but pointy horns an with supa fat neck like Louisville slugger sawn in half an huge valute in neck at heel of yhe neck…u referenced it as a dud the one u didnt like an other people have told me that they model yhe body around.the later 60’s stuff now the older model i have has feed back problems sometimes an its uncontrollable…an because of the neck being bigger in that shows neck stress because of bolting pattern that all changed after 1963

DMSProduktions says:

She’s a stunner Shane! Ripper sounds!

Chris Carreno says:

Do a shootout with your Tokai.
Beautiful. The intro was excellent.

MrDefective says:

Looks like the combination of a gretsch and a 335.

Guitar ocd says:

Funny thing is they’re probably made better than they were when they first came out. When they first came out they were kind of cheesy. But they did get better. I guess there as good as anything else coming out of Asia. When the Vikings first came out they were bolt on necks.

Stuart Herbert says:

That opening demo … might just be the best tone you’ve had on the channel to date.

Supperconductor says:

Gorgeous looking and sounding guitar, thanks for the great review.

Boxcar Stewart says:

THAT is a beautiful guitar. The neck pick up sounds super smoothe.

Jayson Ramos says:

Nice guitar 😀 great intro

Adelino Neto says:

Beautiful guitar and what a killer sound!!!

Matt Gilbert says:

Loved my old Hagstrom SG & Strauss 30W rig. I miss that guitar

td tom says:

Would have thought a “Super” would have a Bigsby style tail piece. It should give some vibrato just by pushing on it though as it looks like it is hinged. Do they import to NZ?

CentaurusRelax314 says:

Well, damn. Now i need to compare this (the Bigsby version) with a Gretsch G5422T…. And then decide between one of those two versus a Jazzmaster…. Nice, demo, Shane.

George Allison says:

Honestly…I’ve tried a few Hagstroms in the past. Pretty guitars but not overly impressed. This sounds pretty good man. Its got me looking twice. BTW…I think your Bandits are getting a little jealous over your newest amp. LOL

Guy Williams says:

Awesome demo. Great sounding beautiful guitar.

David Jay says:

Sounds great…looks great.

JeffT says:

I got to try the lefty Hagstrom guitars at NAMM. Really liked the Ultra Swede too. I tried the Super Viking and for the price it seems like a really good buy. I liked the look of the Fantomen but no lefty. Not sure if they offer that one in lefty yet.

Ben Hackett says:

Looks & sounds great. Can’t see why people still get hung up on big name brands with some of these lesser known guitars really lifting their game.

David says:

Their baritone is AWESOME!!!
Hey Shane, would love to know your take on the Wampler attack on gear reviewers [specially Phil McKnight]

Felipe Saiter says:

It is good. Actually excellent. Just doesn’t sound like a semi hollow.

rhykko77 says:

By the way …….the HAGSTROM trussrods are designed very differently than standard necks . The truss rod is quite substantial and is engineered differently, which I do suspect contributed not only to stability but also to its overall tone.

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