I Review The Chapman Standard Ghost Fret From Guitar Center

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What do the Icons on my videos mean?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4fAvzjncEk&t=60s


H Jimm says:

Got my Ghost Fret from Riff City and it’s perfect! I couldn’t find anything wrong with the guitar. Sounded great right out of the box. It was even kind of intune!

jackster28 says:

Cool vid.. Thank’s..

TeZOcatlipoca says:

Should’ve played some Dorje stuff

David W says:

Gosh, they get a lot for the neck through version considering that it just looks like 4/4 maple laminated together (not expensive) as opposed to a long quartersawn blank.

I thought at the price, it might have name brand pickups at that, but what sticks in my head for anything over four figures is that you can find a one piece back tokai les paul copy with a hard shell case for that kind of money.

It’s getting into rare air.

Aswanth HB says:

13:34 Slash-No more heroes?

Tony smith says:

Chapman hasn’t come up with a single guitar design that I like, unbelievable!!

Rob Zombie says:

Very few honest reviews on these Guitars .Thanks

Tim Schirlls says:

I want that blue guitar in the background!

Fares Sadeghiyan says:

YEAH FUCK GC! Worst place to purchase an instrument.

Piotr Zielina says:

“it looks like the actual picture.”

It’s much different though: you can see that on your guitar the color red goes into black almost immediately, while in the picture its a subtle gradient.

Meagain Okay says:

I thought a Chapman ghost fret guitar only had the twelfth fret inlay (the forever sign) but no other inlays. Obviously I’m mistaken…

Ryan Miller says:

I fail to see what this company brings to the market that hasn’t already been done better elsewhere?

Kelly Pagano says:

I think it sounds really great. Chapman inspects the guitars before they leave the factory, but their volume is increasing so they may rely on the dealers more. I know their higher end guitars go through more rigorous inspection before getting to the customer or guitar shop. Again though, it sounds really nice.

Marcus Groves says:

Congratulations. The guy who owns Chapman guitars is a fellow YouTuber with you, and he’s a really cool guy. I feel he would go out of his way to ensure his guitars are highest quality. So again, congratulations on a good purchase.

Ken Kaniff says:

I’m assuming it has a neck dive since it’s shaped like explorer ????

Bryan Lettow says:

What amp? it sounds great.

clement comes says:

If I haven’t already subscribe to your channel earlier tonight… I’ll definitly do it again after earing the first notes of Pantera m/
Great channel, I really enjoy it as i recently discover myself a passion for moding my guitars.
Thank you Philip!

Michael Angelo H. says:

Damn it… Now I don’t want a guitar, I want a cookie!

Michael Ward says:

These guitars are amazing and I gauruntee that guitar center did the damage because ive watched the chapman factory and how these guitars are made and how good they really are there amazikng guitars and they sound amazing the people that are making them are putting everything into it and thwy actually set them up at the factory most of the time I promise that guitar center beat it up they have a habit of doing that

Samantha Thomas says:

Who pulled the staples from the inner wedge box?

Wilhelm The Conquerer says:

My only problem with Chapman’s is the black hardware, and since that’s an easy fix on a fairly cheap instrument I don’t think it’s a huge deal!

Jason Burton says:

The cookie from riff city was the best experience I had from my ghost fret. The best part was that I got to send that terrible guitar back for a full refund within seven days. I was so disappointed with how that guitar played and sounded. I really wanted to like that guitar because I like watching rob Chapman videos on here but that guitar really was a turd. I have a feeling that in a year that’ll be the number one pawn shop guitar in the world

Jeremiah Wilson says:

I just gotta say..yer music instrument vids are hands down the best on YouTube.

Cal T says:

apparently it’s just an exposed edge on a thick cap. Which is pretty cool

Olaf says:

awesome vid man, earned yourself a subscriber

Frits van Zanten says:

People don’t seem to understand one thing: to get a great flawless guitar labour and attention are needed, and they cost time. Indonesion time is less expensive than european/american time, but also is of a different quality. Saving time (=money) means less time to check/inspect/select (quality control), adjust, correct etc. That means someone else has to do it, the shopkeeper or the seller. But they need to be paid too, for their time. Then, of course you can do the inspection and selection yourself too. By going to the shop and try and play. But that needs time and travel. Anyway, there is an amount of time and attention needed to garantuee the level of quality you want. You can choose to let that be poor and little, or good and more expensive. Of course you could sit behind your screen and spend hours and hours getting informed and be well off cheap in the end, but in the end all great guitarists played instruments they encountered (and selected) physically, not from a catalogue, not by buying them online, spending hours in a chair moving a mouse over a screen.

Nick Jackson says:

A guitar in a cardboard box……… I’m only 31 but I just can’t do it. Go to the guitar shows!

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