Guitar Review -Vintage V100 AFD PA RA DI 53 Is Gibson Scared? Only Les Paul Would Know!

Hey guys and gals! This isn’t a copy per se, but definitely a take on the Classic Les Paul formula. These are available in most of the world and are quire well built. Take a look!


Bronzesnake says:

Thousand dollar blue angel? We got em for free when I was a kid, and we always felt completely ripped off!! Oh sure, they were all kinds of fun for a minute or two but beyond that…meh!

OneEyE Monster says:

Wire it like a 50’s. You just switch the pole on the volume pot and tone pot. It’ll give it a brighter less muddy tone.

Jaxon THE CREATURE buell says:

Delivery to the United States and Canada is not possible at the moment due to CITES. After seeing the Thomann site as of March 2018:

Paul Sweeney says:

Scares Gibson?
Possibly if they realise/recall that Slash’s actual AFD LP isn’t actually a Gibson.
The “original,” as Slash calls it was made by California luthier Kris Derrig.
Yet Gibson have had it in their shop to drool over every inch so they could make their own highly priced version for unsuspecting chumps, whilst (presumably) saying “you can’t put Gibson on the headstock, put the book-end headstock on or use the same body outline”.

It’s one rule for some and a blank refusal for others, eh?
Gibson can ‘spin’ to a large extent.

A. Nilla-or says:

I have my mind on 2 models, this and V100GT. which one would you recommend in terms of sustain and brighter sound? I tried to find comparison amond the two on youtube, but couldn’t find any. thanks.

Dan Anthony says:

Funny cause the real and guitar wasn’t a gibsonles Paul either.

greekfreak1980 says:

Slap a set of S.Duncan Alnico Pro II’s on it,(that’s the ones that Slash has in the original),a good tube amp,plus pedals and you’re getting pretty close to the Slash sound,without paying Gibson a fortune for the copy of a copy.
I’m asuming,you all know by now the story,behind the ”AfD” Les Paul.You know,that’s not a real Gibson but a replica made by the luthier K.Derrig,that ended up in Slash’s hands,during the making of the ”AfD” album and became his main guitar,used on countless records and gigs.

DMSProduktions says:

Sadly the Horse has well & truly bolted! To scream now is 60+ years too late.
Fender got told this last year already!

Nick Yannopoulos says:

The Vintage sounds better than any LP I have in my collection and is built like a shit brick house.

Flat Plane Dynamite says:

Well at least now Gibson have two models at around $400 BUT!!! the guitar itself many of the wood, pickups are from either Indonesia, China and/or Korea…

Bad Motivator says:

cool! i tried one of these and it was reeeaaalllyyy heavy! i’d like to see a vs with the benton 😉

Noeffnwaypal says:

If Gibson wants to continue to charge an ass load amount of cash for guitars, then they need to address tuning issues and other things that has plagued them for decades. For the price they charge, the guitars should need nothing when you get them. For numerous QC/build reasons, I now play Chapman guitars full time. I want to try Harley Benton, but CITIEs is fucking that up for me at the moment. Nice video Nick!

Natred Von Diskust says:

im really pretty sure im gonna grab a thomas blug model distressed

stewart dixon says:

Have had one of these for 3 years now and it’s still the guitar I pick up every time I feel like playing. Put in a Slash bridge pickup, tusk nut, rewired with Gibbo pots and changed to 50’s style wiring and this thing is awesome!! had issues with the original tuners, so swapped out for some deluxe Kluson and now the guitar feels and sounds amazing. Needed a fret job and that was it.

Leif Berg says:

The vintage seems to be a Good deal! But Please must all demos be in massiv distorted sound! Hard to hear the differences!

Jerry Robitaille says:

I think everyone should be scared of that sound.

Dan Anthony says:

is that an aliexpress deal?

michaeladam caira says:

there are alot of Les Paul copys that are better than Gibson now,even Legator,jackson ESP,but i picked up an agile 3100,and i was amazed how good it felt ,sounded nice,but i changed the pickups to duncan alternative 8,and a custim,custom neck,the hardware was all grover and gotoh,pots were bourns,probably a mod,and i paid 350 with case,

nineball26 says:

WTF is all the yakk of this legal mumbo jumbo, get on with the guitar specs and details FFS..??? what they hay

yea that’s way to light to be a paradise I agree, butterscotch really

Eddie Brock says:

If you have to choose between these two: Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro vs Vintage LV100AFD Paradise. Which one and why?

Luis Gerardo Rodriguez Castañeda says:

It doesn’t sound like a gibson les paul.

Achat says:

Nick love your channel but my goodness you must be affiliated with Harley Benton.

Voxboy876 says:

These instruments are such a great value. Amazing what a kid can get for a first guitar these days. If I was still playing the bars I would be using something like this as my bar guitar.

Baz says:

Bought one just like this around the same time as yourself Nick – from the uk also. Had to try it out after all the talk etc. Sold it on in a couple of months. Didn’t sound bad but She looks better than it plays and feels. Just felt cheap and the frets weren’t finished great – some were still sharp. Lots of cheap appointments. I wouldn’t record with it or look forward to playing it live. For that money I’d go with an Epiphone or 2nd hand Edwards etc.

