Grote Les Paul Copy (Better than a CHIBSON!) – Demo / Review

Want an overseas Les Paul copy without the hassle the the Chibson knockoffs? Let’s checkout this LP style guitar from Grote!

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This actual guitar is for sale here:

Green Flame Top:

Blue Quilt Top:

Black Flame Top:

Purple Quilt:

Grote Headless Guitar:

I’m using a Blackstar ID Core combo amp in this video. Link Here:×5-watt-2×3-Stereo-Combo-%2F401531948552

Backing Tracks:

Rubric: -5 points for Danzig references. -5 points for not reading the description. -5 points for not watching far enough into the video to answer your own question. -5 points for misquoting me in your comment. 20 points possible. Everyone starts with an A!


Darr Whyask says:

My “ethical issues” are nonexistent. Gibson charging $6500 for something an Asian factory can sell for $300 will do that to a guy.

Jeff Kasman says:

as always excellent review thank you

Sheep Machine says:

You got some skills mate show us some of your Solos .

Ranjit Cherian says:

Is that Carl Sagan on you tshirt

karjafru says:

Is it a better guitar than Harley Benton SC-550?


That is a very gorgeous guitar you got there, man ! Nowadays, anybody could just get a “Les Paul” and you don’t have to spend a fortune or break the bank…If buying a no-name and cheap (but nice) guitar like that, all you need to do is change the electronics (pickups, pots, tuners, etc.) and presto ! You’ll probably have a better-sounding guitar than a real Les Paul !

anjinsan says:

? 4 u=so what u like better?Grote or wolf guitars?=or about the same ? more or less?
ps- i did bodybuilding to- in the o:c=LA in 1990s up to 2000 then moved east-i got a real Les Paul 1984 and a usa made standard strat=paid $1100 at guitar center 8 ish yrs ago or so=thx:like ur vids

Ryan T says:

People that are asking about the difference between these, Harleys,  Epiphones and Chibsons..Here’s the thing.. First, they’re all made in China most at the same manufacturing company.  Biggest difference.. they all have different “standards”.. measurements, hardware/electronics.  So as most already know Chibsons are basically the lowest in quality due to they do NOT have specific body design/measurements etc.  They purposely will make them a little “irregular” than Gibson in other words the body shapes might be a little “off”, or the pot holes might not be exact etc… The hardware/electronics  are crap. But that’s why they’re 200-250 ish USD and why most that buy these do buy them to learn how to do mods and upgrades.  Harleys are Thomanns “house brand”  For those that don’t know Thomann is basically like the German “Musicians Friend”,  they too, have their own “specs” on what they want with their Chinese built guitars, same with Epi’s.  So when people say how do these compare to Epi’s etc.  They biggest difference is hardware/electronics as far as “how do they sound”, playability they’re all really good..Chibsons just might need a little more set up work, but that’s very easy and inexpensive.  Matter of fact all of these that I have played out of the box need proper sets ups and some upgrading.  They’re all good guitars, good price and it just depends on how much you want to do to upgrade…

peterm3964 says:

Guitar wanker

Shane Valentine says:

Awesome review. I have been looking at your other video on the Wolf Les Paul style guitar and it was quite interesting as well. Which one of these brands would you recommend in terms of sound quality and finition? Cheers and +1 subscriber.

David P. says:

I enjoyed your vid. I have a Dillion DL-600 GT. Have you ever run across one? If so, I would like to hear your input. Thanks.

Stu Jobling says:

Buy a Harley Benton…… simple….

José Pérez says:

Looks beautiful and sounds great, so it’s a good China stuff

MrOzgooner says:

What’s the neck like on this guitar ?? Slim , standard fat ?

aidan jolly says:

i like the peavey in the background i have one of those

Max Bosco says:

In less than ten years chinese guitars will be better than Gibson.

matereo says:

And i wonder how good in comparison to a Spear Guitars Lp or a VGS Lp?

Captain 1201 says:

How does this compare to a WOLF brand Les Paul?

Steve Palmer says:

OK great looking and sounding guitar, great price too BUT would you play one on stage? I mean doesn’t it look too naff to play a copy on stage?

TheRidge27 says:

The best Les Paul copy I have ever seen was made by Framus of Germany. I bought one in Germany in 1969. Set neck and everything on it was high quality. I don’t have it anymore, unfortunately.

guitarguts666 says:

Tuners dont match thats a shame. I have killer Chibson and out PRS pots in it along with Gibson 490T and 490R and now it slams

Mladen Puzigaca says:

Nice. Thank You.

mark gueren says:

Great reviews…. honestly I could listen to you read a box of cereal ingredients… have a great , soothing voice….

Todd Brown says:

O! I’ should also say a like on your guitar playing in your videos .

You Tuber says:

There is more to playing guitar than just shredding, get someone who can play proper blues and chords and lets here these guitars

seb2123 says:

Hey Max thanks for your reviews i really like your channel !
Quick question for you : what would you choose between grote, wolf and epiphone standard plus top pro les paul ?
Im looking at most bang for the buck but don’t mind paying a bit more if the epiphone is worth it … i play mostly rock think GNR, metallica

Thanks !

mike giffin says:

How would you rate the pickups or compare them with?

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