How Good is the 2018 Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster Electric?

2018 Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster Electric Guitar Review

This is a really great entry level guitar that even an intermediate guitarist could use for gigs no problems at all. This guitar is loaded with 3 single coil pickups, 2 tone controls, and one volume control.

Thanks to Sky Music for letting me borrow this for the review

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tsoprano09 says:

I owned one these for a few years, but never liked it…It looked great and the finish was nice. What I didn’t like was the body is slimmer than a regular Strat and the nut was very narrow, the worst was the fret ends were like cheese graters. Finally sold it and bought a Squier 50’s Classic Vibe Strat, great guitar!

DCS Jr says:

I’m usually a fan of your reviews but I’d say this should be demoed through some sort of a real amp whether it be a tube amp or the bandit or whatever you have on hand. I was wondering why I didnt like the sound of this guitar until you explained you were running it through the Mooer. Its only my personal opinion, but I feel like the Mooer would even make a custom shop strat sound thin. I just dont like that unit and I dont think most people have one or even a similar unit on hand. Most people do have some sort of solid state or tube amp at home though. Thanks Shane!

Enam Khan says:

What’s your opinion on Artist guitars and also Haze guitars?

DMSProduktions says:

These ARE good value for the $! I have worked on a few of these!

laurin walton says:

buy a fender mim for $250

pearlandguitarist says:

Glad to see there is no skunk stripe on this rosewood fretboard neck. (As it should be). Great review Shane!!!

Mike From Nashville says:

That really sounds great. Great deal for this Squire.

Richard Bailey says:

Affinity necks are too narrow for my taste. It’s amazing that 1.6mm of difference between this and a standard Squier (or a Mexican Fender) can make such a difference, but to me the difference in playability is huge.

Greg Dayley says:

The only issue I had with the affinity strat I had was the width of the neck at the nut was a bit more narrow than all of my other guitars. It was still playable but just off enough that when I grabbed the guitar it just did not feel right. I had fun modding it, and passed it on to the next guy.
A solid guitar for the money but I’d get the Squire Standard for a few bucks more.

MavBax says:

Hi Shane, I think the light weight you are feeling is due to the body being 3/4 size of a mexi/usa strat. The affinity’s do feel comfortable for this but I think this was probably a cost saving exercise. In my opinion, whilst being the “cheaper” model, the bullets are better for upgrading, as they are full size.

Malcolm Hardwick says:

Normally I never give these guitars a second glance. But I just played one secondhand in local guitar shop. I was well impressed with the thing. Neck was a bit thin though. But neck felt super smooth satin flamed maple. Body is also thinner than standard. It was a Chinese one but the quality of this one was top !

John North says:

Other than that dreadful headstock shape there is nothing to dislike about this Squire. Excellent project base – especially with a shed full of old bits and pieces 🙂 .

gh0ul gh0ul says:

It probably sounds half decent through a half decent amp. But they feel like they’re cheap. Everything about them feels like a cheap guitar.
The absolute minimum I would go is one of the better Squires or even a new player series Mexican Fender

akwamarsunzal says:

Great review. I have the Tele version of this… It absolutely rocks! Has been fettled a bit but is more or less standard. The only slight issue with it is that the treble strings B and E have a definite drop in volume compared to the others. Pickups are same height so not sure what is causing this. Will likely switch out the pups at some point.

codgerburley1 says:

I have a 2002, 20th Anniversary Affinity, which believe it or not I like better than a ’94 MIM Fender that I sold. However I picked up a 2007 Squier Standard that is better than both. For $50 more the Standard is a great value IMO.

Boxcar Stewart says:

I dig the chunky headstocks. I just picked up an Afinity Strat body for $50. Hopefully, I can find nice neck after I refin the body and put pickups in it.

Gerry Loughran says:

Not a strat fan but there’s nothing wrong with that guitar …wicked tones cool

Anjan Das says:

made in China? or Indonesia?

Lando27Music says:

Cool demo! How did you find the neck fit and finish compared to the new Contemporary series? I found them very similar, which to me wasn’t a great thing, I like a little more satin. but that’s just my thing. 🙂

Ben Hackett says:

Sounds & looks great, only us gear nuts know what Squier is all about. Plenty of gear snobs hate on Squier, but they’re great bang for buck, & modding platforms.

DMSProduktions says:

Hey Shane, WHAT happened with the Sky Music channel? Why did you close it?
Ric replied to my last comment only to find the channel gone!

MattyK USA says:

I’m gonna get in trouble here. I think this guitar would be great for a beginner, but that’s about it from my viewpoint. Sorry, Shane. Maybe with the upgrades you mentioned, but I can hear the effects of the neck and action even with your skills. Still, a great review and demo – love what you do, mate 🙂

Edward Krause says:

I love Fender guitars, but they are increasingly moving away from being “affordable quality guitars”. The American Standard series is now The Professional series and the American Deluxe is branded Elite. Both are nearly double the cost of their predecessors. Thanks Squier for picking up where your big brother left off.

3 Card Monty says:

You could make a cigar box with rubber bands sound good.

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