Gretsch Duo Jet G6128T Electric Guitar Review

Gretsch Duo Jet G6128T Electric Guitar Review

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outlawrickenbacker says:

I was waiting for some breakout rockabilly/Cliff Gallop licks 🙂

moyle Eppelstun says:

One of nices fenders I’v seen

Todd Flowers says:

Sounds great Shane ! I’m sure you know they make an affordable version of this as well in their “Electromatic” series,pups aren’t as good but under $600.US you can afford to upgrade. 🙂

pcbullets says:

Sweet axe! These guitars are pretty cool and it has some interesting tones. Great playin man and Cheers!

Nazmo King says:

Shane, that’s the best I’ve ever heard you sound on a guitar and it has really nice tones. It sounds to me like you really like playing that guitar! Almost makes me want one…

kswannie says:

That’s a George guitar – heard across all the early Beatles hits of 62/63.

ArielsSmartyPants says:

Sounds so good I think it would be my main guitar. You need one. 🙂

Darren Turner says:

To be fair, it’s not hard to beat Gibson build quality!

Red Swan Guitars says:

I own a low end Gretsch semi-hollow body and I couldn’t be happier. The thing is though, the average Aussie can’t afford one these Gretschs or something like a Broadkaster, without taking a bank loan or doing a rent to buy deal on it. Such a shame.

DMSProduktions says:

NICE Axe Shane! Those Dearmond pick ups still kick arse! FAT but bright!

It BETTER be @ $3800!!!! Curious, but the Sky Music listing has this guitar loaded with FILTER’TRONS, not Dearmonds like you demoed!

Robert Bolognese says:


Chris Carreno says:

Beautiful guitar Shane!
The tone was not nearly as good as your PRS delta blues video.
That guitar’ s pickups might work better with Rockabilly tones.
The Bigsby does seem to work very well too.

smbatman123 says:

Side note on the weight from what I understand the duojet is actually tone chambered

Adelino Neto says:

Thanks for this great review, Shane! You made me want to have this guitar tones.

Zaidi Hamid says:

Think of that Duo Jet as Gretsch’s Telecaster/Les Paul offering. I personally think it’s the most important Gretsch ever made. It went head to head against the Telecaster and the Les Paul in the 1950s. Gibson’s Humbucker/P90 vs Fender’s Single Coil Twang vs Gretsch ‘s Gritty Dearmond Dynasonics. Love the 50s/60s!

Aaron S says:

It’s pretty cool that the music shop you’re working with carries a large range of lefty’s. I’m a lefty & was forced to learn everything right handed. But I think that gives me an advantage. Anyways. Love the videos.

Robert Purdy says:

I have a Pro Jet that I love playing. Now, you have me wanting this bad boy.

Joe McCarthy says:

Nice demo. I have a G5230T Electromatic. It’s made in China, the fit and finish is impeccable, and it plays great. I’ve been looking at the premium models made in Japan. The one you’re playing sounded great. The G6128T might just be my next Gretsch.

JC Smith says:

Awesome job, Shane! Thanx for profiling this guitar! Great tones!

Patrick M says:

That’s a great guitar and you sound great on it. You should buy it!

Jonathan Denney says:

Jump on the Shane Train

Gerry Loughran says:

Cool guitar – will be adding a Gretsch (much cheaper version) to the collection soon

Dave Byron says:

Great bluesy tone, absolutely love it, & your playing is great!!!

im215exempt says:

I have one and LOVE it, the weight, the quality, the feel are amazing.

Marcel van der Linden says:

Have to agree… very nice clean tones…

akwamarsunzal says:

Have been seriously considering Gretsch as my next purchase. The one issue I have is the single tone control. I like to have the tone wound down on the neck pick up and then wide open on the bridge. Great review as always Shane!

Netan'el says:

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