Ibanez JS140 Joe Satriani Signature Electric Guitar Review

The Ibanez JS140 Joe Satriani signature electric guitar in white is a sublime addition to the entry-level series of the guitar legends signature series. Bearing the same sleek curves and delightful tonality we’ve all come to expect from the JS series models, this model isn’t just for beginners, and more experienced players will fall in love with the JS140.
Find out more: http://www.dawsons.co.uk/ibanez-js140-joe-satriani-signature-electric-guitar-white


Drew Shelly says:

Gorgeous guitar and amazing playing, am I tempted to buy one of these beauties ? oh yes I am and you take care too 🙂

Lozfoxxx says:

@Patrick… Wow. Your comments would have so much more credibility if you could actually spell. Troll.

Gary Taylor says:

Awesome stuff Lee….great playing and well structured demo of this great value Ibanez. Love the choice of Satch tunes…boogie on man :-))

Marley Bengson says:

this js seems to be just as good as the higher end js’s

john Wallis says:

How do you manage to play so many styles to such a high standard? Last week Country, this week nailing classic Satch tunes. You must have sold your soul at the Crossroads!

Underground Atheist says:

Seriously inspirational playing…makes you wanna practice more and/or throw the guitar off the roof of your house 🙁
Only flaw I can see in the guitar is possibly tuning problems mentioned by a few ppl despite the locking tuners. I played it in Dawsons Liverpool and it was v nice, the best I played on the day from that price bracket. Anyone else tried it and got any comment???

Francisco Rodriguez says:


TheGray Aviator says:

That clean and crunching sound of that guitar… I have to buy one of those…

SuperSchoolGamer 123 says:

Is the Pyle-Pro PGEKT45BK Professional 42 pack good or no

philippe31881 says:

C D L T.

Den Viskunov says:


Christian Boddum says:

Love the black headstock, never dug the matching color on the expesive ones 🙂

Rick Green says:

Your Smiling Brilliant you know when things connect well done that man

Kart DeShaw says:

If you had to choose between having this guitar with upgraded dimarzio pickups, or a stock PRS SE custom 24 with a floyd, which would you choose personally?

ElectroMac74 says:

Love joe sound but can´t afford it ! What will you advise me the gsa60 or grg121dx?
Thanks in advance

Patrick says:

And the tremelo bridge is a whammy or vibrato bridge (not 100% sure, but it makes more sense)

Tremelo is a guitar effect that constantly turns the volume on and off (difference in volume)

Vibrato/whammy is making the frequency higher and lower (and this is what you do with this bridge) this is difference in frequency

This floating bridge for sure doesnt constantly turn the volume on and off

I know almost every company calls it tremelo, but it makes no sense to me and there are more mistakes (and proven/ fixed)

Please explain me if i am wrong and feel free to comment

Michael Lawlor says:

Is this guitar worth the 650 pound price tag, or is that price because he has his name on it??

Jonathan Pinnock says:

hey which one is better for lead the Gibson SGJ or the ibanez JS140

liamtz says:

Fine chops, dude:)

Rando says:

so good

jamal vondy says:

What amp are you using in this video?

Danteg -man says:

very good presentation…

James Evans says:

I like the js 24p candy apple red

Dražen Vida says:

Excellent playing! WoW

Mayur S says:

Nice. bit I wanted blood brothers

Cornelius O'Leary says:

Fantastic guitarist and loving the satch demo on the signature 😀 these kinda demos show the shop really cares and that really make me wanna support there store

markplenty says:

Awesome playing lee!!!!

bikerboi1983 says:

Someone was having fun!

Lauren Asher says:

3:33 Midnight 3:48 Satch Boogie 4:18 Surfing w/Alien

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