I Just Bought a $100 Guitar…And it’s FANTASTIC!

Can you actually get a decent guitar for $100?
In today’s video I buy one, tear it apart, and tone test it!
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Soli Deo Gloria!


John Smith says:

Smoking jam at the end! 😉

William Schorp says:

Here is my suggestion: go to guitar fetish and replace what you don’t like. Then show the vid of the upgrades and the cost.

PeterDad60 says:

Darrell your reviews are excellent. I think I watch everyone I come accrooss too!

I bought a Full size Fretless Jazz base for $109 in February 2019. It came with flat wounds already installed. There is nothing wrong with it, not even a blemish and it plays like a dream. Kind of makes up for 12 years ago, when I sold my Fender Fretless (Precision) P-Bass with Bartolini pup’s for only $800. I had a neck/back injury that prevented me from holding/playing electric bass or guitar or violin for several years so I sold most of my studio. I did keep my Lydl Doublebass and all my violins and my Stratocaster. BTW I paid $119 for my Chinese made Fender Bullet Strat in 1992 and it came with a Fender Champion 15 watt 8″ speaker combo amp, a gig bag, a strap, tools, a spare set of strings and a cable. Pretty crappy does describe that Strat, but after over 40 hours of louthering on my part she plays great and is a keeper. Came with Good pups too and she stays in tune. Not a penny spent in upgrades-all labor.

I’m up to speed again, in fact I have a more advanced studio, minus the Ampeg SVT Classic rig and my Marshall JCM 900 Mkiii full stack 1960’s. Too expensive to replace at this time. Among my guiat amps I have a Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 60 watt tube amp that can get really loud if I want it to, but it has a different sound than the JCM 900 Rig.
Ha ha, usually I leave the plastic clear wrap on for years as it does protect the finish from scratches. But you said removing it is your favorite part of getting a new guitar.
Oh, forgot, I got a new Made in Indonesia Fender Bullet Gold Stratocaster for $109 last November. It has a cracked neck that had been repaired. At first I was pissed off. But because of the $109 price I kept it. I did use steel wool to smooth out the repair and now I can’t feel it at all. The neck is absolutely as strong as any other guitar neck. So I got a deal. Most people would have sent it back because they are too good to put up with a damaged new guitar. Not me, I’m not proud. It plays great and now I have Two (2) Fender Bullet Strat’s. Will I ever spend the big bucks for a really expensive Strat? NO! Why is that? Because the one’s I have play about as good as my $1,999 Gibson 2017 SG STD HP. They certainly sound almost as good. I fine tone depends on the player not the guitar.

Logan Parker says:

I feel like alot if the time it has to do with having a nice amp and alot of settings for a right sound

LiiMuRi says:

Very nice! The cheap guitars sure have come a long way. I only wish they didn’t try sticking tremolo bridges in all of the Strat copies. They would hold the tuning a bit better that way

Buddy Love says:

Imo the cheap guitar sounds slightly more distorted and dirty than the good one. Might be cause different pickups or the chords quality.

XcaptainXobliviousX says:

monoprice also makes the single greatest sub 10 dollar ear bud in the history of sound.

TheShubbah says:

17:00 for guitar

guitarguts666 says:

I think you should definitely mod this guitar put a bone nut new tuners better tremolo with a big block certainly change the pickups maybe put a hot real in the bridge and a push pull and change all the pots

John Doe says:

Hey dude! When I was first learning to play you could get a HONDO electric flash for 99$. However, I went with a KRAMER Stryker for 300$.

Charles Edward Renshaw says:

OK – I’m 3 minutes in and he STILL hasn’t opened the guitar but just keeps repeating on a really annoying loop that he doesn’t know anything about the guitar but he’s going to see, for the 27th time, what a ‘hundred bucks gets ya’ – I’ve just wasted an entire 3 minutes of my life.

Oxygen says:

Dude ur nail

John Smith says:

Makes me laugh when guys demo very inexpensive guitars and they comment, feels really cheap. Haha I am just busting on ya DB.

Verzo says:

I have a cheap stratlike guitar too, got it like 14 years ago. It was around 130€ including a decent gig bag, a whammy bar, some picks, extra strings, and a small amp. After all this time the guitar still works as it should, only the Volume nob is a bit broken – everything over 7 results in either crackling sounds, or no sound at all. But it served me well during concerts, and the sound when playing on my Peavey Bandit 112 Transtube is actually amazing. Nice and dirty!

Cameron O says:

Uses the phrase “cold turkey” incorrectly multiple times.

Fantasme vide says:

Better packed than my 1200euros Fender Aerodyne, and there is a gigbag with ! thx Fender :*

butch ignacio says:

I still have $100 guitar copy that i bought in 2009 made in korea still playing it.

Chris Brown says:

Use it to club baby seals?

buisyman says:

A locking nut and fine tuning bridge would be great

N J G says:

What’s that blue guitar in the background?

Majo Casador says:

I’m not a fan of blue but I honestly like the color of this guitar

abejacgot says:

I bought a Monoprice “Tele” copy, yellow body with a Rosewood neck, for about $100, 2 years ago. I use it as a home practice guitar (actually I don’t play anywhere else). Bottom line, it’s comfortable, easy to play, and with a small modelling amp, is very versatile. I still use it although I have 3 much more expensive electric guitars. Why pay more? Great work Monoprice!

Gorbadoc Oldbuck says:

I used to play guitar and usually bought cheap guitars either brand new or second hand. I never went into the technicalities of the guitar build or trying to make it sound better beyond maybe footering about with the tremolo or filing down frets. This video is quite interesting to me. I’ve still got an old vintage Aria Pro 2 electric guitar but it has seen better days. One pick up housing is broke and the pick up has the habit of falling out against the strings. This was a guitar I bought second hand about 27 years ago and I don’t know anything of it’s history before I got it. It’d be interesting to try and rebuild it, particularly in fixing the pick up housing, and maybe get it sounding better. I sure as heck didn’t know anything about the things you were doing in this video and still don’t. Perhaps they would help this old battered guitar of mine! Not that I have much of a notion of playing again.

Nick G. says:

As cheap as it is, run it through a Marshal tube head & a 4 x12 cab and it’ll get the job done just as good as a $5000 Fender/ Gibson !

K. Swimmy says:

He starts playing at 16:56

Supralife says:

welp i bought a whole starter kit including guitar from amazon for 96$ hope itll do for a beginner

Antti Pennanen says:

When I bought my first guitar… or my dad bought it for me as a christmas present, I received a brand new (old) Squier Stratocaster. This was in -96 or -97. And I still have it, and it still plays quite well. And also it keeps in tune. Sure, some modifications had to be made over the years, but still a great guitar. Purchase value was about 40-50 euros, but emotional value has grown up to 3 million. The fact of a matter is, either you get lucky or you don´t. You can get a crappy first guitar or a good one. There is so much difference about quality in “cheap” guitars, so chances are about 50-50. So should a “rookie” guitarist buy a 2000 euro Gibson Les Paul? Absolutely not, because if guitar playing doesn´t strike you, you have just spent a crazy amount of money to an ornament. Learn to play on crappy guitars, you´ll be suprised when you buy a more expensive one. Rock on everybody!

Krik Wetham says:

Watching this made me realize how well made my guitar is.

Profici3nt1 XBL says:

For a $100 guitar the color looks really good

BorjaPereza says:

Song name?

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