Hagstrom Viking Electric Guitar Review

Hagstrom Viking Electric Guitar Review

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cjssa94 says:

Alright! I’ve had enough! What the hell did you just play at the beginning?! I am a beginner (also lefty) guitarrist and that lick at the end! Oh my god! What is it?

trushack says:

I love these guitars. They totally make me think of a ’60s one-hit-wonder/garage band and those kinds of tunes. A classic look, but a little rebellious at the same time.

td tom says:

was that 38special at @3:00 in?

Juan Garcia says:

Hagstrom sounds great, can hold its own.

Chris says:

Back of headstock looks like “Gumby!”

Nick B says:

Love Hagstroms! The Viking and the Swede are amazing. Fab value too. I have played both and just couldn’t put them down. They are a little different from the usual 335 and copies which makes them more appealing. Sounds killer Shane!

Odin Runes says:

Sounds awesome

aunt jenifer says:

I had one for a while, but I sold it because I NEVER EVEN played it ! Glad I did as I got a Grestch double cut 2620 I think it’s the number. Is that your guitar Shane ? if so do you think it will knock your Tokai off the playlist ?

GasNBullets says:

Outstanding Shane!!! I love my original 67 Hagstrom Viking and since shipping it to you to have a go on it would be ridiculous on the shipping, I figured a modern version was the next best thing. I must say, that particular guitar really suits you. The bassbreaker sounded fantastic with it. Thank you so much. And thanks to Sky Music for allowing you to demo their stock. The revival of Hagstrom seems to be a good thing.

3 Card Monty says:

I once had a Viking, but traded it in for an Epi Traditional Pro II that allows me to Coil-Split & have a mid-boost. Just more versatile. I didn’t like the Tuners, & the wide bottom width of the Hag. But, otherwise it performed flawlessly for several years.

Clayton Duguay says:

Sounds like George Thorogood! AWESOME!

kingstumble says:

Love the guitar. Hate the amp.

Boudreau Guitars says:

Great sounding guitar!, good looking too!

Havefunplayguitar says:

Cool stuff. Looks like lots of fun.

Michael Dörrenbächer says:

I play a Hagstrom Retroscape H-iii and I absolutely love it. It is like Strat which is dressed up as an SG

Jamal Kareem says:

My wife is going to kill me!!!!! I love that guitar!!!! It has the right look and it rocks!!!!!

Guitar Fender says:

It’s very strange companies like Gibson and heritage can’t make 335 guitars and sell them for less than $3,000 so they claim. look at the price difference Chinese ones you can get 250 $400 are they telling us Gibson can’t make one for under $2,000 an American one how can the price difference be so great I understand why they’re cheaper but from 4000 to 400 b.s. does anybody have an explanation

Chris Carreno says:

Nice demo!!
That guitar is a beauty. I to have wanted to see more Hagstroms.
Your sound and licks were great .
I was surprised at no clean channel.
I have had string issues like you describe. The simplest fix is a small strip of clear mailing tape across the strings somewhere behind the bridge.

T hughes says:

How much ?

Robert Benedict says:

Beautiful guitar and it sounds great too.

ArielsSmartyPants says:

I’ve really liked the last few Hagstrom guitars I’ve tried, this one rocks 🙂

George Allison says:

I won’t talk you into owning this one….there’s honor amongst theives ya know. LOL. Hell….you even rode off w a spankin new Studio Pro!!! LOL. GOOD JOB MATEY!!!!

David Johnson says:

Wow!! I want one!!

westy16925 says:

What do you think of the Hagstrom Tremar Viking Deluxe’s vibrato system? Any tuning stability issues like on some Bigsbys?

Ronnie Williams says:

Hi Shane- Assuming this is a new 2016/2017, is the nut width similar to your tokai’s? This one looks to be wider and especially wider than the Epiphone es-335/dot. I like that you describe the neck profile in depth as this is something most reviewers miss and it’s an important one for me b/c I too prefer a more 50’s/fat neck w/ some girth. I can’t believe how good this one looks!! great details & tone. Thanks for sharing!

Kristen Schroeder says:

Usually, the 33x style isn’t really for me but that Hagstrom looks great and sounds like it’s twice the money.

Snooze00 says:

Round 1300 bucks. mmm looks like a very nice alternative to the super expensive gibsons. I would have preferred to hear it in a different amp, Not a big fan of the bass breakers personally. Now if you could do a review on HAGSTROM HII RETROSCAPE – SKY BLUE. That one has me intrigued, Single coil with wiggle stick And Looks sg like and nice price, Very curious.

Clint says:

I had one of these about a year ago. I kind of liked it but gravitated towards my Gretsch or Les Paul instead (it was kind of somewhere in between those two). I kind of regret selling it now! Come to think of it I pretty much regret most of the sales I’ve made.

Scott Mitchell says:

i have a hagstrom h-2 with the same bridge noises

Guitar Lover says:

I own one with p90’s and I love it! One of the guitar I play the most!

Michał Kobojek says:

Great! Where is it made and how much does it cost?

Kevin Wilkins says:

Lord help me. GAS in full effect. That sounds brilliant

Secretarian says:

Nice review. I bought a Viking in 2005, in the same red (right hand model heh heh). I use it more for playing clean tones, it is so smooth when paired up with something like a Roland JC. Also like the neck profile and the resinator fingerboard. It’s my main guitar and probably always will be. G.A.S. means I’m looking to pair it up with a new amp, something like a Boss Katana 50…

Jack McGregor says:

I have a hagstrom HJ500, it’s very nice. I don’t know what HJ stands for, maybe Hungry Jacks. Cool Viking.

Michał Kobojek says:

please check out Charvel San Dimas Pro Mod with hardtail in sea foam green or white (if available in lefty) or Jaguar or Jazzmaster

terrybear says:

awesome … love the hagstrom’s !! Now try there lp style “swede” if they have a lefty there for you to do so on !! 🙂

Michael Burdo says:

Looks and sounds like 100% quality. I want that gee-tahr.

HeyJoe says:

Great demo Shane! Have you ever tried a Yamaha SA2200?

david w says:

I switched out the pickups and the bridge to a roller bridge. the man made finger board has cracked in a few places on my Viking Deluxe.

Paul Death says:

Hagstrom or Tokai?

Havefunplayguitar says:

Hey what’s that orange poster in the upper right hand corner next to Jimmy Hendrix

Blase Mancine says:

Could you do a Super Viking on a cleaner amp? It has a different set of humbuckers

川口ヨシキ says:

That looks cool and sounds amazing! It reminds me of the Harley Benton HB-35 Cherry

DMSProduktions says:

Really NICE axe!

Gerry Loughran says:

Great looking guitar …with great big sound – cool

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