Guitar VST Review and Comparison: Strawberry Evolution, RealStrat3, and AGF

Just a basic review of these three great plugins. All three fall within similar price ranges but differ greatly in sound and application. Enjoy!

You can check them out here:

Evolution Electric Guitar:

RealStrat 3:



Trance Pluck says:

Out of the three vsts, which one is your 1st choice

ivdimentia says:

Do you know how to tune the Real Strat to a drop D or drop C? Thanks.

Prodby Eso says:

I need some guitars to make Kodak and Travis Scott type beats and this video helped me a lot.

shane lauer says:

RealStrat doesnt sound that great. Not impressed. Too twangy.

Team Pour It Up says:

I am interested in producing southern rock and country guitar….Is there any guitar plugin out there for FL studio that has a realistic pitch bend feature to get a twang and bendy feel, WITHOUT my having to use an external MIDI controller?

Leigh Wilbraham says:

Nice demo – thanks.

Cory Davis says:

Thanks for the DETAILED review

amilcar teck says:

mein how i wish these Plugins would be free

Bob Barredo says:

HP – Hammer on / Pull Off


vsti torrents please i wanna download

superjet2771 says:


Finn Weinstein says:

You are plaing very warm

Ulfah Editing Movie says:

Putut kau.

Safe Ilyas says:

Thats A man Who Really Know How To Play… (y) Awesome M8 SUBBED

camelCased says:

And now what about RealEight today, in 2018? Some say it is pretty convincing.

Adriel Bote says:

Hi Reuben, what do you think of the newly released AGF funk extension? Wonder how would you compare that to these… thanks!

Stef Milojković says:

What are those drums? And where can I find them? 🙂

Vocaso Galvani says:

WOW! You’re an awesome keyboard-guitarist!

Claudiu Adam says:

how do you get the glissando effect ?

dark horse says:

get a real guitar and forget about this crap

Dylan Shadrach says:

There’s just one thing I don’t get.
Can you use the tones/effects in these plugins with an actual guitar, or can you only use them with a midi keyboard?
Thanks in advance

Wendzy Beatz says:

hello am mr wyndzybeatz from gh pls can u g me ample guitar f
i need it badly

milk says:

i feel really bad for people who purchased realstrat

iSh0tYou99 says:

Can FL Studios use Evolution Strawberry?

Ninjaking Sword says:

what áudio recording software is this on the vídeo???

DevilChipp says:

or can these be used by themselves in fl studio

Hozanio Rosa says:

qual o nome deste vst ?

Peter Brusch says:

Very, very informative. Thank You!

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