Ibanez GRG170DX review

Lee pushes this brilliant entry level electric to the max and it delivers. A lot of guitar here for the price. Check out the link for full details.
Comes in Black, Jewel Blue and even left-handed.
Jewel Blue
and the left handed option


saumya semwal says:

confused between pacifica 112 and ibanez grg 170dx…….someone help……

Hossam Fathi says:

pls advise about at video 6:05 scream technique ; i know how to do it by pick but like only finger its really cool i just bought the grg 170 d

Luuk van den Berg says:

this will be my first guitar. is there anyone who had this guitar as his first, and did you have any problems with it?

Arjun Balgovind says:

I have this guitar, and I wanted to know how safe is it to use the Whammy bar? Every time I try using it Im scared my bridge/strings will break. And does it lose its tuning on using the whammy? And also can we use the whammy only for lowering the pitch or going higher as well? Someone who has this guitar please help 🙂

Hanz - ParkourIntro says:

i dont know why i always watch your electric guitar review i dont even have one haha

Ezlaguy says:

Can someone please tell me how much this guitar is worth? I would really appreciate it! Thank you! Sincerely, Don

Andy Aranda says:

What’s the main difference between the Ibanez GRG170BDX and the GRG120BDX just the single coil or what? Someone please help!

Moses Ranadive says:

I am confused between this and epiphone afd slash special ii can anyone plz help?


Why it is made in China ??

Aladdin Sane12 says:

He just told you….joe Santriana

adi lior says:

i can’t decide which one to buy..
this guitar or jackson js22r
i play mainly metal and rock

kunal bagri says:

which amp did you used?

Hazart Rock Angeles says:

Man, you playing nice

vivek menon says:

hi lee, Im confused between ibanez GRG170DX and a squier affinity stratoaster, what would you suggest ?

sisyphus owl says:

I wish to learn to play metalcore,black metal,death metal type of musics.
Should i buy this one?And what type of amplifier would you recommend?
I’m all ears…

Crystal Leaf says:

which song of satriani is it?

Alex Loskutov says:

I need help !
I’m a beginner and I try to chose between those Ibanez models:
1. GRG170DX
2. GRG250DX
3. GRG270B
4. GRG350EX
5. Some other models you could suggest over those four
The important things for me are for the guitars to be affordable, 24 frets, have a tremolo and for the guitar to be pretty good for Rock and Metal music mostly.
Please help 🙁

Tony Senatore says:

Ibanez sounds rich better then stratocaster, epiphone guitars.

Yusuf Can says:

what 5:50 song ?

NineTails says:

I own it, I will never regret I bought this <3

Blitzer Gaming says:

If whammy bars are good, why the hell does everyone block the trem

Rokugan Tiga says:

This is a guitar for beginners?

shota legashvili says:

2:44 what is this music.?

LeadCounsel says:

Damn, you are a great player. I’m a new guitar student and buying a Gio based on your fantastic review. Thank you!

monkey dangus says:

very nice gratuitous shredding, sounded spot on

Suraj Saha says:

avion av1 or ibanez grg 170dx?

Arvind Sankhla says:

Hey l i am impressed with your wonderful videos please do a little help for me
if money is not the constraint that which one is best as a entry level guitar
and also how is ESP guitars in contrast with ibanez i.e. ESP LTD M-10FR

Optic500 says:

So it still has passive pickups for the expensive price? could always fit active pickups to the guitar

Sharrazar says:

teenage mutant ninja guitarist 😀

Farsid Faridi says:

Very nice model, please writh for us how much is this model? thanks.

Disposable_Teen says:

Is the grg140 a good guitar to start eletric guitar ?

omar kop says:

please help me
ibanez grg170
or Cort x6
and why
my friends say that Ibanez neck is more comfortable
but other say that cort x6 jumpo frets and bluebucker pick-ups is better than the Ibanez one
what is the pick-ups thatbIbanez use ?
and which ones are better
which one has a better playability?
i am so confuse and as a beginner i need someone to help me?
plaese i wanna make my decisions as fast as I can :/
thank you in advance

东方不败 says:

how to do the dive bomb like 6:06?

Maximus Heronimus says:

would you suggest this guitar also for jazz and warm tones?

tk roy says:

which satriani track you played ….please tell me….i loved it

Singulatrinity says:

Amazing guitar but the trem is shit tho

vijay4600 says:

How to remove the strings out from bridge hole ( the string head is bigger than the hole.. stuck up in the hole) it is very difficult to change the strings.. any suggestion.. mine is Ibanez GRG170dx guitar..

Ameen Khan says:

hey great skills man!!
i bought this guitar with every penny i had(i couldent afford an expensive one) and along with i have vox pathfinder 10..
your guitar sounds so much different than mine. i just wanted to know are you using any pedal or processor?
or with my guitar and amp i can get this sound??
please tell me..!! thanks

ps: i am new to electric guitar only been playing accoustic for a year and half..

José Lucas says:

in brazil this guitar = R$5,000,00 ;-;

Sten Hultermans says:

my ibanez is arriving tommorow i can’t wait

shota legashvili says:

2:44 what is this music.?

Breezy Gaurab says:

this or ibanez gsa60???

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