Ibanez RG vs S Series! – Which Guitar is Right For You?

Which Ibanez guitar is the best fit for you? Will it be the RG or the S?
Check out this comprehensive play-through to find your favorite!
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RIFF: End of me – Ashes Remain

Ibanez RG 870QMZ
Ibanez S25521Q



ReEeEeEe says:

I use Ibanez Gio

Daniel27D says:

sounds a bit silly but i couldnt find an hsh ibanez rg that i liked the aesthetics of but i did find an hsh s that i loved the look of so i’d choose that s over an rg lmao

(i just dont like the weird patterns they’re putting on the rg series, it looks like someone pooped on it)

Art Schultz says:

Wonderful comparison, and you do justice to both guitars by making them sound amazing. It would have been great to compare with a mahogany body RG instead of the basswood.

Tom Fortin says:

That is the prettiest S-Series I’ve ever seen, and it sounded great.

Peter Østfeldt says:

I love the video. Darrell, you play awesomely ☺ But regarding the body wood. How big a difference is mahogany vs basswood ???

Earl Brackett says:

Ibanez continues to deliver more bang for buck, owned 8 or so at all price points and all were exceptional. looking hard at the S1070PBX…

Robert Clark says:

Darrell. I have my first ibanez. Won it from Eric C YouTube channel. So excited. He set it up and all. Rare s series. S370rrf 2001. Man I love it. Now I have hss hh and hsh and sss all actual strat and super strats. My faves. Fender LTD Esp and now Ibanez.

Steve James says:

Hi Darrell, any idea what the difference is between an S series and an RG Series, weight-wise? I know mahogany’s supposed to be very light, and I wasn’t sure about ash for the RG bodies. Thanks!

Shipwreck Diver says:

The S for its ergonomics.

Kirxas says:

For me the rg works better, even though they are great guitars, the s line is too thin and lightweight, when I’m on stage with them it feels like a toy in comparison of an rg, the s guitars are really good if you like thin and light guitars, but the only things I like about them is the sound and neck, the shape is, at least for me, too boring for a superstrat

Stan Reedy says:

hi Darrel I have a question I have just ordered a Ibanez RGEW521FM of all the videos I have watched Its just playing metal Will it also play the tones you started out with

julian lopez says:

the cleans are so pristine…very unexpected for a super strat

David Schonberger says:

Very useful side by side comparison, Darrell. Thank you so much. Probably start with an RG but eventually get an S as well.

Alex1990 says:

Ibanez with edge tremolo is all!!

Mr. Heng koko says:

Wow wow wow good very much

Robert Cantu says:

Hows the. Neck is it wide or skinny

Mark Tracy says:

I bless you man for the solo on the final.. man what a sound you create ..you make me High. Lot of respect for you man

Edwin Molina says:

The S series with floyd is the best

kameron steel says:

Is it possible for me to get a score of what you just played

countrypo says:

Your RG look prettiest in all online sales, and I believe there is no more exactly like it out there. Red color with zebra paint, white volume knobs, all white dimazio pickup. Are there another one for sale exactly like the one in this video? I mean it. 🙂 🙂


Both have beautiful sound state of the art!
Very good amp too!

The UFO Experience says:

RG= Rock God! What I notice between the 2 is the RG is easier to play sitting down,,,which is ironic! More of an RG guy, but S series guitars are like ergonomic Gibson SGs, and I love them too. Seems like Ibanez has a super strat and super SG in two similar guitars. Ibanez is all I buy other than the occasional Strat.

damillionmalania says:

Both are great instruments in their own right. As for me I ordered an S but I just couldn’t enjoy playing it. There’s something with how the bridge is positioned that makes the angle of my right hand kind of awkward when I play. These little personal preferences usually determine which guitars I buy, really.

kameron steel says:

My first question is what is the name of that song? And I have both those guitars. Brother you played beautifully

Rick Grey says:

Me with S series, they’re so versatile and comfortable

egon von compact says:

i have the same one (Rg870 QMZ), with the same finish, but with stock pick-ups. great guitar, very playable in my opinion.

鎌田一郎 says:


Sergey Angelov says:

Great review! I really like tone set-up here. IMHO, on clean tone S-series sounded more bright, when RG sounded more, let’s say, ‘plastic’. With overdrive RG has really rich tone. And seems like, floyd rose kilss sustain a little, at least it sounded to me that way.

unforgivenx8 says:

Is there any way to remove the plastic thing from the selector switch of the s series? Its so ugly

Tim Noble says:

I prefer the ‘S’ all day long. Nicer tone and super sexy slim. Need to start saving up so I can get me one. Have to say, you have a knack for finding the best looking finishes. Makes a difference for me; If it looks really beautiful, I will pick it up more often. Using what I have learned from you, I am gonna build a really great guitar. On the look-out for a beautiful body, then I will trick out the rest. Missed out on the Palm Bay, got gazumped. Oh, well.

Валентин Эдуардович says:

Coming back to life=)

Steve Hartkopf says:

Why not both?! Lol I have a RG… so that’s my pick. As for sounds, it doesn’t matter really, I can change out the pickups 3-4 times and still not spend as much as a Gibson LP.

superchibiwings says:

both sound awesome you cant go wrong on either.

robert michael says:

I have an RG series Ibanez, and absolutely love it. The neck is crazy fast. Having said that, the S series is a beauty. I guess the “s” stands for sexy. What a beautiful guitar. A $1000 dollar Fender Strat cannot begin to compare to a $1000 dollar Ibanez. You get so much more for your money with an Ibanez. If you like the neck on a Fender Strat, you’ll LOVE the Wizard necks on Ibanez guitars.

josh smith says:

do you use compression on your mix? it sounds very even

Dre official says:

Ibanez should bring the sz back

Jose Pineda says:

RGA for me

dbkincaid1 says:

The RG sounded like it was fretting out to me, tone differences aside. i think if you raised the bridge a little the RG would have sounded much better. It also sounded like the amp was eq’d a little more in favor of the S series. Of course without actually playing them i could be full of @&$). Im left handed and have my first RG652 on the way. I have owned about every thing and presently playing Suhr’s. I’ve never played an Ibanez so it will be interesting to see if I love it or hate it.

Federico Canuti says:

Both prestige?

tik tok on the clok says:

i prefer rg, im biased though my first electric was an rg!

gabrielle joshua masirag says:

Whats the solo?

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