Gibson SG Standard 2015 Electric Guitar Review

The Gibson SG Standard 2015 features plenty of new features for the new year, including G Force tuning, zero fret nut, Les Paul signature logo and more!
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Jack Geddes says:

I’ve been playing electric guitar for about 5 months now and I have no idea what coil tapping is

TheFRiNgEguitars says:

Because of the gimmicks the cost of manufacture goes up (presumably) but the quality goes down. (realistically) How are the dealers supposed to sell these? The music stores that carry Gibson have to pay their bills, have families to feed, and what person makes such lame brained decisions to sink a multi-million dollar franchise? But this also affects so many other peoples’ lives. It’s a crime! My prediction is the 2015 models will hang on the hooks a long, long time… and back up the warehouses. I hope Gibson has not decided to over-produce them. Please just build good guitars? How can that be so difficult?

Matthew Sharayko says:

nice fingernails bro

hardik bansal says:

+Dawsons Music can u plzzz do a review of the ESP LTD M10. It would be a great help. thnx.

johnnywebb says:

Great playing Lee as usual. Frank Zappa famously freaked us out on his SG in more styles and genres than we thought possible. I recently bought a spanking new SG standard, cherry, no E tune + case for half price at a retail Gibson sale, $1100, dirt cheap in Australia. I couldn’t be happier – action, set up, finish and tones all perfect and it just looks killer. Won’t be wearing the shorts though. First thing I played – Doors, it does cast a spell. Different to my other guitars but hey, they’re all different, variety IS life. If you can afford one or need to save up, pull the trigger and get the standard, it’s the real deal and you can leave it to your kids to fight over, cheers & goodwill from Oz.

JOHNNYG99X says:

Please, I really want to buy an SG without any these silly frills..  pls go back to basics

DumpedClutch says:

I like narrow necks thats just me tho

rojocinco says:

Is there any hum noise in the single coil positions? I´ don´t hear it in the video , but I think it have to be there

henkehakansson2004 says:

Little wonder they have to have the tronical automatic tuner on any SG. SG is the only guitar without any floating trem that is a both a bitch to tune, and KEEP its tuning. It always go out of tune, even with moderate playing. And a severe insult – as other’s said – to Les Paul as he clearly didn’t want to have anything to do with this model when it first came around, they altered the “Les Paul” desing without his consent and still called it a Les Paul. The SG have been – and will always be – the weakest of Gibsons builds, due to its inheritent design flaws and unstability of the neck. If they only made it one millimeter thicker all around, and solve the neck instability issues. I sure have tried out SG’s that stays in tune, and are more rigid builds, but they don’t have the Gibson logo at the head.
On a related topic. I want the guitar to stay in tune AFTER I tuned it up. That’s the important thing. I don’t want to have stop in the middle of playing to recalibrate or doing that automatic tuning again. I just want to stop in the middle of my playing. When you have solved that it should stay in tune WHILE I am playing regardless of my bendings and so on, I’ll be impressed.

zzzzImTired says:

hey brother play some ac/dc on that SG!! ITS A LONG WAY TO THE TOP!!

Zepp Dude 33 says:

How did you learn? Did you have a teacher?

Orlando Dragos González says:

el auto afinador va con la guitarra?

Fogertian says:

Les Paul once said: ” Too little meat in the neck joint ” when He saw the SG at the factory.

MrG0CE says:


Austin Westberg says:

What is the differents between the epiphone sg and the gibson

Anders Nilsson says:

Nicely played. Glad you choose not to do AC/DC or Sabbath stuff and such. Especially liked that ending tune! Sweet!
Oh, and the SG, almost forgot. I´m not happy with the coiltapping and that nut. They should have been optional. Don´t want to pay for what I´ll not use.

stormriderrocks says:

i think it would be cool if they put the metal tulip style roboheads on the headstock instead of the yellow plastic ones on the more expensive guitars like the standards. Personally, i think that would look better and not as cheap, or maybe give us an option to pick which one we want.

markj6506 says:

Love your reviews, you have passion and love what your doing,you are obviously a second to none player,flying under the radar? Thank you for sharing!

Jon Favreau says:

Nice, I prefer it in black with a bigger pick guard!

AlexanderJohn Sutherland says:


reyzn bran says:

at 6:43 wow

TheFRiNgEguitars says:

Great demo, the SG tone is still there. That’s where the good ends, and the bad and the ugly begin. Why the pull pots, nobody prefers that on a stock Gibson. The headstock looks tacky. Les Paul hated the SG (so why promote that?) The zero nut isn’t a wise decision, perhaps good option, but not as a standard feature. The G Force tuning would also be a good option, but not as a standard feature. I just inspected 12 Les Paul standard guitars. The necks are Not set at the correct angle. The action is high, no reserve on the bridge adjustment. A few necks are severely bowed beyond correction. Only two are marginally acceptable, the bridge adjustment all the way DOWN to obtain reasonable action at 5/32 inch at low E ..unacceptable since the guitar will age, and no reserve to compensate.

MrMaserrati says:

Always enjoy your reviews Lee ! I always found SG’s to have a wide neck, so I am a little surprised they widened it further! Time to try one again, methinks.

Bektur Doberman says:

Dawson music, thank you very much. If anybody can say what chords he used or pentatonic scale please say it.

marcelo rojas says:

sg standard lo mejorrr!!!!

smartacus88 says:

Not worth 1,800.00 American, and that dumb ass LP headstock. Les despised the SG. Do away with the headstock puffery, and knock about 600.00 USD off the price and Gibson would sell more than they could make. When will they get it right?

gamerlord k91 says:

Sir, whats the track you are playing starting from 5:09
is it from a song or your own improvisation

PatricPlays1 says:

Isn’t that the guitar (almost the same guitar) that George Harrison from the Beatles played??

wozzlepop says:

Can currently be had brand new with a hard case for £899. Approaching bargain status imho.

Michael Graham says:

Any reason why Les hates the sg so much? I love it!

Brandon Ireland says:

ATTENTION GIBSON. Stop with this bullshit!! These new guitar are horrible and I seem to be one of many who feel this way!

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