John Robson Guitarist says:

I’ve owned one of these & I currently own a Harley Benton SC450+. Both are in the same ball park as my old (70s) Les Paul, but out of all three I prefer the Harley Benton.

Steve says:

I’m not sure if it’s the pickups in the guitar, or the amp it is plugged into or a combination of both? But this guitar sounds horrible! There no width to the muddy dull and flat sound it is producing. Seriously, no definition of the strings, no presence and no range of tone. It’s fucking nasty man. Not sure if is the instrument or amp as I have already stated but either way this is not the sound of a healthy output.

Izlamabadhoho says:

I will get mine soon, u recomend it as i see and other ppl too, i love how it loox n sounds so i got mine yay

Hélio Solar says:

Compared to HB ? 😉

Andy T says:

i had 1 for a year or so! those humbuckers r 4 conductor an had it refitted it with coil splits with push/pull tone pots! was nice but the neck i found too skinny iv small hands but long fingers i had a Vintage gold top 4 a while with stacked p90s an reversed neck magnet so it was outa phase it did sound amazing i relic treated it! green wher dinged an finish worn thru laquer checking all over! but same skinny neck profile! now hav a dreamy neck on a Yamaha revstar with p90s an wraparound adjustable bridge an dry switch sounds great an feels amazing could do with a 2nd vol for bridge hate 1vol 1 tone want 2 vol!

bad milk says:

Hey nick, have you got ur hands on a burny les Paul?

Over the hill cheap gear noodler says:

Nick, this is one sweet machine.  I’m not sure I would pay the extra money.  Harley Benton’s are good enough for me.  I know the scarf joints don’t look as nice, but, they should be stronger than the big G’s easily breakable style of one piece neck.  Great review.

Natred Von Diskust says:

nick my man..what dio you think..h benton or this n why???

Rene says:

That neck joint though…why WOULDNT I rather have a Harley Benton?

Guitar Hiker444 says:

Thumbs up !! Nice review for sure. To me wilkinson has worked with these pioneers for a long time and so has some right to make a similar quality affordable guitar that might hint towards the real thing. They have been their own entity for awhile now. And people who love gibsons me in cluded should’nt get upset over this guitar! They sound amazing and play amazing in their own way. And I hate to say it but Gibsons affordable guitars these days are shells of former selves. Rock on man !!

hammondsphoto says:

You can see why Gibson went after JHS. Vintage are pretty similar to every other far-east sub-£400 guitar but with the better oversight, Wilkinson hardware and really good pickups they really go get pretty close to Gibson for a fraction of the price. And if it’s Epiphone v. Vintage there’s no contest.

leftymadrid says:

I have a Tea burst V100 Les Paul type, and it is amazing, the sound, and feel is tops!!!!!!! Try one, before they go up in price!!!!!!! You will be surprised, has Wilkinson hardware, and built to last!!!!! Got mine from the UK!!!

Steve says:

I’m not sure if it’s the pickups in the guitar, or the amp it is plugged into or a combination of both? But this guitar sounds horrible! There no width to the muddy dull and flat sound it is producing. Seriously, no definition of the strings, no presence and no range of tone. It’s fucking nasty man. Not sure if is the instrument or amp as I have already stated but either way this is not the sound of a healthy output.

kidda74 says:

I paid £120 English pounds for a mint second hand one of these and I think it’s the mutts nuts! Love it! 🙂

Epi Phone says:

I wouldn’t worry in the slightest about going to a solid state amp for a clear, clean sound.
I used to go with the over hyped & expensive Roland but believe it or not found the best clean sound from a 1980’s Peavey Bandit – go figure.
This is for jazz playing (I play in a big band and a quintet). After listening to your countryman Andy Brown & that’s what he uses (he’s amazing) so I dragged out what I used as a kid in the 80’s & blow me down if he wasn’t dead right. ‘plus they only cost like $60 so I can keep it in the trunk of the car’ he said – cracked me up.
He plays solo and with a trio (Whiskey bar) & even if it’s not your thing you’ll see/hear his talent. So yeah, after all that, for a really clear, clean sound SS is still the way to go & an 80’s Bandit is still the go over three decades later. Go figure. Have a quick look Nick if only to see his beautiful 1965 Gibson ‘Tal Farlow guitar – stunning instrument.

Beatles Fan309 says:

Gibson released an epiphone stratocaster fucking hypocrites

Jaxon THE CREATURE buell says:

Are you saying, that ALL the Vintage V110 Les Paul-esque series are made in China? OR, is the entire guitar line of Vintage guitars are made in China? How did you learn they’re made in China? I have NOT been able to locate such information.

centravanti says:

Made in China? What would Donald say?

Overtaker 111 says:

3:47 me to

goldtop362 says:

I had the earlier version of this, with the standard “LP” style neck joint. i moved it on to raise funds for something else…but I have five other Vintage V100 “not” Les Pauls with the original neck joint (but the sharper lower bout than the Gibsons, as seen here.) They’re all fantastic…and not just for the money, either!!

jeb0112 says:

If GIBSON stopped making crap they’d be less interested in going after guitar companies that somewhat looked like there precious les Paul, I mean not everybody has the means to mortgage there house to get a GIBSON!!!!!!!

357bullfrog says:

I just had a crazy idea. Nick do you or any ody else ever get these ? like I wonder what would happen if you put a B6 bigsby on a full size acoustic guitar????

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